“Let Yourselves Go and Enjoy Life to the Full”


timthumb.php“Cease being concerned whether you are growing spiritually or whether you are
 on the right path, or in the right place, or doing the right thing. Cease being self-concerned and simply open your hearts and think of those around you, give to
 those around you, let yourselves go and enjoy life to the full – life in all its
 abundance – all its wonder and glory. Give and give all the time, with never a
 thought of what you can get out of life, for the more you give the more you will

This is guidance which Eileen Caddy (One of the founders of Findhorn) received while living in a caravan in Findhorn, Scotland. It is one of those beliefs that I believed in wholeheartedly while living in the UK and Ireland! Here in Egypt, however, I struggle to enjoy anything. I don’t worry about whether I am on the right path, I know I am, and I don’t worry about whether I am growing spiritually, I am doing that too! I just wish I could FEEL something, other than – nothing! Well – nothing happy, or excited anyway.

2014-10-18 07.25.10This week, after raising our hens from chicks, we finally got our first eggs. A joyful occasion I would normally be over the moon about. But I feel absolutely nothing! I’ve been thinking about why I feel nothing and I think its because there are so many people waiting for these eggs, and coveting them, that I don’t want to feel happy about them. As soon as I feel anything good here about the animals, or the garden, somebody comes along and kills it!

When you give generously here it creates a situation of envy wherein the person you are giving2014-09-02-08.33.17_thumb.jpg to then feels envious, because you have something to give in the first place! Then they start to try to undermine your efforts or make nasty comments. If you give everything here you end up with nothing! So I think that Eileen’s guidance might have worked well in Scotland, but it sure doesn’t work here.

I think altruism has to be reconsidered, taking into account cultural beliefs about generosity and wealth. Its a constant battle trying to maintain boundaries here, and I think that that issue is probably one of the most undermining. If people were taught about how to have boundaries, and how to live honest lives, it wouldn’t be so hard!

11 responses to ““Let Yourselves Go and Enjoy Life to the Full”

    • They are too stuck in their cultural beliefs. But thankfully Omar does have his dreams of having a farm and so he has some way of dreaming himself out!
      I can feel changes coming so we will see what happens when they do.

  1. Egypt’s (Egyptians) past is it’s treasure to the world / but also it’s (thirt) prison to accepting change…

    I think you there to do great internal and external works at a time when it is obvious that Egypt needs to throw off the shackles of its historic shackles/ (traditions) and captures (occupiers) making over thousands of years!
    And if you know Egyptian history this change to be lasting and goddess driven should not come from the north but from exactly where you are now! Sadly many people there have been enslaved so long to want others definitions of whole ness and success they don’t honor the great seeds within them!

  2. Hello my friend. It’s been so long – I am composing an email… but for now, I have to ask the same question Zarah asks – with the utmost respect towards you. Perhaps you feel there is some purpose for you being there. Understanding that after all, you are with your husband of course. But it sounds like it is deadening for you – that you cannot find joy in the simplest of things because of the energy of the people around you. An interesting experience regarding boundaries. What is being there teaching you? What are you receiving from being there? It feels like you are in contraction which could result in a big expansion. Sending you a sister-hug. And wondering when was the last time you received one of those… ❤

    • Thanks Leilah, lovely to hear from you again. I do have a purpose here, which is why I stay, but I obviously find it very difficult at times.LOL. I know its only a matter of time now as I have pulled up all of my energy cords from the energy lines I have created here but I know that work is not quite done yet. Things have changed immensely since I have been here but beliefs are so entrenched that it takes many upheavals.
      My blogs are intended to be both a venting and a way of showing the belief systems of certain levels of people in this region. The only way I have ever learned anything has been through direct experience and so I am learning all of the emotional/mental layers of the Upper Egyptian psyche. Its like a psychic archaeology and spiritual gardening all rolled into one.! You know what I’m talking about!
      When I am doing this work I have to experience, first hand, what is being experienced by everyone else, then, I ‘re-program’ the grid to bring newer experiences for incoming souls. They can then bring in new ideas, new ways of living and also have better life experiences. They are being born into different energies now. If I don’t know what the malfunctioning program is and how it is affecting everyone then I can’t design a new working program. I can’t just take one out and replace it with another because I don’t know what the malfunctioning one is until I have lived it. Unfortunately!
      This is the hardest one I have had to do, I must admit, but at least I am doing it consciously! It would be a lot worse if I didn’t know.
      Definitely waiting for the expansion! But I am painting and writing a book so I am keeping myself busy. Interestingly I was thinking about your art today as I started to’ just paint’!

  3. Really, if you hate it there, why do you stay? If it was me, I would have gone back to Ireland long ago.

    And of course, Eileen’s guidance was for her in her situation, time & place. Your guidance said, if I recall correctly, to look after yourself instead of trying to change the people around you. So, looking after yourself in that case might mean leaving this place where you are so unhappy.

    I just looked it up, and I want to quote the last sentence from that channeling: “Focus on your own dreams and desires and allow others the pleasure of focusing on theirs.”

    My Higher Self told me years ago that the path that is right for you is the path that makes you happy, that makes you smile and sing. If it doesn’t do that .. it’s not your path, even if lots of people think it’s ultra-“spiritual”. IMHO it’s an old erroneous Christian teaching that you have to suffer to be spiritual. Make yourself happy first, and that happiness will radiate out from you and touch everyone you meet. That way you will help others more than if you stick around hating them but thinking you’re somehow obligated to stay with them.

    Sorry if I’m being obnoxious but I just had to say it.

    Still, enjoy your eggs as much as you can! 🙂


    • No, you’re not being obnoxious! LOL. Just stating your opinion.
      I do focus more on my own needs here now, it is just being here that is actually the hard part. I have been manifesting a new future, a new farm etc so that we can get out of here, its just a big manifest so it is taking its time.
      Once we have our own place it will be lot easier.
      Part of this ‘adventure’ is helping me sift through old programming and old beliefs, and new ones, to be fair. Much of my work has always been to live in ‘dark places’ and raise the vibration so that others can benefit from the light too. Its always hard until the light is anchored enough to make a difference. I can feel myself moving up through the layers it is just such a long process. But I focus on my process now and leave others do theirs, unfortunately my husband is still at the beginning of his so that makes it very difficult at times.
      At those times I leave and write and plan my future. I always know when a new path is opening up for me and it just hasn’t happened yet, so until it does I have to keep on keeping on.

  4. Poor Eileen!
    She’d be fleeced in Upper Egypt!

    Poor Omar- shunning your presence and looking for approval from his family when loving himself for his many talents and blessings is all he really needs… Accepting that at least you admire and respect him.

    I hope you two can find your own farm soon… Maybe co-op farm with a similar family as your self?

    You could Choose and Build a better
    Family than the biological one Omar got?

    • Absolutely! He really is stuck in his past, but he is moving forward. Its a slow grind here because everyone is so afraid to be seen as successful, in case it is destroyed by other people’s envy! Even the vet won’t say anything positive about our animals in case of bad eyes!
      I should pull a King Lear on them “Out vile jelly”!!!! 🙂

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