The Cross of Lorraine.This section is the energy-work I have been doing while living here in Luxor and a visit to Alexandria. It is for people who do Earth-energy work or who are interested in it. It may seem like fantasy, to people who are unfamiliar with this kind of work, but it is not. It uses the imagination of the person doing the work. Th imagination  is our connection to the archetypal energies and information, which exists within the collective unconscious.

As human beings we need to personalise the energies we receive, wither through writing or imaging, so people might ‘see’ things, or experience things, whilst doing earth-work, differently to others who are doing the same work. It all depends on what those energies represent to us. It is a way for us to understand what we are seeing or feeling, but it is not a fantasy.

As you read through some of these you will understand what I mean. The energies can be seen as colours, objects, or as people, dressed in clothes from a particular time and place. Some symbols appear to be universal, as Carl Jung pointed out. Some can be from movies we watch, or from books we read; because we understand those images.

If you read through the earthwork of other people around the world, you will see the same imagery popping up, time and time again, but they might be interpreted differently. They are the same energies, but because of our focus, we might interpret them in our own way, a way which means something to us.

So when you are reading these reports, remember that what we are seeing is energy in archetypal form; the language of light which is readable by us, on other levels of our being, but which might not be immediately understood on a rational level.

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