Dolores, Ahmed and the Dust Storm.

This morning Dolores the sheep came for her breakfast buffet!!! This sheep is possibly the most spoiled sheep in the entire country!!! Omar’s mother had gotten her out of the pen and was feeding her wet bread and clover (Berseem), taking good care of her!

Dolores’ Buffet Brunch!

(You would never know that we both worked in catering in our youth!)  We took her upstairs and she had more! She ate her clover and trotted out to the balcony and found the mint…again! Little Ahmed, Omar’s nephew, followed her out. He is nearly three years old.

Ahmed and Dolores.

The younger kids here learn how to treat the animals in their care from the adults who have learned it from their parents. We are trying to teach them a different, more animal-oriented way.  Ahmed sees us taking care of little Dolores with kindness, she is a baby after all, and so he follows what we do.

Friends for Life.

When Dolores had explored the flat a little more, and mastered the technique of walking across shiny ceramic tiles with grace, she was ‘hushed’ downstairs by Ahmed where she rejoined the three boys.

All was fine for a while until a big wind rose up and when we looked out on the balcony all we could was dust and flying debris!

It is the afternoon and its 37 degrees and all you can see is dust! Everywhere. It felt strange this wind, rising up out of nowhere. It felt like the energy in the West when it is raining all day and all you want to do is stay indoors. It felt oppressive and heavy.

Solar Winds?

It also felt like it was human emotional ‘stuff’ stirring things up. I had been feeling this since last night while trying to deal with the impact of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). An acceptable practice here but one which kept me awake all night as I tried to deal with it emotionally!  Working with the collective unconscious is hard work…

The pictures look like a foggy scene but it is really dust and most of it is now on my balcony and I will have to sweep it all up when it has passed.

Sand Storm Dust!!! It got a lot worse than this!!!

So we wait for the dust to settle, literally and stay indoors drinking tea. It feels so strange as it feels like a winter day in Winchester yet it is hot and oppressive outside. We have sore throats from the dust in the air and I keep chewing tiny particles of sand between my teeth. When collective human emotions are coming to the surface those who are sensitive to them know it. Omar felt nervous and didn’t want to be indoors. I didn’t want to be outdoors!!! It feels like there is too much ‘out there’ .

So we will wait until it passes, have another cup of tea and later Omar will go and get the eggs Its our day for them today!

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