10/11th February 2007. Dendera and Karnak.

30 July 2009.

It took me two years before I felt ready to write this down. I’m really not sure why but there was huge resistance to it. Normally when I write things down it is immediately, or a few days after a working, that I record it but this took years. I wrote the important details in shorthand form so I wouldn’t forget but then just left it. There seems to be a direct correlation between the time I do an energy working and the time it takes to write it down. It is as if the time lag is directly related to the anchoring of that particular energy and how long it takes for it to both clear old residual energies and begin to work with the new ones. I found the same thing with energy work I was doing in the south of England. I did some work in my garden but I didn’t write it down for three weeks after completing it. It ‘felt right’ to do it that way. As though I had to hold the energy until it was ready to be utilised. As it happens, a landscape Temple I am working on in England is directly connected to Dendera and the Energies from Dendera were anchored on Beacon Hill, near Newbury. Perhaps if I wrote it down then the energies were somehow weakened. I don’t know. But here it is anyway!!

Dendera. 10 Feb 2007
Before going on our trip down the Nile on a one day cruise I tuned in and these are the instructions we received:
“It is I, Charles. Today is the day. We ask that you centre yourself before enetering the temple proper. The energies here are temporarily shut down to allow you to anchor the highest frequencies possible. When you arrive at the designated place put your feet firmly on the ground. Place your attention on hte highest point you can, then proceed.
When this part of the process is compete, gather up the remaining energies in a bundle and place them in the vortex. This will then travel down with you, vis the thread, as you travel back up the river.
When you reach ‘home’ disconnect yourself from the web.
Then it will be complete. Remain in connection with me and I will guide you through it.
After a lovely cruise down-river, then a short bus ride to the temple we arrived at Dendera. It was beautiful. Usually we are taken around by a guide but we asked if we could go around by ourselves as didn’t have enough time to listen to his tour. I focussed on my merkaba and brought it up to speed, as instructed, then entered. We went first into the birthing chamber but felt nothing of importance. I took some photos and we continued. I did feel though that these rooms were more about initiation and the spiritual training of the new king. The wall carvings showed his progression through his initiations.
We continued exploring and made our way to the small Christian church which had been built later. Here there was a lovely energy and as we tuned in I heard ‘Allow the Mother to care for you’. Spoke for itself really.
Then we went into the main temple. The Hathor columns were amazing. The Goddess Nut was painted across the entire ceiling. I went further into the temple and stopped where I felt I needed to. I asked my guides to assist me. I saw a huge concave bowl and into this I anchored the gold flame. It was about 7 feet high. Then the Was-sceptre was placed into this vertically. This acted as an anchor. The top hook of the sceptre anchored the flame into the layer above and the ‘u-shaped’ bottom of the sceptre went deep into the earth, travelling through the crust and then the lava where it anchored itself. I have seen this before with the gold flame where the flame is anchored in this layer, as though the energy of fire and creation can be accessed. This is a Flame of Creation. Info from Wikipedia:

Was (“power”) scepters represent the typhonic or Set-animal (the mascot of the Egyptian god Set). Was scepters were depicted as being carried by gods, pharaohs, and priests, as a symbol of power, and in later use, as a symbol of control over the force of chaos that Set represented. Was scepters often occur in paintings, drawings, and carvings of gods, and remnants of real Was scepters have been found constructed of faience or wood, where the head and forked tail of the Set-animal are visible.
The Was (w
s) is also the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that stands for a word meaning power.

This is interesting as the flames of creation bring balance to the areas in which they are anchored.
When I had finished this I went into the side chapels and absorbed whatever energies needed to be absorbed. We didn’t get to see everything as there was very little time but I did get to go down into an underground chamber which was long and narrow and ran beneath the temple. I had to see it. There were carvings on all the walls and one which people have called ‘the light bulb’ but is really about an initiates’ energy field growing from the mud into the blossoming lotus of Divine awareness. The central ‘serpent’ being the kundlini of the initiate.
All the way up the river I had been aware of chakras at certain points along the river bed, each one connected by either a blue or gold line. I was shown Tutankhamen’s headdress and the short sceptre so, obviously, there was more to this symbol than met the eye!! On the way back I was aware of anchoring the lines all the way down. All of the Egyptian symbols, and many of the hieroglyphs, have energetic uses which we have forgotten how to use but the more I do work there the more I understand how this energy works and how their symbols were ‘created’ to work energetically with the earth and its energy fields. They eventually became empty symbols and their uses were forgotten!
It was dark by the time our boat arrived back. We enjoyed the boat trip and took lovely photos of Egyptians living the kind of life they have lived for centuries. But at one point, just as we were entering Luxor waters, we stopped for five minutes and just floated. Apparently we had to wait for police clearance. I felt my cord go down into the water and anchor itself into a lotus at the bottom. I wondered where we were as I felt a connection to Hatshepsut. As it turned out we were right on the line which connects Karnak Temple to her Temple and whatever I was anchoring was from Dendera. When I felt the connection finish we began to move again. I was amazed. We reached the hotel a few minutes later and as I left the boat one of my earrings felt out and into the water. I always seem to lose a piece a jewellery when working at this level. The same thing happened at Lyme Regis when I did my 7th level gateway. As I stood up to leave the pier where I was connecting to the vortex my iron age bracelet fell off and into the water. I wonder why it is always water? I used to throw crystals into the water in order to anchor an energy so perhaps it was something to do with that.
11th February 2007. Karnak Temple.
This place was huge so we only managed to see some of it. But we followed our guidance to do the work first! We were guided to go to the barque Shrine of Amun. There was a large green vortex just beyond the granite base where the barque would have gone. The vortex was just inside the main door. It seemed to be connected to Nut, the Cosmic Mother. I called in the forces of Light and all four elements. The vortex swirled around fast and this then activated the serpent line which I walked down to the Alabaster block. Beneath the alabaster block a red vortex was activated so that both the green and red vortices spun at the same freqeuncy. These two colours crop up frequently in England and are connected to the elemental realm. The red symbolises sacrifice, but not the sacrifice which is made from a sense of martydom. It is the sacrifice of the lesser for the greater. Not the same thing!! The green symbolises growth. Both of them together create the energy of sacrifice and growth then. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we don’t truly need in order to grow.
One of the things that happens when you do energy work of this nature is you can have a bad tummy. I thought that it was jsut the usual Egyptian tummy except that it only ever happened when we got home after a day’s work I was questioning this and received the following:
“All physical matter is composed of different layers of energy. Some are crystalline, some are purely energetic and some are solid matter. In this way all of life fits into the overall picture of interconnected layers of working energy. In your terms physical matter is separated by thin membrances of light. These membranes allow for a ‘mixing’ and blending of both solid and energetic matter. The combination of these elements allows each aspect of creation to function according to its own blueprint.
When working with Divine and Cosmic energies within hte Earth realm you are embodying the ideals of your elemental self. The self which requires your co-operation in order to function correctly. In this way your life, and all of its manifestations, is assured and all will be in balance. If, however, the elements are not kept clear through energetic work then blockages occur. This is what you experience when you work with a site which has not been maintained for centuries. In clearing these centres you become energetically ‘One’ with them and the clearing of the centres also means the clearing of your own. For this reason your body responds with a physical purging and in the same way the centre will do likewise, but in a greater way. This can be debilitating for a while but know this: when you experience such cleansing know that the cleansings and activations you have achieved have been successful.
So rejoice in your purging.
We wish you well.

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