Back to Luxor Temple. Energy work.

20 August 2009.
This was our final day in Luxor in 2007. We had a plane to catch in the afternoon but I was told to go back up to Luxor temple to complete the work for this time. The channelling I received during this visit is posted on my channelling blog which you can find in my links on the right!
Some of the instructions I received from my guides are included here as to put them elsewhere would be to place them out of context.11 February 2007. Luxor temple.
This mission is nearly accomplished. Just one more task to complete. Tomorrow, return to Luxor temple and anchor the silver flame in the shrine of Hatshepsut. This is the feminine flame which balances the gold flame at Dendera. When you return in September you will continue to anchor the Cosmic frequencies in Edfu, Philae, Esna and Elephantine. That is all.

(As it happened we didn’t go back in September but are going back in January 2010.)

Here were our instructions: Proceed as follows: enter the main gateway and proceed to where you anchored the Divine Balance. Once you have connected to this walk the energy down through the temple to the shrine and place the flame there. All of the energies you have collected today will become part of the Silver flame and your work will be complete. Then you can return home with a full heart and ready for the next step.

12 February 2007.
As instructed we walked into Luxor temple and made our way to the place of Divine Balance. This is where we anchored the Divine masculine and Feminine on the 6th February. (You will find it on the bottom of the page!)
When we were there we tuned in and I was aware of being given a small earthenware bowl which contained a tiny flame. We then walked with this down through the temple to the Shrine of Hatshepsut. As we walked I was aware that I was now wearing a white Egyptian priestess robe which billowed out behind me. Obviously no-one else is aware of any of this except for those who are working with me, just as I am aware when they are working. To everybody else I am just a tourist walking through the temple. No bells or whistles or drama! What I did find interesting though was the fact that none of the usual Egyptian men who try and be your tour guide actually approached us as they normally do. As we walked purposefully down the main aisle they glanced up at us and then returned to what they were doing. No hassle!! Myself and Chris were rather impressed!!
Still carrying the flame in the little bowl I placed it on the floor of the shrine and waited. It began to grow into a giant silver flame. The energies of Dendera swirled around the flame and joined it. The bowl became a giant pink lotus which was now holding this flame. I questioned what the symbolism of the lotus meant and was told that all the sacred lotuses held the same frequency information hidden behind the outer appearance. Everything means something!! Someone else might see the same information as a different symbol, it all depends on their psyche, and soul memories. Although, I have to say, that many times later doing this work with others we have all independently seen the lotus in this context. So maybe it is one of the more universal symbols. Not just for Egypt however as we have also done Lotus work in Ireland! It is symbolic of the Divine Feminine Love blossoming.
While watching the flame I called in the Lords of Light to bring fertility back to Egypt and to make it beautiful again, full of peace and prosperity, equality and Joy. These ‘prayers’ or petitions seem to just come into my head. I never know what I am about to say and if I don’t write it down immediately I forget it. It is a form of channelling but my soul is doing the work. After petitioning the Lords of Light I also found myself petitioning the Goddess “Oh Holy Goddess, hear my plea. Allow me to return to this land so that I may be of service once again. Allow my feet to walk the soil of Egypt and allow the energies to flow freely once more. This I ask you in the name of love.” I was given an Isis Mirror and a sistrum. Tools for future work!
Again, I think this goes back to former lifetimes when I worked in service to Egypt. Needless to say I have had pretty ordinary lifetimes here too. I wasn’t famous, put it that way!! And, as usual, when I am petitioning the powers that be I am doing it in my head. No-one else knows what we are doing unless they themselves do it too. That is always a joy to witness.
Earlier on in the day, while eating breakfast in the hotel a large Egyptian appeared (in spirit). He explained that this Egyptian grid was connected to the grid in Turkey, and that work would happen in the future.
That was our last work there for the timebeing. Our next trip out there we did with my daughter so we didn’t get to do it as intensively as this time. But we added to what we had done.

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