Egypt Energywork Update. August 2013

Well I have been here for two years now and it has been quite an education!  I have been building the new energy lines, reactivating old ones that are still positive and getting to know, intimately, the religious and cultural belief systems of this region, so that I  know which energies to shift and which to heal. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d be doing the whole biblical flood thing and wiping it all away to start with a clean slate. Just as well I am not God! Plus, I know from personal experience, that that never actually works and people just end up in the same state as they were before, having learned nothing!

Noah's Ark.

Noah’s Ark.

But, speaking of Noah’s Ark, that is one of the energies we have been working with here, as it is a thoughform of survival, for when things get tough. And with all the political shifting here in Egypt it is going to get tougher! Although this ‘flood’ is not water but fire, of the emotional, volatile kind. What ‘upstairs’ have been telling us is that we will need to move to calmer waters, out in the Western Desert, in one of the Oasis’, as tensions here will escalate over the coming years and it will not be a good place for foreigners. But as I still need to work here I will need to be out of the ‘path of tensions’. I’m still not sure what form this ‘tension’ will take, be it economic or political or both but we have been told that only farmers will survive here in Luxor because there will be no tourist work here. There are fewer and fewer tourists here now and crime is on a sharp increase as a result. It still feels relatively calm though but that all depends on what happens next.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata, home of Amenhotep lll.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata, home of Amenhotep lll.

But I will share with you the landscape work which I have been doing here, some of which is done when my friend and colleague comes to visit us a couple of times a year. Although all of the preliminary work was done while we visited Luxor from 2006 onwards, before I moved here and Chris stayed in the UK.

During his times here too we catch up with Gateway attunements and work which I cannot do alone. My husband, who has been training for two years, is just beginning his energy work in the landscape so its only a matter of time. Every year, when my friend Chris comes over, we do more attunements and temple-work and it seems to be  an annual, Winter Solstice event here, to do these Gateways. Its cooler in the Winter and virtually impossible to do this work in the heat of the Summer. But I do continue with the downloads and the energy connections within and around our house, between Winters.

Last December, Chris came for a visit, and we did the Winter Solstice at Seti First temple, which is only a few hundred yards from where we live. There, Chris did his energywork, anchoring a large pot filled with water. He is often given these pots as energy containers which he then has to place in certain areas. I anchored a ruby heart energy which is part of a larger matrix of energies which I have just only began anchoring.  Omar did his Second Gateway Initiation (Ruby), which was all about moving back into the wisdom and knowledge of his ancestors. Chris gave Omar some healing to strengthen his spine and nervous system, which is important when you do any earth energy work.

Chris doing an energy attunement with Omar.

Chris doing an energy attunement with Omar.

Together we had opened and activated the Ruby heart energy of the Divine Mother and made the necesary gold cord connection, from this point in the Temple to someplace else. We found out later where this ‘Someplace’ was. was.

Two days later we found ourselves at a Coptic Christian Church on Luxor’s east Bank. A friend of Omar’s, a christian, was having a memorial service for his Mother, who had died the previous year. While we were in the middle of the service, which was very ‘Egyptian’, ( The fat priest looked just like an ancient Priest of Amun! ), I found my attention rising into the space above the Holy of Holies, where only the priests sat. There I anchored another Ruby heart, which was connected, via the gold cord, to the Seti Heart! Heart to Heart. What I found interesting was that it was connecting through Time and Space, joining, through the heart, to the love of the Mother.

This heart to heart connection is part of an over-all matrix of intersecting lines, only three of which I have done so far. It is an anchoring of an 8-pointed star, with each point holding a crystal energy. The main line holds a ruby at each point and the others hold a diamond.

A few days later, we found ourselves at Omar’s Niece’s home. She is married to his cousin and I had anchored layers of energy within their house the previous year. We were only visiting so I wasn’t expecting to do anything but I ended up anchoring a diamond there, which is connected to some other location, but we don’t know where yet!

DSC00332 (2)

Chris walking through the gateway!

The following day we went to the Valley of The Nobles and Chris did his third Gateway there. This Gateway is often associated with the individual’s belief’s around Women and female energy. Chris ‘walked through’ the Gateway and into the Garden of the Mother, which is the earth and all of its abundance. The unlimited abundance of nature through the Divine Feminine! A beautiful energy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Ramasseum. Lovely temple. One of my favourites,..but we had no work to do here…so we had a nice potter…except for the really annoying ‘guardian’ who followed us around hoping to get some baksheesh and who tried to convince us that some bones we found were donkey bones when they were human! I studied archaeology in Winchester and I know a human bone when I see one!!! Obviously they were from diggings done by treasure hunters, of which there are many here on the West Bank!

I will post google map images of all the energywork I have done here in Luxor so far when I take them off of my old computer. I record everything but want to put it all in books rather than on the computer. Its far too easy to lose things and no matter how well I organise  I can never find anything!!!!

I have years worth of stuff…

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