Dolores the Sheep.

Her name is Dolores…who would have guessed. I found her name when we took her upstairs to our flat to feed her as we discovered that she is not getting enough food! The three big boys that she shares her space with are eating it all and leaving her with nothing so we are feeding her here!

The Three Boys.

She needed quite a lot of coaxing and hand feeding as she was not doing so well so we gave her fortified milk, special seeds for young sheep which she was not impressed by, broad bean pods, which she loved, and cucumber.

Eating from Omar’s Hand…

She also really liked our fresh mint which we grow on the balcony and which she had no problem climbing all over!!! My coriander was nearly demolished too but at least she is eating and healthy! So its a small price to pay!


Negotiating the ceramic floor was a little tricky at first. Her little hooves slid around like ice skates, but she found her ‘feet’ and now is proficient at trotting gently across it. This also saves the carpet as I’m pretty sure that ‘How to clean sheep pee from your carpets’  is not something I would be able to find on the internet!

We will take her up morning and evening and she will soon be sturdy and strong and well able to hold her own against the three bad boys in her house!  Of course this could well be a projection as it totally reflects my life here in this one! Well…like they say…the outside mirrors the inside.

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