The Second Lamb.

img_1378-2Our second lamb was born this afternoon. All of our previous lambs were born in the early hours of the morning but these two decided to come in the evening and afternoon! Which is rather nice for us.This one is a little male, so now we have two males, which is fine. And he is going to have the same wool as his mother, which is even better! img_1439-2This sheep is my favourite as she is very affectionate for an Egyptian sheep. Even as a lamb she was different and will often come up and say hello and want her neck scratched. None of the others do that. img_1451Her male lamb is bigger and stronger than the little white female, born yesterday evening, but she is now up and running all over the place. img_1467

She is a friendly little thing and quite lively now that she has found her feet and the milk! Needless to say, they are born and live amidst plastic bags and empty crisp packets; running around underneath the washing lines. Thank God they are not goats!img_1408

But I’m glad that they were both born before we left for Sahl Hasheesh at the end of the month, as now the flock is established and they can manage on their own. So long as they don’t sell any when I’m gone, which is what happened to the last few rams we had, then they should be fine!


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