Egyptian Earthwork Journal.

6th February 2007. Luxor.

This was our first channelling for the trip. The first of a week’s worth of instruction!
Two tombs hold the most energy and these two then need to be prepared to hold the frequencies which will be inserted later. Your work then will be complete. Tomorrow follow our instructions.”
After an interesting first day in Luxor we went to the temple. I don’t feel confident being in a country where I can’t speak the language! We were constantly being accosted by men wanting to sell us something, either a carriage or a felucca ride. I’ll have to learn the Arabic for no!
Luxor temple was a strange experience. Visually it was interesting but energetically it was devoid of anything! I was ‘told’ (by the spirit guides I work with) that the Goddess energy was absent. We walked right to end of the temple and there, beyond the Romanised inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies, was a vestige of energy! I tuned in and felt my energetic umbilical cord connecting to the centre of it. I then heard Akhenaton’s voice and I began to invoke the God energy and that of the Goddess. I asked them to take up residence of the temple once again. It became very apparent then what Akhenaton was trying to achieve back then. The over-riding energy of the entire place was that the temple was like the Vatican of today; dedicated to religious power, wealth and self-aggrandisement. Any religious ceremonies were carried out with eh intention of boosting their own power and status. Akhenaton reinstated the dual energies of the God and the Goddess there but it died again with no-one to keep it active.
While I was invoking the dual energies I also heard myself asking for their forgiveness and mercy and asked that the God and the Goddess give their energy to the place and they be joined in holy union.
This energy then came in as an emerald ray for the God and the Ruby ray for the Goddess. They also appeared as Anubis/Emerald and Isis/Ruby and stood facing the avenue of the sphinxes. Large as life and alive!
As we walked back we were aware that we were walking the two rays down the avenue and we will connect them in Karnak tomorrow.
Later that evening I received more information:
Our two Mothers, Nut and hathor were accorded special significance. Nut, as Mother of Heaven, gave spiritual and Divine Guidance to all who travelled to her realms. Hathor, on the other hand, gave physical nurturance, thereby assisting the physical body to integrate the Divine inspiration sent from Nut. Nut was the cosmic Mother, the Heavenly Queen, just as Mary is today. Hathor plays the role of Brigit, the cow goddess in the British isles, Mother of all. ”
8th February 2007.
This morning we were up at 5am to go to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple and the Artisan’s village. Energetically it was ‘busy’ and on the other levels ‘fast’. We whipped through the sites with barely enough time to work.
Our first visit was to the Valley of the Kings. We visited tombs and the energy of the third one we visited was lovely. It appears that they all built their tombs on power points. The mountain beneath which they are built looks like a natural pyramid and the whole of the Theban hills are dedicated to the Goddess!
The first tomb was that of Ramoses the 4th and his sarcophagus is still there. He’s not in it however!! The art on the walls was beautiful. We could still feel an energy there on the burial site. Initially the Magenta ray poured in and created a whirlwind of Magdalene rose energy around the entire chamber. There was a diamond at the point of the vortex which held it in place. Then blue/sapphire energy came in and flooded the place with peace.
The second tomb belonged to Ramoses the 9th. There we anchored the Emerald ray and the Forces of creation. By the time we had finished a fountain of energy was flowing and the Solar disc was sitting on top of it. This filled the space with the joy of creation.
The third tomb, that of Ramoses the 3rd, was infused with he beautiful soft pink of Mother’s love, delicate and feminine. I was aware throughout, of each point on the grid which my guides told me about. This grid lies beneath the whole of Luxor and joins the energies of each temple within it creating a ‘Temple of Light’.
The last tomb belonged to Tutankhamen. It was tiny and unimpressive yet cost the most to get into. His burial felt like a rushed job, but no real care went into it. They were glad to forget about him. However, I did no energy work there as there was no ‘point’. The only thing that did happen was that my energy field began to buzz and fill with golden light. I felt myself ‘taking back’ my authority and ‘right to be’. I have had this experience before with people I was involved with from this period. People I gave my energy to but who did not honour it. I reabsorbed that energy too in the form of golden light. Oddly enough it only seems to happen with people who were alive during the Amarna period. Perhaps it is that particular frequency?!
The next stop was the temple of Hatshepsut. Our tour guide talked a lot, calling us ‘Habibi’ or ‘sweetheart’. Just a little patronising!! I desperately wanted to go into the temple but had to wait until he had finished. We might miss some valuable information. When we finally got to go in we went to the Hathor temple to the left side (as you’re facing it) of the main complex. There were some beautiful carved images of the Goddess Hathor on the pillars and reliefs on the wall. Images of the Pharaoh drinking milk from the udders of the cow, Hathor in her earthly guise, covered the wall. Hathor feeds everyone! Even the pharaoh needs the Mother!
I tuned in to the energy there and gold began to flood in. It continued to pour in and then pearls began to flow in with it. They fell into a pink lotus beneath the temple, the stem of which connected to the grid beneath the Egyptian earth.
When this was complete we went to the other side of the temple to the Anubis chapel. Nothing happened until we stood outside it and then it was filled with Emerald. I thought that that was all we had to do but we were chatting with a young couple and the guy mentioned the 3rd level and how amazing it was so I ‘paid attention’. We went straight up! As we walked in through the corridor and into the inner courtyard I heard loudly ‘Anchor it here’. I didn’t know what I was supposed to anchor so I just stood in the middle of the temple, in front of the inner sanctum, and waited for instructions. I was told to anchor the purple icosahedron so I allowed this energy shape to come in through my energy field and into the earth plane level. It didn’t feel quite finished so I waited again. It didn’t feel as though the icosahedron was stable enough so a large golden bowl of water, about 5 feet in diameter, was placed beneath it so that the icosahedron was able to float in the fluid. It was ‘held’ in a magnetic forcefield. These icosahedrons also act as ‘star-gates’ and the temple which is on three levels represents the upper world, the middle world/earth and the underworld. The icosahedron represents the element of water so it being held in water was appropriate. The icosahedrons are also active on the 6th level of the earth’s energy field and this level is about the energy which flows through the waterways and seas of the planet. Not sure what it was doing here in the middle of the desert but I know that Hatshepsut had a canal which ran from the Nile here so she knew what she was doing!
Experiencing the temple it felt like the Hathor temple was the female/light and the Anubis was the male/dark and each kept the temple in balance as though each aspect of the human psyche was maintained. The tour guide originally said that Hatshepsut had built her temple in the ‘heart’ of the mountain and that it’s ‘wings’, the mountain curving around it, gave her the protection of Isis.
We went to the Artisan’s village but there were no energy present. Next stop was the valley of the Queens. These were tiny and completely devoid of energy. They felt so unimportant compared to the all-important Kings who were buried on vortex points. No wonder Akhenaton made Nefertiti his equal! This belief system, where men are more important than women, has been around for a log, long time. The Goddess has been absent for far too long.
Going to sleep that night I began to receive understanding about Tutankhamen. It felt so sad that he had been used by Ay et al. It felt so sad that his life had been for nothing. He was too young and too gullible and was easily convinced to reinstate the old priesthoods of Amun. How could he not when he had witnessed his whole families demise at the hands of the priesthood. They had to keep him in power, they needed at least one royal prince to make the succession possible. They could not just kill them all as they were still ‘solar beings’, the God in human form. They needed him to be the bridge. He was the youngest therefore the most easily scared and impressed. Ankhesenemun was just a foolish young girl who believed what she was told but she too provided the pharaonic succession which was necessary for Ay. Then, when they murdered Tutankhamen, she was the bridge and the takeover was nearly complete. They had both been pawns in an unpleasant game of power. Sad really. I felt very sad for them and realised that they had very little choice in the matter. Ay was a weak man, self-serving and greedy, unable to maintain the vision. He couldn’t let go of the old ways.
Falling asleep I had a vision of a river of gold light running beneath the city of Luxor. Then I was told to put in the blue line so that it ran alongside it. What was this, the Nile? Have to wait and see…….
The following morning I received this channeling:
“Yesterday you saw how all the connection points a) held different frequencies and b) were connected via a web of light.
The purpose is twofold. On the one hand each place where a connection is formed creates an energetic resonance of those qualities anchored. This reverberates through-out the surrounding landscape, influencing receptive souls and feeding them with new thoughts and desires for peace, love and forgiveness. On the other hand each frequency is part of a greater whole which resounds through-out the cosmos, creating an even greater resonance, which collectively influences the entire area and all sites connected to the web.
For this reason your work here is needed. It creates a synergistic whole and recreates the ancient energies in a way which is acccessible to the modern world. In order to complete this journey you must now travel back in time to when the Ancient Ones planted their seeds so that you may learn their secrets.
This is of the utmost importance as what you do here will connect Earth and heaven in the way that the ancestors knew and understood. This then allows the ‘old’ seeds to finally blossom and peace will reign once again.
That is all. Adonai and enjoy your journey.”

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