Medinet Habu.

Today we went to Medinet Habu, mortuary temple of Ramoses III. Its original Egyptian name is Djamet which means ‘males and mothers’. It was believed that ‘the four pairs of first primeval gods,’ the Ogdoad (, were buried here.

They are Nu + Nuanet and they represent the primeval waters.
Heh – Hauket represent boundlessness.
Kek – Kauket represent darkness.
Amun – Amaunet represents air.

Each male had to have a female counterpart to bring balance. The number four represents completeness and totality.
They were originally part of the Hermopolis creation myth.

As much as it was very beautiful I felt very little energy there. The only layer I could really feel was that of Ramoses and his ego! Showing himself off to be a great hero. The only energy I felt were connected to the feminine: the chapel of Hatshepsut, which I didn’t realise would be there, and across from it the memorial chapel of the Divine Adoratrices of Amun. For a little baksheesh the guard showed us into the part that was blocked off, the usual procedure! When he had disappeared we did some activations. Emerald energy came in and flooded the chapel. I held that until it changed and then saw a gold cord being pulled down from above and anchored deep into the ground, into the blue ‘river’.
There was nothing else to do here. Short and sweet.
After our visit to Medinet Habu which means ‘City of Habu’ we went to Tawadros monastery. It was lovely. It was built of cob with limestone blocks for foundations. The blocks were from the temple and had hieroglyphs on them. A couple of days ago I kept being told ‘Mahmoud’. I heard the name a number of times after that. It turned out to be more significant than we realised but it would take the next trip over for it to become clear.
The monastery itself was gorgeous and the little nun there gave us each a hand-made beeswax candle so we could light it.
After lighting the candles we wandered around and I took some photos. The light in here was magical. I looked at the five chapels which reminded me of Abydos temple and then I remembered the guard’s words ‘1,2,3,4,5 flash’.
The five chapels were each dedicated to a saint. St. George and St. Michael were at the bottom ends, no’s 1 and 5. St. Tawadros was in the centre and the two others were dedicated to another two saints. There was a candle place for lighting candles to Mary. So instead of chapels dedicated to the gods they were dedicated to saints.

When I was finished I tuned in. All the colours of the rainbow began to initially flow in singly then as a complete rainbow. It felt like it was bringing wholeness. Later work at a Cistercian Abbey in Wales, Strata Florida, explained some of this to me. (

When we were finished we bought some crosses which are made by the nuns there and then we went off to the Mortuary temple of Seti I. It was not the same as Abydos. An earthquake had damaged quite a lot of it. There was a sacred well though which was originally connected to the Nile. It felt like a ‘cleansing’ place.
The activation here was different. I stood right at the top where the sacred barque is prepared and looked down along the straight entrance. I began to feel the Osiris energy moving into me and I energetically created a clear pathway of green energy all along the aisle, connecting it to the Nile, where it was once connected. It was like parting tall rushes to create a clear channel.
And that was all I had to do there.
We returned to the hotel, had some lunch then went back up to Karnak temple. We wandered around, picking up bits of pot, had a chat with a reluctant French archaeologist who didn’t want to offer any information about the dig until I told him I had done archaeology at Winchester University. Then he chatted!!
We found the temple of Sekhmet and Ptah and the guards showed us around. More baksheesh!! Although this was well worth it! There was a beautiful statue of Sekhmet which the guard did a ‘good luck’ thing with. He touched her face then touched my third eye, three times. I don’t know what happened there but I felt such an inrush of energy afterwards that it blew me away!
After been shown some other bits by the guard we went to the temple where the sacred barque is prepared (sound familiar?) and where I first anchored the emerald ray and activated the vortex. We went right in and I focussed on the Venus grid, powering it up. When it was ready it suddenly shot down into the ground, flowing for a full 5 mins. It connected all the sites where we anchored rays and frequencies so that each site was a point on the grid. Other energies then flooded it, like blue water and I finally heard “Daughter of Light, your work here is now complete and is successful.”
So that was that, done and dusted. I saw the gold energy line running through the city. All that is required now is the anchoring of the blue line along the Nile, which is tomorrow.


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