Dream Of Alexandria. Journal entry Winter 2008.

As of January we are going to be spending our winters in Egypt. I always keep a journal of all the work I do. So I will be posting all of that here. I write about my experiences spiritually, energetically and personally. My interests lie in how the beliefs of Egypt. past and present, create the country.
I had a dream about this years ago, after my first visit to Egypt in 2001, although I didn’t really understand it then. I wasn’t doing the Gaiamethod then either so it made no sense on an outer level!
Here is the dream: I was standing on top of a desert cliff which looked out over the most beautiful temple which seemed to be on the sea but joined to the land. It seemed to be in a past time. The temple was made of crystalline white stone and it shone and glistened in the sun. I thought it was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. The beauty of it filled my heart but then, suddenly, it all began to crumble. I was heart broken. The huge lintels above the doorways crashed into the sea and the temple was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that a place of such incredible beauty should be allowed to crumble and disappear. When it had all gone I walked across the desert and met some women. I walked with them awhile. As we walked it seemed to be modern times. I left their company after a time and kept walking. I felt I needed a shower so I found a wooden building with showers in it. I left some of my clothes on as it was not accepted that women be seen naked. But as I showered a group of Muslim police charged into the shower room and dragged me out. They said that someone had accused me of dressing inappropriately and of showering with no clothes on. I had no idea who could have made such an accusation and was protesting my innocence. It was obvious I wasn’t showering naked as I was dressed! In the shower!! But they didn’t want to know. The truth wasn’t something they were interested in!
I woke up feeling furious but couldn’t figure out what the dream was saying.
It was years later, when I began to do the Gaiamethod and work intensely with the Divine Feminine that I realised that it was about Cleopatras Palace in Alexandria, actually it was one of my Reiki students, Toni, who recognised it. The palace had been the seat of feminine power and the Goddess had been honoured. Now however, in the grip of dysfunctional male beliefs, Egypt is no longer the beautiful, divinely feminine place it once was.
All the more reason to resurrect the feminine energies here again so that the beauty can be present once again.

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