Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Our friend Chris left us a few days ago to return to the UK but while he was here he bought us 3 Hens, a cockerel and a young black sheep!!!  Unfortunately we were unprepared for the poultry so we had to keep them in the bathroom for a few hours until we had sorted out their house!!! The woman who sells them by the side of the road, along with rabbits, turkeys and ducks, would have charged us more if she had known that we were buying them for the eggs not for meat! I’m glad she didn’t know until after we had paid for them!!!

Chickens in the bathroom.

The black lamb is only a few months old and we got her on impulse on our way back from the souk! The men selling her were loading up their car with animals but sold us the black one for £35! A bargain for a young female. She didn’t get to stay in the bathroom as she just went in andjoined the three rams the the rest of the family own.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Now all we have to do is feed her which means growing more clover and maize and Omar taking regular trips to the sugar cane field to get some sugar cane.  Omar’s mother Fatma also suggested we buy ‘seeds’ for her as she has only recently left her mother and needs the nutrition. I don’t know what they are but they look like large, unhulled millet!  She seems to like them!

Fat-tailed sheep.

But, thinking about how animals are fed here it seems that there are other, more effective ways to feed both humans and livestock. Growing maize and waiting until it is mature and has cobs on the plants benefits both. Here, they grow the maize by throwing the seeds onto the roughly tilled land then irrigating it and letting it grow to around three feet high. t that point they harvest it for the animals and immediately grow it again. Here in Egypt is grows so quickly you can replant as soon as it it harvested. But we have planted some now so we can have corn on the cob!!! They don’t boil it here!!! It gets roasted on the cob when it is not yet mature. tastes good…but not half as good as boiled with butter and salt!!!

2 responses to “Baa Baa Black Sheep.

    • Its the fruit I miss most: rhubarb, cooking apples and blackberries. I usually make my own jam and these are my favourites! I have them in my garden in the UK where my daughter still lives! I am trying to grow rhubarb so I will see how it goes. Surprisingly my woad is doing very well!!! Never thought that would happen!

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