Chicken Update.


Fatma’s Hen House.

Well we have had an interesting times with the chickens. Omar’s mother has 20 chickens, including 3 young white cockerels which she keeps in the chicken house.  However, she was getting no eggs from them in days and thought it was because of the moulting season…until she found the hole!  A wily rat had made a tunnel in through the wall of the house and was making off with up to ten eggs a day!!!! So we suggested that she put her poultry in with ours until they could clean the house and put down rat poison!

I wondered how the three cockerels would get on with our cockerel but figured that the three males had been getting on just fine with each other and so there should be no problem. Right? Eh…wrong! Two days of them all being together was enough for them to find out who exactly was top cock of the roost! Fatma called to us from downstairs to tell us that our cockerel was killing her birds!!! I thought they were already dead but when Omar raced down to rescue the victims he found them a little bloody and dazed but still alive. He walked into a dust bowl of flying feathers and chickens and rescued the three young cockerels from certain death!! One of the cockerels had cleverly escaped by hiding in large plastic feed container which we had placed in the corner of their house! He was fine!


The culprit.

Thankfully our cockerel had had his spurs removed so he could do less damage but the three other birds were removed anyway and placed out of harms reach!


Battle Weary but Alive

Now our bird is master of all his harem and the hens are laying again!! And all is quiet once more.


The three young white cockerels have also done pretty well for themselves, as they now have the freedom to roam the garden and sunbathe in peace and quiet!



Although they need to make the best of it as their freedom will be short lived. They are destined for the crock-pot!!!

Oh well…that’s a chicken’s life here in Luxor!

Read what came before in the Natural living page! Damned if I can find out how to post another post in that page!!!!

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