Abydos. February 2007.

Today we went to Abydos and it was amazing! We left at 7.30 am and it took over 3 hours to get there. Rafed, our guide, and us were the only three on this trip which was brilliant. We went in a police-escorted convoy. There were men with machine guns everywhere. Eventually you get used to it and don’t even notice but the first time it is rather interesting.
When we eventually reached Abydos the place was amazing. They sold Omm Seti books on stalls there too. I felt a very strong heart connection here.
When we got inside and Rafed began to explain the artwork I thought I was going to burst into tears. On my way in to the temple my guides had me to ‘dig deep’ and I remembered a vision I had had months previously. In this vision I had been handed a shovel and told to dig just outside a temple. I dug until I found a gold chest. When I opened this chest up I found it to be full of scrolls. I gathered them up and carried with me into an Egyptian convent of sorts, full of women who had gone their for sanctuary and solitude. I had my own room here as did the other women. We all understood why we each were there and we respected each other’s privacy and solitude. If we wished to have company we could speak to each other but we didn’t have to. It felt like a retreat of some sort. Then a voice said to me ‘When you are ready you may leave’. I saw myself then, some time later, walking out of the temple retreat carrying the scrolls in my bag, ready to share them with the world.
So here was where I should dig! Although subsequent visits have shown me that I am digging in a number of places in Egypt. It will take some time!!
Inside the temple the work was incredible. Seti 1 had obviously been true initiate. He created 7 rooms, each with a false gateway and had dedicated each one to a god or a goddess: Horus, Hathor, Osiris, Min, Ptah and Sekhmet. The energy in each of the rooms was tangible and when we had the opportunity to go by ourselves it was lovely. There were beautiful carvings of Seti sitting on Isis’s lap, being breast fed by her. The feelings of love and devotion were wonderful and his intention was clear. He was a humble, devoted priest king. It nearly made me cry just connecting to it.
Rafed also showed us the Osirion where the names of the earliest pharaohs are recorded. This was much deeper that the temple and each dead pharaoh was transported there before being shipped back to the valley of the kings. It reminded me of the labyrinth at Knossos but I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was originally used in initiation rites? It certainly felt very sacred here.
At that point Rafed left us up to our own devices and we went back into the seven rooms. We had to acknowledge each of the gates and wait in the centre of the room until whatever it was we were doing was done. It felt as though we were energetically absorbing the energy of each room, each god or goddess. This ‘absorbing’ was about the qualities and knowledge of each energy and what it meant. It was as though through absorbing them I was making them part of my psyche.
In the room honouring Osiris it was wonderful. It felt like a cathedral and was filled with columns. I became aware of seven points along the aisle which I visualised as crystals. I walked through them, stopping at each point and picking up the energy information held by each one. I had originally been given information by my guides about these crystal energies but I though they would be at Dendera. I was surprised that they were here but I walked them anyway.
We managed to finish the last one just before we were supposed to return to where Rafed had agreed to meet us. One point of interest though: one of the men who usually frequent the temples trying to act as guides for everyone in return for baksheesh started to follow us around saying that we could use our camera flashes. They don’t normally allow the use of flashes because they apparently damage the artwork.
“1,2,3,4,5 flash” he kept repeating. For some reason his counting stayed in my head and I noticed that the first five chapels were ornate and large and had a carved gateway at the end of each room. The 6th and 7th, however, did not and were both part of a joined room at the end rather than part of the main columned hall. The energy of the sixth room had given me a huge rush of energy and all my hairs had stood on end. In one of the three chapels off the Osiris chapel there were five shrines on each side, opposite each other and this too felt significant although I don’t know why.
We drove back and I felt more energised than I have all trip. This was the best place so far.
On our drive back we had a personal police escort to take us to Luxor which was an experience as everyone had to move out of the way for us. I’ll just bet they loved that! I could just imagine what they were thinking…

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