About Me.

I am Irish by nationality but was born in Australia. I grew up in Australia, Ireland and Spain, and England and now live in Egypt. I am married to Omar and  have five daughters and two granddaughters.

Me at Malkata.

Me at Malkata.

I am a healer, teacher, writer, researcher, crafts-person and spiritual archaeologist. I am the originator of a healing system called the Gaia Method which is as the name suggests, a method of working with the earth as Divine Feminine energy. I am also a writing channel and write both fiction and non-fiction through the medium of channelling. All of the stories have deeper meanings and teachings within them and many of the historical ones teach me a lot about forgotten episodes of history. The Human side!  It is a process I love.  My husband is also a channel and brings through stories which I then ‘fill out’. It is like having a human ‘guide’ for the stories. But because he has such a strong connection to the land of his birth these stories come from a deeper part of him. It is fascinating to work this way and very fulfilling.

Most of my current life is spent learning about the emotion/mental dynamics in Egyptian culture and doing my earthwork. It is not always an easy process, especially as Egypt is going through her own learning curve, but we hope, that in time, Egypt will be a clearer, and more healthy place to live, with a better connection to the land.

We tend to do most of our energy work in the Winter months, when it is cooler and we can get about more easily. I do love the winter!!!

Omar and me at Seti 1st Temple.

Omar and me at Seti 1st Temple.

Part of my personal design for living is through creating art from nature and preserving older crafts which are being swallowed up by the march of progress.  I work with wool, and I spin, weave and knit with what I produce. We are getting our own flock of Egyptian sheep so I will have a regular supply of wool. I want to live a life as close to the land as possible while still living in the modern world. We now have a pregnant ewe, a ram and a young heifer. So slowly slowly! Next step; our own mudbrick house and farm! There we can write, create and heal. Cannot wait…

11 responses to “About Me.

  1. Hi Thanks so much for your last 2 reflections posts…I;ve just returned to luxor for 6 months after a hard work season and feel exactly as you have described this time I’ve found it really difficult whereas usually I adapt and really easily and quickly..Asking Gaia for help has obviously lead me to this blog…Thanks

    • Glad it is of use to you. Although I am glad it is not just me!!!! That in itself is reassuring! Where are you in Luxor? Perhaps we can hook up and share experiences? 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

    • Oh that’s amazing Linda! It is so good to connect with others who do this…on any level! I was reading your posts with envy as I just wish I had all of that nature to explore. I can’t go anywhere here as there are always men who want to bring you back to your husband. Women don’t walk alone. So my joy of exploration is in hibernation. Writing and crafting are my salvation! 🙂

      • I am so happy to read what you are doing here in Luxor.. I live in east bank of it and I am a healer too.. doing my own bit of energy work here.. I would be so happy to meet you…

      • Hi Kirsi,
        That sounds like a great idea! Interestingly enough I had a dream that I was in Finland last night!
        I’ll message you on Facebook as I see you have a page. 🙂

  2. Hello and thank you for following my blog! I too love crochet, have Reiki 1 and am on the beautiful path of spiritual awakening. I look forward to keeping in touch xxx

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