Carter’s Castle. Luxor 2011. Part 1.

Today we visited the House that Howard Carter lived in when he was looking for the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was beautiful!!!  It has given me lots of ideas of how I would like our flat here in Egypt to look like. The feeling in the house was beautiful and I could easily have lived there. I decided that I would build one like it in the future to live in.

Foyer of Carter’s House.

It was lovely because there were no tourists here so we had the place to ourselves, apart from the guide who works there. My reason for visiting the house was to tune in to the feelings of the man. I wanted to get a sense of him, as I wrote an assignment about him and Flinders Petrie when I was studying archaeology.  But at that point I had only visited Egypt once and had no idea that I would end up living here.

The house was built in the traditional adobe-style, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It felt more like a villa than an Egyptian house but had many elements of both.

I could spend time here reading!!!

It felt cool and airy and spacious and I was completely envious!!!!  I could just imagine living there.   Writing, doing archaeology, working on my photos and painting. Bliss!!!

Carter’s bedroom.

Carter’s bedroom was lovely and most of the furniture was imported from England or built to British specifications. Everything was simple but comfortable but I wondered how much was really here when he was and how much was added later? Much like the National Trust reconstructions!

But I Love it!

Carter’s office was clean and light and led out onto a lovely verandah with large windows.

carter’s office.

It was here that he wrote his notes and corresponded and his typewriter is still here. (If it was really his).  I was itching to look in the photo-albums beneath the typewriter but was too afraid to!!!  If this was the national Trust I would probably be hung, drawn and quartered for even thinking about it!”!!

His type-writer…apparently!

There were lots of photos of him and Carnarvan and samples of his excavation drawings beneath glass on the desk. The entire place felt light. But I wonder what it felt like when he lived there?

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    • Ah I’ll have to check that! I’ve been noticing that on other people’s blogs as well on wordpress. I just thought that it was taking time to load!!! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

    • Just checked and it seems fine although a couple of pics from earlier blogs are broken! I’ll ask my daughters to check and see if it happens when they read them!

      • That window is my favourite too. It looks out over the West bank towards the East!
        Cup of tea, a book and even…some chocolate…or slices of freshly baked fruit cake.,,with butter. Irish-style! Perfect!

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