Fukushima…my own Experience.

This was one meditation that I knew I wanted to do. I never usually do these World healing meditations unless I KNOW that it is one that I feel a strong connection to. But…a few years ago, before comg to Egypt, I was shown, by my guides, a vision of something which would harm the waterways.  They showed me post-apocalyptic zombies, dressed in rags, just like you see in all the horrow movies, emerging from beneath the ground, as though they were the dead coming to life. En masse, these zombies slowly walked until they came to a river. I thought that they would stop there but they didn’t, they just dropped silently into the water, their contaminated bodies merging with the riverwater. This water then flowed into the world bringing its death with it.


At the time I thought this was about a disease which would re-emerge and contaminate the waterways but my guides kept pointing me towards nuclear waste and radioactivity. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Even when the Japanese earthquake happened I still didn’t twig. It was only when I started to read about how the radiation was damaging the pacific ocean did I realise what it meant. But I still didn’t know why they were telling me. What could I do about it?

Then, last night, I received the Newsletter from Tom and Judi about the meditation. Aha!! As I work with the elementals I knew this was for me too! I understood too the vision I had been shown a few years previously. So…I downloaded the meditation and I played it three times until I was finished. This is what I did in my healing:

Sound healing meditation for Fukishima.japa-MMAP-md

Initially I saw a green spirally design, above the coast beside the nuclear station, and I felt my connection to the elementals above Japan and the Pacific. I connected my energies to them and then felt myself move up in a spiral of energy until I was with the air elementals looking down on Japan, but I was looking at it from the north pole so that southern Japan on a map was North Japan to my vision. I had a pencil in my hand and I drew a line from one end of the island to the other, south to north. Then I opened it up as though I was doing surgery. As I held the ‘cut’ open hundreds of elementals flew in, like bees, to do work underground. When they had all entered I zipped it up again. This meant that there would be more work here in the future and could be opened easily.

I was still aware of being in my elemental body and now I felt a huge surge of joy and connection which brought me to tears. I felt that familiar pulsing of healing energies on my eyelids and black and deep purple seemed to be prominent colours, usually they are green and purple so this was the first time they appeared differently.  I saw a large object above the island which looked as though I was looking into the crater of an active volcano except that it was upsidedown in the sky and the lava was a purple-black colour. Then, from breaks in this deep purple cooling lava, streams of light broke through and they shone down in focussed beams onto different places in Japan. There were to stabilise the country energetically, as though the energy beams could ‘hold’ the space. I was aware too of the whales facing the plant and ‘holding’ the energy in the ocean. That made me feel really joyful.

kannon2Next, I was still experiencing the eyelid pulsing, when from out of the earth in Japan rose an ancient woman. She had long silver hair and a deep purple and black gown. She was the Mother of Japan, the ancient female energy of the island. She stood above, and yet on, the island as she was part of the fabric of it; her gown was the landscape. She reached up into space and plucked a brightly lit star from the dark sky then she placed it in her forehead. She merged back into Japan again, bringing this stellar energy with her. That filled me with joy.  I stayed with this feeling for a while until it felt ‘done’. Then I was told that it was complete.

It was a lovely experience doing this meditation and I felt no negative emotions at all. After reading Tom’s experience of it I half expected to but I felt nothing but joy.

I would be really interested in hearing other people’s experiences of this meditation. So many people work on so many different levels it would be wonderful to hear about their work. It will be interesting too to see how this work, which we are all doing, impacts on Japan and the Pacific. I will keep a watchful eye on it for now…

Tom Kenyon on Fukushima, from the Hathors.

Fukushima A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

We will divide our message into two parts. The first will deal with the escalation of your current Chaotic Node and the second with the nuclear facility at Fukushima Japan. The Escalation of your current Chaotic Node In relationship to previous Chaotic Nodes, this one is highly volatile.

From our perspective, the primary reason for this is related to changes in your Sun’s magnetic field. Indeed the escalation of this Chaotic Node is tied directly to the magnetic field shift that your Sun is entering. There are anomalies present in this phase of your Sun’s magnetic field-shift, and your scientists are puzzled about the reasons for this odd behavior. As the Sun enters a more dynamic phase of magnetic reversal, including the period directly after the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, we anticipate further escalations of your current Chaotic Node.

Any technological device or biological system that uses electromagnetic fields is subject to aberrations during this phase of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversal. Do not be surprised if your computers and telecommunications devices present erratic behavior. As biological organisms, you are being continually stressed by this particular Chaotic Node, and depending upon your level of sensitivity you might be experiencing sleep disturbances, emotional volatility, cognitive dissonance, memory glitches and an inability to sequence mentally—in the ways you are used to.

While we mentioned these aberrations in our previous message, we think you will see an increase of these phenomena as your Sun enters a more dynamic shift in its magnetic fields—including the period after the actual magnetic pole reversal occurs. We suggest you refer to our previous message, Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes, for a simple method that might assist you as you move through the escalation phases of this current Chaotic Node. Fukushima The nuclear facility at Fukushima, Japan is in a critical phase of its decommissioning. This involves removing highly radioactive rods from one of its damaged reactors. It is most unfortunate that this is taking place during the escalation phase of your current Chaotic Node, but such is the nature of duality.

Fukushima poses a major ecological threat to the entire Pacific Basin, and if the radioactivity is not contained it will eventually threaten the ecosystem of the entire planet. This is a very complex situation. Three of the reactors experienced core meltdowns during the Earthquake in 2011. There is no current technology available to handle this level of radioactivity. In addition to leakage from storage facilities at Fukushima where radioactive water is stored, underground streams that flow underneath Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean are being contaminated by the three core meltdowns. From our perspective this is having dire consequences. We are proposing the use of a specific sound meditation for the purposes of supporting the nature spirits of this region, to support the human beings who are engaged in the dangerous and critical decommissioning of this facility and for the inspiration of new technologies to deal with the crisis. This sound meditation is for those of you committed to planetary service for the “long haul” as you say.

The situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for at least the next two to three decades unless hitherto unknown new technologies arise to deal with the core meltdowns and the contamination of underground streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean. If you feel an alignment with this purpose and a resonance with the sounds that comprise this meditation we invite you to join this planetary work. To fully participate in this sound mediation and to have a positive impact upon the situation, you must have clarity, vibrational fortitude and perseverance. This is a calling to high spiritual mastery under dire circumstances. Let us address the three attributes required. Clarity The clarity required here is the recognition that as creator-beings you have the capacity and the right as human beings living on this planet, especially collectively, to change outcomes. This is done through clarity of purpose and clarity of emotion. It is the union of thought and purpose joined with coherent emotion that will produce the most positive impact. Vibrational Fortitude Metaphorically speaking you are swimming in the debris field of a global energetic tsunami.

You are witnessing the collapse of civilization as you have known it, and the birthing of a new civilization. But one consequence of such radical shifting in such a short period of time is the arising of fear. In order to participate in this global meditation, this form of planetary service, you must temporarily transcend your fear responses. You must enter a highly coherent state of emotional vibration to be effective in this. Perseverance Because the situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for many years, this is not a short-term application of spiritual mastery. It requires that you revisit the situation in meditation many, many times. The task of applying yourself to the task at hand, i.e., the transformation of the situation at Fukushima through highly coherent states of emotion and clarity of purpose, requires your attention multiple times. In other words, after you get a sense of the meditation, you re-enter it whenever you feel called to do so and until the situation at Fukushima has been fully resolved.

The Meditation.

The sounds that comprise this meditation impart healing energies to the nature spirits of the region surrounding Fukushima. It also imparts support to the human beings engaged in the task of decommissioning the facility. When you listen to this sound meditation, you would ideally enter a state of vibrational resonance you might describe as ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. While remaining in one, or all, of these coherent states for the entire duration of the meditation, you imagine positive outcomes in whatever ways they present themselves to you. If you do not know how to enter ecstasy and wish to experiment with this coherent state of being, we suggest you read a previous message entitled Ecstasy and the Heart, which presents a simple method for generating this state of consciousness. It is not so important which coherent state of consciousness you use, i.e., ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. But it is a vital necessity that you attain a highly coherent state that transcends fear in order to be effective during this meditation. Without knowing how it will be accomplished you hold the clear intention that the situation at Fukushima be resolved for the benefit of life upon this planet. Collectively this intention will set a quantum field effect into motion. The purpose of this energetic is to inspire new technologies and new ways of dealing with the situation. The meditation itself is 3 minutes and 28 seconds long.

Personal Protection.

If you live within or near the Pacific Basin we suggest you refer to a previous message entitled Medicines of Light. This is a mind/body/spirit process that engages your higher dimensional aspects to protect your biological expression, i.e., your physical body.


This message is a calling to a specific and highly demanding form of planetary work and service. You will know if you have been called to participate in this form of Planetary Service for you will feel a response in your heart/mind and an enlivening of your being. We have said it before, and we will say it again, “The journey of an Initiate is the art of applying consciousness to life.” It is through this application that you gain greater mastery. To those of you who feel called to join this particular form of planetary service, we extend to you our deepest appreciation. The Hathors November 26, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations.

Shortly after the Japanese earthquake of 2011, which severely damaged the Daiichi Nuclear Facility at Fukushima, I was in meditation when I unexpectedly found myself on an imaginal cliff overlooking the island of Japan. A Tibetan Buddhist lama by the name of Yabsong Rinpoche was sitting by my side. He pointed down and said “Soon the entire world will be suffering like Japan.” It would seem that his words are turning out to be sadly prophetic. It is not in the scope, or the purpose of this message, to discuss the many ecological danger signals that point to Fukushima. Anyone interested in exploring the increasingly large pool of data, beyond the superficial treatment of the crisis by our mainstream media, can find a lot on the Internet by doing a search of the words “Fukushima radiation,” “Fukushima core meltdown,” and “Fukushima debris field.” I would just urge you to keep your “wits” about you as there is a lot of erroneous and hyperbolic information floating out there about the disaster. The facts are scary enough without having to go into unsubstantiated speculation.

For the sake of clarity I would suggest reading reports from reputable scientists—especially those in the fields of nuclear energy, ecology and the marine sciences, as well as those who work in the fields of epidemiological research (meaning where cancer and radiation related illnesses are increasing in various populations including Japan and North America). I would also give more weight to respected alternative news sources. In my opinion these include, but are certainly not limited to, The Huffington Post (www.huffingtonpost.com), Energy News (www.enenews.com), Simply Info (www.fukuleaks.org), The Guardian (www.theguardian.com), and Greenpeace (www.greenpeace.org).

Background on the Fukushima Sound Meditation.

After the Hathors asked me to channel this sound meditation to help with the crisis, I asked them—ever the skeptic—to explain how this meditation could possibly change the course of such a true debacle. After all, radiation of the type being released by Fukushima is highly toxic and damaging to most biological life-forms including we humans who have perched ourselves on the top rung of the evolutionary ladder, a position I consider to be highly tenuous. They explained that the sound meditation would focus on the three areas mentioned in their message above—

1) to assist the nature spirits of the area,

2) to assist the humans who are undertaking such a critical task under the direst of circumstances and

3) to inspire other humans in the sciences and technology sectors to create new technologies capable of dealing with the unprecedented challenges that Fukushima presents. Interestingly, the Hathors are of the opinion that in addition to new radiation management technologies, some of these new technologies will be “biologically based” and will be developed by cell biologists, as well as by researchers who work with mushrooms and fungi. The Hathors contend that when the Meditation itself is engaged properly, those working with it will, in effect, create a quantum field-effect that can affect future possible outcomes around Fukushima. In essence, those who work the meditation will be Jumping Timelines, as the Hathors call it. This is a very important piece of information, in my opinion, as it provides a theoretical understanding how such an ephemeral thing as this meditation could affect such a terrible situation in three-dimensional reality.

I therefore suggest you read a previous Hathor message entitled Jumping Timelines, if you haven’t already read it. (Note: Click on the link above or go to http://www.tomkenyon.com and click on the Hathor tab. You will be taken to the Hathor Archives. Simply scroll down to the message titled Jumping Timelines). I imagine that some readers might like to know what transpired for me during the recording process, and I will do my best to describe my experiences although, quite frankly, I find that words fail to capture the staggering breadth of energies and cosmic assistance being offered to humanity in this most precarious of passages. If you don’t care for such matters, just skip down to the subtitle The Meditation where I clarify the nuts and bolts of how to do it.

A Descent of Light.

With the very first notes of the first channeling that became the foundation track of the recording, I psychically sensed a tower of white light descending from space into the Fukushima reactors and the surrounding environs. As I recorded other channeled sounds, the light often changed to a type of violet flame, which I interpreted as an effort to transmute the very difficult energetic conditions. I also clearly sensed other colors from the light spectrum—especially gold, silver, blue and purple—indicating to me that many spirit beings from the realms of light were adding their assistance as well.

At one point during the recording process, some of which took place in the wee hours of the morning, I was overcome with pathos as the channeled sounds began to flow from the Devic Kingdom to the nature spirits around Fukushima. For a moment I was flooded with a sense of utter despair coming from the nature spirits in the region, so much so that I had to stop recording and regroup myself in order to find a state of emotional balance so that I could continue with the channeling.

About one-third into the recording, you can probably hear three distinct voices to the far stereo left, far stereo right and stereo center. These are the voices of three High Devas (in my language meaning high up the vibrational scale at the juncture between the High Astral and the Etheric). For me these voices carry a sense of spiritual fortitude and strength mixed with a soft and gentle compassion. These extraordinary beings were directing their energy and full intent to support both the nature spirits of the region as well as the human beings who are faced with the daunting task of decommissioning the facility.

The Meditation. The recording is 3:28 minutes long. Although the Hathors described the meditation quite well, for the sake of clarity, here are the steps:

1) Enter a coherent state of emotion such as appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy. Consciously enter a state of appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy according to your own capacity to enter coherent states of consciousness. The simplest coherent state for most people to enter at will, is simple appreciation. If you are more adept at these things, you can choose one of the more complex coherent emotional states as you wish. But to be clear, simple appreciation is enough of a coherent state to make the meditation effective. As the Hathors clearly state, you must be in a coherent state of mind and emotion that transcends fear in order to be effective at this.

2) Listen to the sound meditation while you remain in this coherent emotional state.

3) Imagine, in whatever ways seem natural to you, that the situation at Fukushima is being resolved in life benevolent ways. This type of knowingness is not just idle hope or mere fantasy on our part. It is the engineering of intention through the union of coherent emotion and mental clarity. This energized clarity is what creates the quantum field effect that the Hathors described to me when I asked them how such a meditation could contribute anything real to the situation. In other words, as those of us around the world engage the meditation, we will set into motion a movement of energies that can constellate into new and more positive outcomes. How this will show up will be anybody’s guess. But if the meditation is successful through all our joint efforts, I would expect to see an increase in both serendipity and new forms of creative problem solving in relationship to Fukushima. I suspect that within our world sangha there will be many variations of the meditation. The important thing is to work with it in ways that seem natural and plausible to you.

Those of you who are experienced in engineering outcomes through meditative states of mind will undoubtedly know what to do. For those of you new to this type of meditation, my primary suggestion is to let yourself settle into and be enveloped by the coherent emotion that you have chosen. As you “let go” and really experience the coherency of your chosen emotion, you will eventually find a deep intuitive sense emerging. This type of intuition is from your own heart/mind and it will reveal to you how to proceed via your creative imagination.

In other words, once you have entered deeply enough into coherency and set into motion your intention of imagining a resolution, ideas will spontaneously arise within your mind. One of the many things I appreciate about this sound meditation is that it is short and effective. It shifts my brain state into a very receptive state quite quickly, and due to its length I find that I can easily fit the meditation into my daily schedule.

This meditation is to be done on your own whenever you choose to engage it. There are no plans at this point to have a global world meditation where we all meditate at the same time. An important thing to remember is that this is not a one-time deal. If this experiment in consciousness is to be effective, the meditation will need to be engaged by many of us around the world multiple times for many years if not decades. Indeed, for those of you who choose to undertake this form of planetary service, the meditation is a profound calling to presence.

Furthermore, this level of work will require a level of spiritual fortitude and perseverance that is, for most of us, unprecedented. A Final Thought

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Click here to listen to and/or download the Fukushima Sound Meditation (3:28 mins) ©2013 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved http://www.tomkenyon.com

You can make copies of this message and share it in any media you desire so long as you do not alter it in anyway, do not charge for it, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. The Fukushima Sound Meditation is for your personal use only and may not be posted on any Internet site.

Information Not Directly Related To This Message: Extended Play Version of the Fukushima Sound Meditation After working with the Fukushima sound meditation multiple times, I realized that I wanted to listen to a longer version. This was because I found this particular sound meditation to be such a profound gateway into the Devic and Angelic realms of light. I therefore created a version of the sound track that is a little over an hour long, which I call Passage Into the Devic and Angelic Realms. I do want to be clear that the 3:28 minute version, which is offered without charge on the website, is all that is needed for you to work the meditation effectively. You need nothing else sound wise. Passage Into the Devic and Angelic Realms is currently available only as an mp3 audio download.

To order Passage Into the Devic and Angelic Realms  go to The Store on the website (www.tomkenyon.com).

Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

*Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events.  As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.

By their very nature all Chaotic Nodes are challenging to biological systems. This particular Chaotic Node is especially challenging due to numerous factors we have mentioned in previous Planetary Messages. While the challenges to your eco-system, financial systems and cultural institutions are increasing, in this message we will focus on one specific area—memory and cognitive function.

The accelerated escalation of this current Chaotic Node is being driven by a shift in your Sun’s magnetic field—a reversal of its magnetic poles to be precise. This is a cyclic occurrence and takes place approximately every 11 years. The next shifting of your Sun’s magnetic fields is close at hand, and this will set off a series of significant energetics.

Due to an intimate relationship between your Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields, you are caught in a type of cosmic vise. This is due to the fact that memory is a function of magnetic fields—both internal magnetic fields as generated by your nervous system and external magnetic fields such as that of Earth. Furthermore human memory is greatly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field.

Due to the fact that the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Sun are fluctuating, you may be experiencing cognitive challenges. These challenges may show up as temporary glitches in short term memory, an inability to sequence tasks in the ways you are used to, and a tendency to emotional volatility or instability, especially during periods of high fluctuations in the Earth’s and/or the Sun’s magnetic fields.

The energetic relationship between the Sun’s magnetic field and that of your Earth is a truly complex and fascinating area of inquiry. But for the purpose of this message, which is practical in nature, we will not go into the details of this relationship. But let us summarize this complex relationship between the Sun and the Earth this way—your Sun is affected by the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in truth, a black hole. This black hole ejects various forms of energy into your galaxy, which then passes through your solar system and directly affects your Sun. There is then a cascade of energy from your Sun to your Earth, and so from our perspective, the fluctuations of your Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields are catalyzed by the Central Sun of your galaxy.  As human beings, as biological organisms, you are very much affected by this cosmic process.

As your current Chaotic Node further escalates, many of you will experience more cognitive disturbances and emotional volatility or confusion. These states of dis-equilibrium can last for a few moments, a few hours, or in the case of major fluctuations, it can last for days. These are indeed trying times for embodied beings upon your Earth.

What we wish to share with you in this message is a simple, practical and highly effective technique for re-establishing balance and equilibrium within the neural pathways of your brain. Think of it as a counter-force to chaos. This method only requires three minutes of your time. If you engage this technique a few times a day, you will find that it imparts a kind of balance. You can repeat this technique throughout the day whenever you wish, especially when you feel imbalanced or cognitively challenged. We do not suggest that you engage this method before going to sleep as it tends to enliven your mental processes, and this could make sleep problematic.

The Method

This method engages your pranic tube, which extends from the crown of your head down through the center of your body to your perineum, which is located midway between your anus and your genitals. This channel (i.e., the pranic tube) follows the central axis of your body’s magnetic field.

If you put your thumb and first or second finger together and form a circle, this is approximately the size of your pranic tube. This energy channel is a conduit for connecting celestial and terrestrial energies.

Another part of the method engages a platonic solid called the octahedron. An octahedron is an eight-sided solid that is essentially two square-based pyramids that are joined at their bases. Octahedrons naturally occur in many crystalline and molecular structures.   We have referred to octahedrons in previous messages especially when we discussed the Holon of Balance. At a subtle energy level octahedrons impart balance.

In this method you imagine an octahedron in the center of your head. It is about one inch (or two centimeters) in height. This imagined octahedron is in the center of your head, and interestingly this is also the location of your pineal gland. The octahedron and your pineal gland also sit within your pranic tube.

The method involves drawing subtle energies from Earth’s magnetic field into the pranic tube via your perineum, and then drawing this subtle energy upward into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. At the same time, subtle energies from the Sun’s magnetic field enter through the crown of your head and descend into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. When these two subtle energies meet within the octahedron, they create an alchemical reaction. Through the structure of the octahedron, the energy released is balancing in nature, and this balancing effect extends throughout your entire nervous system. It is a very simple yet highly effective and elegant method.

At first it may seem cumbersome but once you get the feel of it the method will be as natural as breathing. There are five steps to the method.

Step One: Get a sense of your pranic tube that runs from the crown at the top of your head through the center of your body down to your perineum. Then extend the tube into the Earth. Some of you may find it entering into the Earth just a few inches while some of you may find it descending to the very center of the Earth. It does not matter how far into the Earth your pranic tube descends so long as it makes contact with the Earth.

Step Two: You then extend the upper portion of your pranic tube past your crown to your BA point (a cosmic portal or stargate), which is located above your head in the region where your fingers would touch were you to raise your arms directly above your head. (Note: Raising your hands above your head is for reference purposes only. You do not keep your hands raised when engaging the method.)

Step Three: You imagine an octahedron, which is about one inch (or two centimeters) tall, in the center of your head. This will be the primary focus of your attention during the method.

Step Four: This action is done solely through intention. It may help to silently say this phrase, “Through my own volition I set my worlds in motion.” You then inhale naturally, allowing subtle energy from the Earth to move up your pranic tube into the octahedron while simultaneously allowing subtle energy to descend from the top of your pranic tube via the BA point into the octahedron. Understand that you are drawing in subtle energies related to Earth’s magnetic field and the Sun’s magnetic field.

Step Five: As these two energies meet in the octahedron, which is located in the center of your head, let yourself feel the pulse or the merging of these two subtle energies. When you exhale allow this combined energy to flow outward into your brain and into your nervous system according to its own nature. By this we mean it has an innate intelligence and will flow where it needs to go if you allow it.

Depending upon your level of sensitivity you might feel a sensation of energy in the center of your head. You might experience this as a palpable energy moving through your brain. You might very well sense pulses of light emitted from the octahedron. And, in some cases, the octahedron might begin to spin or rotate. These are all positive signs. If your octahedron begins to move, spin or rotate, keep it localized in the center of your head. While it is possible to travel into other dimensions using the octahedron, in this method you keep the octahedron localized in the center of your head. This is so that the energies built within the octahedron will flow into your brain and nervous system. This will impart balancing energies and enliven the neural networks of your brain, helping to strengthen your cognitive processes, memory and emotional stability.

This simple method can be a great ally to you as you pass through the next phase of this Chaotic Node. From our perspective this Chaotic Node is increasing in a geometric progression, meaning that it is getting ever more intense. The levels of chaos upon your Earth (i.e., social unrest, political conflict, ecological stress, monetary insecurity, scarcity of resources, etc.,) are all escalating at an ever-faster rate. This will put undue stress upon your biological systems.

We strongly suggest you make this simple method part of your day-to-day life. It is better to pass through the portals of chaos with your mental and emotional abilities intact.

The Hathors
October 14, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

According to the Hathors, we can expect to see increased challenges to our cognitive and memory functions in the future as we adjust—or fail to adjust—to new levels of planetary and cosmic energetics.

The topic of cognitive functioning and memory is a very complex one, and I think it wise to mention that the Hathors are solely addressing those challenges to cognitive function and memory that are related to changes in the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields.

If you are experiencing dramatic deficits in your cognitive abilities and memory that negatively affect your ability to function normally in your day-to-day life—beyond the temporary challenges that the Hathors are talking about—I would think it wise to consult with a medical professional. This is because some of the challenges in mental sequencing and memory that the Hathors discuss can also be the signs of an underlying neurological problem.

The catalyst for this particular message was actually a question I posed to them (the Hathors) about a month ago. I was personally experiencing a temporary and strange downgrading of my usual level of cognitive functioning—so much so that I asked them what was going on. Their response was the essence of this message.

Since receiving the technique, I have tried it in multiple situations and contexts. I imagine that each of us will find our own right timing with this method—meaning how long to wait before drawing the next in-flow of subtle energies into the pranic tube. I have personally found it best to not rush things and to allow a few moments for sensing the energetics that have been released by the octahedron. On some occasions I have noticed multiple octahedrons, all of them spinning in different directions. When I asked the Hathors about this, they said that the arising of multiple octahedrons was an expression of interdimensionality and could occur for some people. The important thing, according to them, is to allow the octahedrons to spin in whatever ways they wish, but be sure to keep them always localized in the center of the head.

I find that it is better to do the technique in short sessions throughout the day than in longer sessions, which I have tested on a few occasions. In retrospect, I think three minutes is an ideal time to engage this method. When I experimented with much longer sessions, I sometimes got too “amped up,” meaning that there was too much energy flowing into my nervous system for my comfort zone. The goal of this method is to insert short bursts of coherent energies into the nervous system periodically throughout the day for the purpose of balance. One thing I like about this method is that it is highly practical. It can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime when you are not engaged in something requiring your attention.

The Hathors view the current Chaotic Node referred to in this message as a growing tsunami-like energetic of immense proportions that is, and will continue to, affect many levels of our day-to-day life. In other words, as my seventh grade Algebra teacher used to say—“It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

The Hathors have always held the position that the journey of an Initiate (meaning those of us striving to move up in consciousness regardless of the “spiritual” traditions we might follow) is more about what happens within us than it is about what happens around us. This does not mean that we cannot or should not affect the world around us, but it does mean that the treasure of life (i.e., the spiritual gold of self-illumination) is found within.

As we enter more deeply into this current Chaotic Node, which is truly a “whopper” as well as the ones to follow, I think we will all have to find our personal path to inner balance in a world that seems to be going ever more crazy by the day.

For me, inner balance is not the goal, but it is definitely a key ally. Without a sense of inner balance it is difficult to find the treasure within us—the spiritual gold I mentioned earlier.

It is my hope that you will find this simple technique for regaining a sense of cognitive balance to be of benefit in these trying times. Whether you use this technique or not, however, is immaterial. But finding a way to attain a sense of balance in the midst of growing chaos is, in my opinion, a vitally important skillset for all of us.

Although they did not mention two methods for attaining a sense of emotional balance that they gave in previous messages, I would also refer you to the Holon of Balance as well as the Aethos (a profound sound meditation that the Hathors gave to enter non-dual states of consciousness). Both of these can be found, free of charge, in the Hathor section of the website.

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You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you desire so long as you do not charge for it, alter it in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.

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Night Vision August 2013.

witchdoctor hutJust before going to sleep, while I was reading a Naguib Mafouz book, I began to feel a strong connection from ‘upstairs’. I could feel my soul energy reaching up to someone but I don’t know who. After a few minutes, while still feeling this, nearly physical feeling of ‘bigness’, I began to see, in my mind’s eye, an African Witchdoctor. He was standing in a round-hut made of reeds and mud and he was wearing the classical clothes of leopard skin and feathers. In the center of his hut stood a very large cauldron and he was looking into a very old book, which had red bookmarks marking some of the pages. As he looked into the book he added ingredients to the pot, which was now filled with a bubbling, viscous, green, liquid. When he thought it might be ‘ready’ he took a rat from a cage and, holding it by its tail, dipped it into the liquid. When he took the rat out all that remained was its skeleton. It was done!

villageHe walked behind the cauldron and pushed it over so that its contents spilled out on the ground and rushed, like a river, out the door of the hut and into the compound beyond. It flowed into every hut and animal pen, and it dissolved the flesh of every living creature it touched.

The green liquid had devoured every living creature…but one. A young woman, asleep in her high bed in her hut had survived. Because she was on a higher level than the ground the green poisonous liquid had not touched her, and she had slept though everything. But the unusual quiet awoke her.

She thought that it was curious that there were not the usual sounds of barking dogs and braying donkeys, women working and children playing. So she sat up. But before she put her feet on the ground she noticed the green stuff which filled her family hut. She peered closely at it to see what it was made of, then carefully touched the nail of her forefinger to it’s surface. It was solid, like glass. She stood on it carefully and it didn’t harm her, only being dangerous when in its liquid form. She crept carefully, and slowly towards the door so she could peek out and see just why it was so quiet. She saw that the ground of the entire compound was covered in this green glass-like substance but could see no-one.


 The Witchdoctor watched from behind the door of his hut, and after a while, when everything was quiet, he walked out on specially made high shoes, like mini stilts, and surveyed the compound. As he walked he listened for any sound of life and each time he came upon a skeleton of either human or animal, he picked up the bones and threw them in a pile against the compound wall. She watched him as he walked around, looking into each hut as he went.

Then he disappeared inside the hut of her uncle and he carried out an armful of bones which he added to the pile of bones. Now she understood.  A noise from the gateway of the compound made her turn around and then she saw men in the distance, men she didn’t recognise, creating a huge wooden palisade, enclosing the village. She knew that she would have to get out of the palisade and the only way that she could do that was to dig a hole beneath her hut and tunnel out and into the desert beyond.


She quickly and quietly began to break away the crystallised green glass on the floor of her hut while the witchdoctor gave orders to ‘his’ men building the huge wooden wall, and dug her tunnel until at last she was free of the compound. Once outside she ran into the desert until her village was far behind her. She had not been seen but now she had to find a safe place to be, the desert being safer than her village.

And that was the end of it.


When I was recounting this to my husband, who was nearly asleep, I had an image of a Fez and then King Farouk! So this obviously goes back to that time. A thread of poison which has its origin in the past. I guess too that events in Egypt are far from over…

What does it make you think of????

The orchidium by Tom Kenyon Channelling from the Hathors.

My own feelings: I had this expereince a couple of months ago and was confused by the stamen as I had never had that experience before but, as usual, if I wait long enough the explanation usually appears!!!

I hope this helps other people. Tom Kenyon and his wife are wonderful healers.

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

Earth’s passage through the summer Solstice of 2013 was an energetic marker for the beginning of a new Chaotic Node.

As your planet undergoes increased climate change, you will see further increases in meteorological novelty and unusual interactions between storm fronts. What used to be called 100-year storms will happen more frequently. These types of storms are outer manifestations of Chaotic Nodes and the escalation of chaos arising from seemingly unrelated levels of existence.

While you have already experienced several Chaotic Nodes since 2011, you are at the beginning of another major crescendo in chaotic events. While this particular Chaotic Node will accelerate climatic and geological changes, as well as social unrest, it is your personal psychological and emotional level that may well be the most affected.

You can expect to see a pronounced increase in emotional instability and psychological imbalances among your fellow humans (perhaps including yourself). The collective social challenges of this will be profound.

For an Initiate, meaning one on the journey to higher states of consciousness, this particular Chaotic Node is, and will continue to be, both extremely challenging and full of possibilities. The challenge has to do with the nature of this unique Chaotic Node, which drives to the surface of your conscious awareness deep-seated emotional toxicity.

One of the challenges that spiritually inclined persons are experiencing, and will continue to experience for some time, is the deep recognition that they have unresolved issues and deep-seated hostilities that may not fit very well with their self-image. Indeed this is a time when self-images will be shattered.

You are seeing this unfold at the international level with governments, and you will see it unfold through all levels of society. But for many it will be the shattering of personal self-image that will be the most difficult to contend with.

What we wish to convey is that your negativity, your toxicity, your despair and your hopelessness—if they are indeed present—need not be a negation of you. Rather they can be portals into the deep unconscious, to the very bedrock of human subconscious intent.

In the process of self-liberation, you must deal with this negativity in yourself regardless of the methods you may use to free yourself.

The Orchidium 

We now wish to impart a method for infusing yourself with light and life-enhancing energy. We introduce the method at this time because it will take great fortitude and personal energy to work through this particular Chaotic Node as well as the ones coming to you in the future.  We call this the Orchidium.

It is a very simple method that involves a biological metaphor and image. The greatest obstacle and the greatest difficulty with the Orchidium is its simplicity. Human beings tend to make things more complex than they need to be when it comes to this type of work.

In its essence the Orchidium is a means for you to draw into your KA (your energy body), as well as your physical body, high levels of spiritual light and life-enhancing energy—what the Yogis call prana and what the Daoists/Taoists call chi.

In this method you imagine that there is an orchid-like flower in your navel. The central root of this imaginary flower is hollow and is anchored or rooted at a point in front of your backbone, directly opposite your navel. This area is known to Daoists/Taoists as the Ming-Ma (or Seat of Life).

It is from the Seat of Life that subtle energy is distributed to your subtle energy body and also to the organs of your physical body. This type of subtle energy has a very deeply nourishing and rejuvenating effect.

When you hold an image of the Orchidium, you imagine that the stamen is extended out in front of you from the center of your navel. (Note: Stamens are the pollen producing reproductive organs of a flower. They consist of a stalk called a filament and an anther that produces the pollen.) When you create the Orchidium via your imagination, the stamen protrudes from the center of the blossom. For reference purposes, a photograph of a flower with its stamen appears elsewhere in this message.

By its nature the Orchidium draws into itself and then back into the Ming-Ma, spiritual-light and subtle energy from the cosmos.

To engage the Orchidium, all you need do is to imagine this flower in whatever ways makes sense to you so that its blossom is open, and the central root is hollow extending from the navel back into the Ming-Ma. It is crucial for you to understand that the Orchidum draws these celestial energies to you by itself, by its own nature and without you having to do anything.

There is no relationship between the flow of subtle energy into the Orchidium and your breath. Once you activate the flow of celestial energies to the Orchidium, they will flow automatically and unobstructed until you stop them.

Sensitive individuals will soon discover that they can sense the flow of cosmic energies into the stamen of the Orchidium itself, but success does not depend on this level of sensitivity. This type of awareness is simply a refinement. What is important is to feel and sense the flow of spiritual-light and energy down the central root, the hollow tube, from the Orchidum (in your navel) to your Ming-Ma and then to enjoy the flow of life-force throughout your subtle and physical bodies as you wish.

We suggest you experiment with this in five-minute intervals so that you become familiar with how the Orchidium works for you and also to avoid over-stimulation.

It is possible to bring too much celestial energy into your system, which is why we suggest five minutes at a time. Five minutes once a day is all that is required to familiarize yourself with the Orchidum and its potentials.

Once you understand how the Orchidium works for you and how much celestial energy you can comfortably bring into yourself, you can experiment with longer sessions if you wish.

After each Orchidium session we strongly suggest you imagine the Orchidium closing so that the blossom is not open. This is for the purpose of self-protection when you enter into the world. Until you have learned how to separate life-positive energies from the life-negative energies that surround you, we suggest you engage this strategy of protection.

Adding the Aethos

While you can engage the Orchidium without any sound or music, in the beginning stages you may find the Aethos Sound Meditation very helpful. This is because the pulsations within this sound piece facilitate the movement of celestial energies within the Orchidium root, which connects into your Ming-Ma.

As you listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation, when engaging the Orchidium, pay special attention to the hollow channel, the root, which runs from the Orchidim into your Ming-Ma. The sonic pulsations within the Aethos will amplify the flow of celestial energies into this channel.

Philosophical and Religious Obstructions

While the method of engaging the Orchidium is simple, the consequences in terms of your life-force and your capacity to hold spiritual light are quite complex.

There is another complexity here but it has to do with your belief systems. If you do not rise above these limited beliefs, you will constrain the flow of celestial energies.

You live in a cosmos of exquisite unimaginable beauty, spiritual-light, consciousness and energy. You are an heir to all of these treasures, and each of them imparts to you powers of consciousness—yet you are cut off from your birthright by many of your philosophies and religions.

Any religion that teaches that you have been separated from the celestial light-filled realms because you have a physical body is an obstruction to the truth of your being—as we view it. Any religion that says that you are separated from the heavenly worlds and their treasures through the sin of your birth is also, in our view, an obstruction.

Those philosophies that propose that you are merely a physical being with no dimensions of consciousness transcendent to time and space are, in our view, obstructions as well.

For the sake of experimenting with the Orchidium we suggest you temporarily suspend these beliefs. See for yourself how well the Orchidium works when you actually suspend these limiting thought-forms. After working with the Orchidium in this manner (sans limiting beliefs) you might even choose to leave those beliefs and thought-forms permanently behind you altogether.

When working with the Orchidium we suggest the following thought-forms:

1) Imagine that you are a part of, and heir to, all the treasures of the cosmos—the highest realms of light and the most-subtle life-enhancing energies.

2) Imagine that the Orchidium effortlessly draws into you these treasures whenever you choose to open the blossom.

3) Through the Orchidium, you can experience the transformation of your subtle energy body and the vital organs of your physical body.

Use this enhanced energy and life-force (as well as the light-force) to sustain you as you move through this potent Chaotic Node and the ones to follow.

The Hathors
June 27, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

The term Orchidium, as given by the Hathors, refers to a flower-like mental image that you create in your imagination. This image does not necessarily look like an orchid, unless you choose to make it so. This is in stark contrast to the actual word “orchidium,” which refers specifically to orchids. The Hathors like to play with words, and for them the word orchidium refers to a biological metaphor that you create through your own volition and imaginative powers for the purpose of drawing celestial energies into your subtle energy body (your KA) and into the organs of your physical body.

The important element, here, is that the mental image be a blossom of some kind with a stamen.

Other than this, I think the Hathors’ description of the Orchidium is fairly self-explanatory. The only thing I would add to their description is that engaging the Orchidium does not require visualization skills.

You imagine and sense it in whatever way(s) seem natural to you. If you tend to “see” things in your mind’s eye, then you might very well have a clear picture of the Orchidium as you work with it. If you tend to feel things, then you will have a felt sense of it. And there are, of course, other combinations of senses that you could imagine the Orchidium with as well.

As for physical attributes, imagine the Orchidium to be whatever size, shape and color you wish to make it. The point in all of this is to create the Orchidium in a way that is most comfortable for you.

I have been working with the Orchidium since 2011, under numerous conditions, and I can definitely verify its effectiveness. I also find the Hathors’ suggestion for working with the Orchidium while listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation very helpful. The sound patterns in the Aethos sound piece do actually facilitate the movement of celestial energies from the Orchidium into the Ming-Ma in some very remarkable ways. And so I suggest you give it a try. You will find a link to the 5-minute version of the Aethos Sound Meditation at the bottom of the page.

The Shattering of Self-image

The Hathors are quite clear that this particular Chaotic Node carries an emotional punch. And I can personally attest to a quickening of emotional material since this last summer Solstice—the likes of which I have never seen.

When they were talking about the shattering of self-image and the driving of unresolved emotional material into conscious awareness, one of their turns of phrase caught my eye.

“…your toxicity, your despair and your hopelessness—if they are indeed present—need not be a negation of you. Rather they can be portals into the deep unconscious, to the very bedrock of human subconscious intent.”

By subconscious intent, they mean the psychological forces (thoughts, feelings and desires) that we keep hidden from ourselves. As socialized human beings we have all learned how to emotionally adapt to our environment.

And it is my observation that when we, myself most definitely included, are faced with the dilemma of thinking, feeling or desiring something not acceptable by those around us, many of us send those thoughts, feelings and desires underground—into the deep subconscious mind.

It is here in the darkness of the un-owned self that these unclaimed psychological forces fester and build. Eventually, they break out into the open or we become secretive about them. In a strange paradox of human nature, some of us become zealots and condemn those who express those very same furtive thoughts, feelings and desires that we have been harboring in ourselves.

I asked my Hathor mentors after receiving this message, why they brought up the topic of subconscious intent to begin with. Their response was 1) these subconscious thoughts, feelings and desires create quantum effects that are sometimes at odds with our conscious intent. This conflict constrains our creative abilities and 2) we must deal with and transform our deepest hostilities and negativities or be destroyed by them.

In their last Planetary Message, The Healing Power of the Human Heart (April 13, 2013), the Hathors gave a powerful sound meditation to assist with this type of clearing. If you are experiencing the type of emotional intensity the Hathors alluded to in this message, I encourage you to work with the Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation. A link to the message and the sound meditation appears at the bottom of this page.

OrchidiumThe Orchidium: A Visual Aid

As the saying goes… “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Thus I thought it might be helpful for some readers if I included a photo of a blossoming flower.

The photo is of a Hibiscus, and it is for reference purposes only. Your Orchidium can be any size, shape or color you choose.

The important element in any Orchidium is a blossom that can open and close (according to your own volition) and a stamen. In this case, the stamen is that nubby thing that sticks out from the center portion of the Hibiscus. It is through this stamen that celestial energies (prana or chi) are drawn into the Ming-Ma (the Seat of Life), which sits in front of your spine directly opposite your navel.

From your Ming-Ma these celestial energies circulate into your energy body (your KA) and into the organs of your physical body—imparting a type of spiritual illumination and increased vitality.

Final thoughts

I suggest you take a few minutes after working with the Orchidium (especially if you create it in conjunction with the Aethos Sound Meditation) to just “be” with yourself in silence for a few minutes. Ideally, you would sit or lie down with your awareness in the area of your Ming-Ma. Develop your capacity to sense the flow of chi/prana from your Ming-Ma into the organs of your body and into your subtle energy body (your KA) as well.

It is well worth the time and the effort to develop this type of awareness. The trick is not to rush into outer activity. After creating the Orchidium, spend some time with yourself through inner contemplation of your Ming-Ma.

This energetic pathway (from your navel to your Ming-Ma) is a most auspicious one.

When you were a fetus in the womb of your mother, you were connected to her via the placenta cord and it was through this tether that you were nourished.

At a deep primal level, your psyche recognizes that this is a fundamental channel for receiving life-force.  Furthermore, at a psycho-spiritual symbolic level, this channel is also a means to open yourself to the vast restorative powers of the cosmic nurturing feminine—the Mother of All Things.


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The Aethos Sound Meditation 

Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation 

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Egyptian magic in Modern Upper Egypt.

One of the things I was excited about when I moved to Luxor in Upper Egypt was the possibility of studying local beliefs in magic. My husband Omar had told me about spells which people had placed on each other and how this impacted on people around him. I found it hard to understand how people could believe that this worked until I moved here and saw what their belief in magic was all about!

My first experience of this was while I was still living in Winchester, England and a couple living next door to Omar’s family were having marital problems. Their family had called a Sheikh in to help them through the use of magic. Sheikhs are men, generally, who have studied Islam and also have psychic abilities. This particular Sheikh told the couple that a woman who wanted to steal away the husband had placed a spell on the man to make him lose interest and cause rows with his wife. He instructed the family to buy very expensive incense from a particular seller and to have it ready when he arrived. This incense cost nearly a months wages!!! But, family harmony was important.

Very Expensive Incense

The Sheikh arrived at the appointed time and I was online with Omar at the time. He told me when the incense was being burned as he could smell it. Houses are very close to each other here!!! I tuned in to see what I could pick up as this Sheikh worked. Energy began to fill my room so the Sheikh had some healing power, however, it felt very controlling and masculine. It felt like the wrong energy. I tuned into the wife’s energy and it felt to me that she was feeling completely neglected and unloved by her husband. What she needed was more love!!! So I joined my energy to the Sheikh’s and anchored some female energy in their flat to bring some level of love into her home.

When I moved to Luxor shortly afterwards I monitored this couple’s progress. I realised quite quickly that the man was not interested in being married at all, and just didn’t give his wife anything. This led to her feeling unloved and unwanted and so they argued all the time. It was not the result of any magic, just a husband’s unhappiness with his wife! The problems had been there even before their marriage so it was inevitable that there would be problems afterwards.  However, magic was seen to be the cause, instigated by a jealous ex-fiancée who wanted her man back! They couldn’t see how the husband’s emotions were actually the reason.

Each time they had a problem it was ascribed to the ex-fiancee’s  jealous behaviour. As far as I could see it was just the husband not being happy in his relationship and wanting the freedom of  ’singleness’ again. But the Sheikh has the explanation for everything and his word is trusted and believed.

What makes it even more unbelievable is that it is the Sheikh himself who tells the couple that another person has paid a Sheikh to put a spell on them!  This then just adds to the fear of the wife and the misbehaviour of the Husband who then believes he has no control over the situation, or his emotions and behaviour! How useful for the men!

Apart from the obvious evidence of marital disloyalty the Sheikh’s instructions to buy expensive incense from a particular seller tells me that they were making a lot of money out of ‘helping’ people. But when I say this they say ‘Oh but he does it for free’. Of course he does, because he is getting half the money the poor people paid for the incense!!!

There is no denying that many of them do indeed work with energy, some in a quite powerful way, but it is a form of lower magic, where the Will is imposed on the people in need. There is no sense of doing whatever is needed for the person’s higher good. They are doing basic, lower chakra magic. Which is why it probably doesn’t work!!! But people believe it does and most of them are being conned into employing the services of these Sheikhs. The joining of Islam with this magic gives it a ‘holy’ tradition, even though there is nothing God-like or loving about how they work. However, they will often use the Qu’ran in writing their magical formulas.

I wonder what the Quran itself says about the use of magic? I will have to look it up!

As far as the couple are concerned there are so many other issues involved with their relationship that it will take quite a few blogs to understand them so I will take them a little at a time. They are a good study in how relationships and Upper Egyptian belief systems operate!


One of the things I have recognised here in Luxor is the way that children are raised, in both poorer families and better off families.

Having been raised in a culture where Catholic, Irish, values are imposed on children and where God is seen as the ultimate authority, being here in Islamic Egypt feels surprisingly familiar! Father was the law-maker and the punisher, the one who you had to take seriously. Mother, on the other hand, was more manageable. It was easy to bamboozle her, to manipulate her or to lie without feeling too much fear. The fear came with her statement “Wait until your father comes home”. Then you knew you were in trouble and had overstepped the mark, the boundary line drawn by your parents.

Dad’s Home…

 My own father had been brought up in a very controlling family and he had attended a Christian Brothers Boarding school in Limerick where abuse was rife.  During  the 70’s, when I was a teenager living in Dublin with my father, he replayed his own history with me. Boundaries were very strict and abusive and it always felt to me like I was in a boarding school too. My mother, who lived separately to us, gave me very few boundaries; so while raising my own children in the UK in the 90’s I was very confused and vacillated between being too strict or too lenient. I found it very difficult to find the right balance with discipline.

When I was training to be an abuse counsellor I did many parenting courses in an attempt to find this balance. But I had started too late, as my girls were now teenagers and their patterns were already set. However, living now in Egypt, I recognise how important setting boundaries early in the child’s life is.

Told off by Mother….

Children have few, if any, healthy boundaries. There are invisible boundaries, which seem to exist in the parents mind but which are unknown to the child… until they are overstepped. When they are overstepped the child is physically beaten and is subsequently left in a permanent state of fear, still unsure of where the boundaries lie. Nothing is explained to them about what boundaries were overstepped or why they are being punished.

Young Girl from Upper Egypt carrying Rice.

For boys this is even more so. Girls are usually being trained from a very early age to be wives and mothers, so they do much of the Mother’s work, fetching and carrying, going on errands or making tea all day. They help to look after the younger children and all day long they are called by one person or another  to do this or that! The adults rely on the girls to do the things they don’t want to do. The boys also do errands but not as much as the girls, because boys are going to be husbands, telling their wives what to do!

Young Girl from Upper Egypt taking care of younger brother.

Boys flounder more as their roles as young males is not as clearly defined as that of young girls.  With the introduction of the internet, mobile phones and satellite television young boys spend most of their free-time using these technologies in the pursuit of excitement and girls! Their adrenalin levels are always raised, but they have no healthy outlets for all of this wild energy. Boys as young as ten years old are left to amuse themselves, sometimes going to bed at four in the morning because no-one tells them to go to bed! They float around in their young lives and try to find strategies for survival, usually though avoidance and lying. They have no direction and no purpose. Many are illiterate because even the teachers don’t care and their undirected energy spills over into violence and uncontrolled anger.

The effects of this way of life last into adulthood and many men end up living lives where they do not recognise boundaries, especially with women. Men continue their childhood survival strategies, lying when they think they are going to get into trouble and avoiding, by manipulation, denial and not taking responsibility for their actions.  They also act out their childhood anger with their wives, who act it out with their children.

Passing it down.

The result is also addiction, to alcohol, marijuana or sex. The men float around looking for direction, and work, from their government and local officials.  They feel powerless and direction-less because they get nothing from these father figures. Men are not taught to be independent and self reliant. They are taught to be completely dependent, and scared of authority.

This cycle continues down through the generations. In many ways it is no different to the cycles of abuse experienced in the West except that there is no education or help for these dysfunctional family relationships here in Upper Egypt. These dynamics are the norm. Without free therapeutic help and parenting education these cycles will continue. In Cairo there are more and more centres being set up offering help and advice to people but very little here in Upper Egypt.

It will take years to change these dynamics but it has to start somewhere. Making sure that education is improved would be a good beginning…

Wealth…or Poverty…Childhood decisions.

I have struggled my entire life with the issue of wealth. I was born into a wealthy business family in Co. Kilkenny. We owned a number of businesses. We were corn merchants, we had a  hatchery and a hardware store. My paternal Grandmother Nessie, came from a family who were writers, artists, musicians and antiquarians. They lovingly restored Graiguenamanagh abbey, which was in ruins, and published their own art and writing, selling it through their newsagents and fishing tackle shop in the main street. Many of their descendants have become famous TV personalities in the UK and Ireland.

My paternal grandfather came from farming stock originally. They had a farm beneath Brandon Hill and one enterprising member of the family decided to become a wool and corn merchant. It was a successful business. He branched out and bought the Globe Hotel and the family ran both.

Virginia Creeper clad walls of Mount Brandon.

My Grandparents Lived in Mount Brandon, a beautiful house built on a granite outcrop which looked out over the town of Graiguenamangh. My family bought it, and a number of other properties, from its builder, William P. Kelly, through the bank when he went bankrupt. He had built the house for his wife and had placed a stained glass window, with their family crest on it, at the end of the long hall. I loved this house. Interestingly William ended up moving to England and he wrote many fictional books about Egypt! I managed to find some and buy them!

Steps leading up to the Terraced gardens, pond and tennis court.

In the 60’s, when I was growing up, my grandparents employed a full-time Gardiner, Mick, and a housekeeper, Kitty. Mick kept the gardens beautifully and also ran the orchard where all the fruit and vegetables for the house were grown.

Kitty ran the house, cooking and cleaning. I always remember that she was always busy. If my grandparents had a big ‘do’ other members of Kitty’s family would come and help out for the occasion. I remember watching Kitty’s life in the kitchen  when I was very young. We lived in Graig until I was nearly ten years old so I watched Kitty a lot. I spent a lot of time in that kitchen, fantasising about an earlier time when they had servants who would run when the bells in the rooms were rung for service. The kitchen and scullery were at the end of the house, with two ‘maid’s rooms above them. A back-stairs led up to them and another door led out into the courtyard which also provided access to the orchard. I felt more comfortable at this end of the house than I did in the ‘outer’ part, with its breakfast room, dining room and drawing room, its antiques and huge gilt mirrors. That part of the house was separated from the inner workings of the house by huge velvet curtains which hung across an archway at the end of a long hall. The children’s’ ‘playroom’ also lay hidden behind the curtained archway. We spent a lot of time here too when we visited, playing the piano and generally being ‘out of the adult’s way!

Patrick O’ Leary in Graiguenamanagh’s Duiske Abbey grounds beside a Celtic high Cross. Patrick was an antiquarian and prolific writer. (I always wondered who my uncle Philip looked like and now I know. Philip also wrote the O’ Leary biography!)

I loved the thought of maids in their uniforms, blacking the wood-burning Aga and polishing the silverware which hung from the kitchen walls.  I could imagine them sleeping in their little rooms upstairs which looked out onto the rose garden and croquet lawn. They would have risen early to get the fires lit and to start the Aga going for the day. Once the breakfast had been served they would have spent their day cleaning, making beds and cooking. Not a fun life really but somehow to my ‘child’s mind’ somehow preferable to the life my grandparents were living! They ran their businesses, and their eight children, the ones who were old enough, were trained to run them too. My father, the eldest of the eight, was expected to take over the business eventually and so he was trained as an apprentice, starting off in the hardware store which was, in his time also a food shop.

Pictured in front of her stone cottage in Graiguenemanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland is Mary Nolan Malone (left) (mother of Josephine, Mary, George, and Stephen Malone). On the right is friend, Mary Drew. The date of the photo is unknown.
(Picture courtesy of Jesse Valentine Ambler).

He hated it. His own observations of his family and the way they ran their business struck a deep chord in him. I remember one story which he told us, one which led to his ‘acting out’ for his entire life.  He was being trained at the meat counter and taught how to slice the ham and sell it. One day he sold meat to a woman who came back in a little while later complaining that dad had given her bad cuts of meat. Too much fat apparently! Whoever it was who was training him apologised profusely and made dad cut her more meat and this time only give her the best cuts. Doing this in front of the woman and making him feel small had a lasting effect on him. He felt completely belittled and humiliated. When the woman left the shop the man told him how to sell the meat properly! When rich people came in to buy meat he was supposed to give them the best slices, with very little fat on them. But when the poorer people came in he was supposed to layer the bad bits of fatty meat in between slices of slightly better meat. The only problem was that the rich and poor alike paid the same price.

Not only did this experience totally humiliate my father it also made him aware of the huge injustices, which he felt his family were guilty of.  I can remember him  telling my sister about how he felt when his family evicted a poor family from the house  they rented because they could not pay the rent! He grew up feeling rebellious but not having the strength to move away from his father’s control. According to my mother, dad wanted to be an engineer but as the oldest son he was expected to take over the running of the business. His dreams were not to be. After trying to escape to Australia, where I was born, he ended up back in Graig, running the business.  He was not a happy man and acted out his unhappiness with my Mother until they separated in 1972.

In his effort to be his own man he started his own cattle business. He bred Charolais cattle and showed them in competitions.

Mick holding Johnny the Bull!

He had not inherited his family’s business acumen but instead seemed to have the qualities, and skills, of the farmer who first started the Murphy business. He also inherited the O’Leary’s (Grandmother) love for creativity and art. Unfortunately he never really achieved his dreams over his lifetime. His early experiences were never healed and so he never manifested his dreams. But growing up with him had a huge impact on my own ideas of life. He loved us dearly when we were children, and wanted us to grow up a natural life. As he got older though he began to become more like his own father, controlling, and yet protective at the same time, but the early years with him were formative for me. I seemed to pick up all of his unconscious stuff when I was growing up in Graig. My anger at injustices was huge. I hated anyone being hurt or treated badly. My only way of dealing with life was to spend most of my time living in the past. I lived in the history of Graig, I spent hours in the Abbey, imaging how it must have been for the monks who had once lived there. I lived a very natural life, in the woods or sand-pit generally, far away from my parents ‘stuff’. I was psychically and emotionally like a sponge and absorbed their emotions and beliefs in a way that created the need for much healing later on in my life. The ‘Past’ of Graig and of my family were still very much ‘present’ for me.

But it was my father’s belief about wealth that had the biggest impact.  He was hugely angry at his business-man father and through us wanted to show him that love and beauty and a natural life for his children was the right way, not the controlling, restrictive, Catholic way in which he had been raised. I wasn’t aware of this at the time as it was all on an unconscious level, but it made a lasting impression on me none-the-less.

I can remember the day I made a very conscious decision about love and money. I was in Mount Brandon in the kitchen with Kitty. She had just spent hours cooking the evening meal for my grandparents and who-ever else was home from boarding school or work. She served it all in the dining-room and then returned to the kitchen and put out her own dinner at the tiny kitchen table with its little glass bowls of home-made country butter, rolled up into little scrolls. The little silver salt and pepper pots beside her she ate her dinner…alone. To my eight year old mind there was something very wrong with this picture. She had done all the work and yet here she was, unappreciated and unable to eat with the rest of the family. She was the employee after all and therefore had to be separate. At that moment I decided that love was more important than money. If this was the kind of life that money gave you…separating and loveless then I didn’t want it. From that moment on I rejected my family’s wealthy background and identified with the working class. To my young mind they knew what love was. And this wasn’t it!

This set the tone for my struggle with love and money for the rest of my life. A battle I still deal with every day! It is one of the biggest challenges to my thinking in this lifetime.  It also set the tone for the difficulties with my father as I grew up! Difficulties which I only understood when I became a counsellor and began healing myself. For me, to have wealth or not to have wealth is an existential question. It is a struggle which is in my very bones and which has created much hardship in my life…and also much growth. It has been educational, in every sense of the word. Without that early childhood decision my life would have been completely different but I wouldn’t have learned so much.

To be  Cont’d.

Egypt Jan 2011.

I’m beginning to lose count of which day we are on now. Day 11? For 16 hours a day I have stayed on the computer, watching Al Jazeera/English, tweeting, re-tweeting tweets, posting on my facebook page, communicating with other supporters of the Egyptian revolution, etc. etc. I have been so connected to the energies of Egypt and its people that I have had Egypt in my living room. All my thoughts are there, my consciousness is there. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what is going to happen the next day, what is Mubarak going to pull today, how are the protesters going to move from this point.

I have cried, been shocked to the core at the behaviour of this president and his mobs, I have rejoiced while watching some of the incredible things which have emerged from this, such as the wonderful way that men and women have worked together, Muslim, atheist and Christian have held hands and prayed together. It has been both incredibly amazing, and equally painful. A roller coaster of emotions.

I couldn’t bear to be away from the computer…just in case I missed something vital. All my other work has taken second place, although I did manage to make some very nice jewellery sitting in front of the computer…and done some work on my tour website!

I have also worried about the livelihoods of those people in Upper Egypt, dependent on the tourist industry, when tourists have both gone home to ‘safety’ and been told by flight companies that it is just too dangerous to travel there. But I have also been shocked at the behaviour of some tour operators and their lack of responsibility towards people travelling there.

I have agonised over Egypt for nearly two weeks, and will probably continue to do so until Mubarak has finally left and Egypt gains her freedom. I know also that I am not alone. For us outside of Egypt, who want so much for this country and its people, it is frustrating  as hell that we cannot be there, to support their struggle in person. To watch powerlessly as Egypt renews her battle against an abusive dictator and comes out, day after day, in support of freedom. To listen to the BS that our own governments shovel out to the masses in their own fear of change.

But, for those of us who are healers of consciousness, we recognise that as our energies are joined with those of Egypt that our healing thoughts are constantly directed to the positive loving energies which are trying to make changes in Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world. Our work is universal and yet we are each joined by an invisible thread to the consciousness of the country which we most resonate with. And this is what keeps us focussed and watchful, adding our soul energy to the soul energy of Egypt. Because we know that this change has been foretold for many years and that now we are seeing the great rebirth, a rebirth of self-love and self-worth, with the heart of the Mother pounding through the very soul of Egypt.

I will remain connected in this way to the heart and soul of Egypt until Egypt is free…as will so many others.

Yalla Misr.

Visions of Egypt, from a ‘higher’ perspective.

Before I moved to Egypt, and right at the beginning of the First Revolution in January 2011 I received a lot of information about what was happening in Egypt, from a Higher perspective, i.e. that of the Soul level of consciousness. This is a small portion of what I received:

Golden Pharoah

Golden Pharoah

“I kept waking up having visions of a completely golden Pharoah/God. He was standing in Giza, at the Great Pyramid, and in his arms he was carrying an Egyptian young man in jeans. This young man was dead. The golden Pharaoh carried him very lovingly and laid him on the white marble steps of a temple which was beside the pyramid. Everything was white and gold and lovely, yet sad. But what I felt from it was that Khaled Said’s death was a sacrifice made for the Egyptian people. This revolution was ‘supposed’ to happen. I felt that these young men, including the man in Tunisia, had a higher purpose in doing what they did. The torch has been lit.

Then the vision changed and I was looking at a computer screen. It was someone’s page! It had a black background with a young man in a suit sitting, as though deep in thought. He was looking out to the left of the screen. His suit was made up of images of the uprising, like a beautiful collage. Beside him there was a document but I couldn’t see what it said. Over this image the song by 12 Stones was playing: ‘World so cold’.    #mce_temp_url#

The song stayed in my head and was still there when I awoke. ‘They’ also said that there would be a bigger uprising later, which would be bigger and last longer than the first, but they didn’t say when. Then there would be third revolution and that would be the successful one leading to a New Beginning. But this process would take years.”

19 August 2012. Channelling.

“An open wound lies at the heart of Egypt. A wound festering with rot and putrefaction. This wound was caused by the dark thoughts and deeds of those in the past who desired power at all costs. They wished for nothing more than the ultimate control of an entire region. This desire for control has cost the lives of many people and continues to do so for this wound rots more and more each day, cutting off the life-force of those who live here. Without this life-force nothing can survive for long, which is why you see a dying nation before your eyes. It will not be long before the country will fall into the wrong hands. The hands of those who would be only too happy to take the reins of power and control the people once again. Mercy is on their lips but the fire of hate is in their hearts.”

Love is the only solution!