Energy-work Journal Luxor. Qurna 2011.

This is the record of the energy-work I have been doing here in Qurna, Luxor for the past two and a half years. I have been working here in Luxor since 2008 during ‘holidays’ here and this is the continuation of that work. (Links to previous work in Egypt below post). Often I have to live on a point which is connected to lots of points so that the work layers can be built and expanded on. My present time in Luxor is one such time.

9 September 2011. El Qurna.

While Omar and I were cooking and we were talking about an offering tray which had been found while they were building a toilet I tuned in and was trying to get more information about it when I suddenly felt a ‘wind’ blowing towards me. It was the energy of a Egyptian woman from ancient times. She came in and told us that she had been buried alive with her mistress when she died. It was the tradition that the closest servants, who looked after them in life, would also look after them in death, but she said that the reason for this was because, as the persons closest to the Mistresses/Masters, they were buried alive with them so that they would keep their secrets, not to look after them in the afterlife.


She kept wanting to move in a certain direction and she told me that she was connected to the place beneath Omar’s uncle’s home across the souk from our  flat. Yet, when I looked in the direction she was pulling me in it was the opposite to his uncle’s shop! Omar could feel her strongly and felt that we needed to go now, before dinner. So we followed her. Once we were outside the house we walked to the souk area. I could see a line going from beneath our apartment straight out through the gate then separating, like the letter Y. One arm went directly to the shop and the other went in the opposite direction. I was being pulled to go in the latter direction. So we walked where she guided us, avoiding the stray dogs! I knew where I wanted to go but Omar was wearing shorts in public, and even though it was night-time, he felt he was not dressed properly so we went back. But he understood her message. It appears that some time ago people dug in that place where we were being drawn to, and found a lot of artefacts, which they then sold for a lot of money. Omar’s family found the offering tray, and the one which was broken, a few feet away from our house. And they are aware that there is something beneath his uncle’s shop. Tuning into the energies it feels like there is a triangular connection between the shop, the place where they found the artefacts and a point just outside Omar’s garden. This is then connected via a line to this house, beneath our flat. Right beneath our bedroom.

Later on, while in the kitchen I heard her say “Buried alive. Right in front of you.” Did she mean right in front of our house? She said that when she was living her name was ‘Jayna’ and that she worshipped an Isis-like Goddess, but this goddess felt much older than the Isis we know of today. She said that she existed before Seti the first built his temple and in her time you had to pay to have immortal life. It was not for the poor!2001-01-01 00.00.00-72 3 I heard ‘hear our voices’.

The following day  I went and tuned into the bedroom; I stood in the centre of the room and raised my arms. A large column of blue light appeared around me and a gold ankh appeared above it. I saw the ankh move down the column and move into a key-hole in the ground where it turned in the lock, opening up the energies. I stood back while the dark energies which had been stuck there were released. It wasn’t too bad. Then, when this was complete I saw myself standing in a pink lotus flower, opened. I had to create the first elemental layer of the diamond merkaba and I pulled in an energy from my left and my right, north and south, and joined them together. Next I pulled in the lines from the two points which Jayna pointed out last night and anchored them in the lotus. I pulled down a gold cord and attached it to the lotus and then a gold cord from the ground and anchored that in the lotus. It reminded me of Hathor’s chapel in Hatshepsut’s temple.

I’m struck by the fact that these lines of the triangle are black. Why? This morning I kept being reminded of the point right in front of the house. Then they were speaking of something beneath the holy mountain. I also heard references to the ‘old Religion’.

27 September 2011.

Down in the garden this evening I had to stop and tune in about two meters from the end of the garden. I had to face the four directions and then proceed up the garden, where I stopped again and this time raised a giant lotus energy there. It reminded me of the lotus pillars of the temples but I don’t know why it was there.

Yesterday I had a strong energy come in and I was strongly pulled to the point beneath the balcony where they found the other stuff. It was such a strong pull that I felt I needed to go down into the ground. This is where they found the offering trays. The first point in the garden is where other people have picked up ‘ghost’ energy there and Omar found a carved fish on the lotus point! So what is the lotus point? Usually the lotus points are on the ground level but this is above, in another layer possibly? I drew out the lines I saw and it creates an interesting network. The whole network is connected to the red line between Luxor and Karnak temple.

29 September 2011.

2013-09-11 11.39.36I had to bring down a golden dome around this house to bring in protection of a high frequency. There has been a lot of bad things happening here, accidents, attempted murder in a family feud etc. which has spread like a fire of negative energy. I noticed that even here in this house the negative energy effected everyone for a few days and there were arguments and fights between everyone.

Once the golden dome had been anchored I had to bring down the energy of the moon! I placed the full moon in the centre of the dome and it looked like the khonsu symbol upside-down. I had creative fires all around me like I was a fire goddess and I had to join together a gold line to a blue line. The gold line came from the south and the blue line from the North.

A few nights later, as we came back from Omar’s cousin Asheraf, we noticed as we stepped into the garden, a different energy. I thought it was our guardian and serving girl, Jayna’,  back again but after a few minutes the feeling dissipated and then I understood. It was our golden dome energy, and because the frequency is higher we noticed the difference as we stood into it!


Our first few trips to Luxor laid the groundwork for my permanent stay here. I can see, in hindsight, how I have been moving through the energies which I was ‘opening’ when I first came here. Usually when doing earthwork we are not ‘in’ the energies as they are clearing so this is my first time actually experiencing moving and clearing ‘at the same time’. It has not been easy. It still isn’t easy but most of my work here seems to be finishing up. I still have work to do between the major temple sites but not so much here in this house.

The energies I was connecting to turned out to be from approx 4000bc and the Nagada period, so when I was told ‘hear our voices’ I now understand what they meant! We are surrounded by Nagada II cemeteries, which we only found out last year.

It’s Eid al-Adha time again.

Its festival time again, this time ‘the Feast of the sacrifice,’ commemorating the time when Abraham didn’t sacrifice his son Isaac (Christian)/Ismail (Islamic) but sacrificed a lamb instead. During this festival families traditionally give meat to the married daughters, no matter how long they have been married. Meat is also given to poorer members of the family by those with more money. Those with more money will kill a sheep and share its meat but for those who cannot afford to do that they will buy meat instead, or a chicken, and give it to another family group. 2013-08-19 17.06.25 (2)

I have always found this time to be a strange one. Even before I came here I could feel this festival’s energy and I usually had to make a sacrifice of my own at this time, but not intentionally. It just kind of happened.

This year has been no exception.  For some reason I find this time to be a very emotional one as does my husband. It brings up many painful childhood experiences for him, of lack and struggle. Today, he went to the Souk to get our vegetables. It is the last souk before Eid, which is on Tuesday next ,and as a result the prices go sky-high. The traders take complete advantage of the festival by charging huge prices for their vegetables, to the point where the poorer people cannot actually afford to buy them.

When Omar went to the souk he was shocked, again, at how high the prices were and how the traders were abusing the festival to make more money for themselves. As he stood at one trader’s pitch, the vegetables piled high in front of him, he overheard a woman and her 6 year old daughter trying to buy tomatoes, one of their staple foods. The woman asked the trader how much the kilo of tomatoes were and he replied ‘6 pounds’. Her daughter, already picking through the tomatoes, which were lesser quality and therefore should be really cheap, didn’t realise that they couldn’t actually afford them. Her mother pulled her up  and said to her ‘how can we afford these my daughter?’ and together they left. It breaks Omar’s heart when he hears things like this. We could only afford small quantities for the same reason but when he came back he couldn’t stop thinking about he mother and her girl . He remembers well how difficult it was when he was growing up and they nothing to eat. When they were hungry his mother would often tell them to drink tea, as it would fill them up.

These tradesmen are robbing, cheating, soulless people. They don’t care about whether people can afford their wares or not. So long as they make money it doesn’t matter. So much for God and sacrifice!


In our own home we bought meat for two family members, as one of them has just paid a fortune for his daughter to get married and he still has to provide her with meat, even though she fleeced him over her wedding! His income is now half of what it was and he still has to support a wife and two young sons. Two kilos of meat is a lot of money here and the same money will keep a family for a month in vegetables. These festivals are great for the wealthy but they cause immense pain for those will little money. It reminds me so much of western Christmases. Nobody is really in touch with the real reason for Christmas. They go into debt just to get all the things which they think are necessary, but which aren’t! I remember the stress of it all. It worried me sick for months beforehand and seemed such a waste of money. The only good thing about it was the kids on Christmas day, but my resistance to it probably made it less enjoyable for them.

Here it is equally stressful at festival time. It makes people even poorer as they struggle to give kilos of meat to people who usually have enough already! Its absolutely crazy! Obviously the idea of sacrifice only applies to the poor! The rich are really sacrificing nothing!  Much like the original sacrifice of Abraham, which was the change of the custom of human sacrifice to animal sacrifice I think we need to change this one too! The poor should be the ones to receive the gift, not the other way around!

The Villager’s Unite.

Yesterday we had another drama here on the West Bank, which brought up interesting issues. Before she went to school a 9 year old girl was kidnapped from outside her home, by person’s unknown. We heard about it at lunchtime when Omar had to go and pick up his brother’s children from Kindergarten. There were lots of stories going around about what had happened. One was that the girl was 6 years old and had been on her way to school when a woman, wearing a Niqab, had taken the child, telling the other girls she was with that she was her aunt. The girls didn’t think to mention it to their teacher, as they were only 6 years old themselves.

This story was interes2007-02-08 08.28.22ting as the first thing that people think now when something happens is that the Muslim Brotherhood are at the bottom of it. Especially when school reopened a few weeks ago two schools in our locality went down with food poisoning and many children became ill. The MB were suspected for poisoning the kids so that they could not attend school. So was this kidnapping another MB event?

While we were discussing this, Omar then said that the girl might have been kidnapped by people looking for antiques. I couldn’t quite see the connection! Then he went on to explain that many ‘Sheikhs’ tell home owners who live above ancient tombs, that they will find antiques if they kill a child. The killing of the child will appease the Djinns (demons/evil spirits) within the tomb and then they will be able to find the antiques and be rich! I was dumbfounded! Child sacrifice? I asked him to tell me more. He explained that when people live above ancient tombs they bring in ‘Sheikhs’, (religious leaders) to ‘read’ the energy of the area and tell them if there are any tombs of value beneath them! Now I am familiar with this, living on the West Bank!, as all of our houses are built on ancient tombs and graves and we have had many ‘sheikhs’ come and psychically ‘read’ the property! One of them did say that there was a tomb but that someone would have to communicate with the Djinn who lived there or he would cause many arguments in the house. There is a fear around the old energies which still reside in these ancient places and the Egyptian’s take these fears very seriously by bringing in a Sheikh to burn incense and ‘clear’ the area. But I had never heard of a child sacrifice being necessary!

 Old GournaThere was a well known case a few years ago, Omar said, of a young boy who was killed by his aunt because the Sheikh told her that there was a tomb filled with gold beneath their house in Old Gourna and that if they killed the boy the djinns would then allow them to get it without causing havoc. The aunt was arrested, taken to court and sentenced to spend time in a mental institution. A few months later she committed suicide, apparently having ‘woken up from the  ‘Sheikh’s’ spell and realising that she had killed her nephew! These so-called Sheikhs make a lot of money from ripping off poor and gullible people!

I was amazed on hearing this story. It would never have occurred to me that people would go to such lengths to procure money. But, with everything that goes on in this continent and the Middle East perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised!

As it turned out in our case, thankfully, the child hadn’t been kidnapped and murdered to sacrifice to a djinn! But she had been kidnapped for money! Since the revolution there has been less money, due the fall in tourist numbers, so people turn to crime to get it. We have a lot of kidnappings, where people steal a man and then demand a ransom from his family. But this was the first child theft..and as it turned out there were two children kidnapped. The first was the young girl, kidnapped from in front of her home by the men who buy scrap metal from people. They took her and the three gas bottles from in front of her home. The second child was the son of a wealthy man who owned a string of shops. Tomb that opened by itself...

As soon as the girl went missing there was mayhem but all of the locals got together, bringing their guns and sticks and motorbikes and went to the village where these men worked. If they hadn’t stolen the gas bottles people probably would never have found out what had happened or where the children were, but they did steal them. All you have to do in villages here is to ask other people and you will soon find out what you need to know. so having found out that the child was in one particular’ man’s home, everyone went to that house, dragged out the young guy who was part of an organised gang, and roughed him up. He spilled the beans on the gang. They were asking the girl’s family for 750.000LE. The boy had been taken to another house on the East Bank and they were asking his family for 4 million LE! But, now that the girl had been rescued, the hundred’s of people who had marched to the house, cutting off all the roads into the West Bank, now travelled to the East Bank to get the boy!

Here in Luxor, if a child goes missing the police will not do anything until 48 hours have passed but the people were not willing to wait that long and they were pretty fed up with these gangs who want to steal from them. Its one thing to kidnap a man but quite another to steal a child. The police turned up because they had to. But everyone knows that it is the police who will take all the credit for having found the gang and the children!

The Irony that is Luxor.

Last night, a Belgian friend and I attended a meeting in the beautiful Sofitel Karnak hotel in Luxor. The Governor of Luxor had invited foreign nationals who live in Luxor to the hotel. Although I am not interested in what foreign nationals do here in Luxor I was curious as to what the Governor would want to talk to us about. To be honest I was suspicious! If I have learned one thing during my time living here it is that nothing is as it appears.

Sacred Barque in the dining room!

Sacred Barque in the dining room!

It took us an hour to find the Hotel, as we live in the West Bank and had no idea how to find it. But tourist police, also on the way to the meeting, guided us there for the last little bit! The hotel itself is decorated beautifully, with replica sandstone lotus pillars and a replica sacred barque. Artistic murals cover the walls, beautifully crafted. Not the usual Egyptian wall art!

When we first entered we were offered coffee and cakes; and once we had gotten some we sat down and waited for the ‘talk’. The room was full of foreign nationals, some of whom I recognised. I never realised how many actually lived in Luxor, many of them being retired UK ex-pats.

After a brief introduction, the ex-chief of Police, Gen. Hafez, spoke to us about a committee that he wanted to set up. This committee has a Facebook page, (which I couldn’t find) and a website, apparently! It will be about a place for foreign nationals to bring ideas for change and to solve problems in Luxor. But I still felt suspicious. I know that if I wait long enough the truth will out so I stayed with my suspicious ‘why are they really doing this‘  feelings until the end!

Ex-Chief of police talking to foreign nationals.

Ex-Chief of police talking to foreign nationals.

The next speaker, (I couldn’t hear any of their names) told us that we were ambassadors for Egypt. Everything we said had an impact on what people believed about Egypt back home in our own countries. Hmmm….

After the chats were finished we were given the opportunity to speak and ask questions. The second woman, from the audience, who spoke told us that she was on the committee and that they were looking for people from the community to join and help, with the intention to maybe meet once a month and then every week. They would do this big meeting with all of us monthly but the committee itself would meet weekly! When she mentioned that the committee had already been set up there were murmurs from the audience. I thought it was still in the idea stage? Obviously not! My suspicions deepened.

Other members of the audience asked questions, which I felt showed me how out of touch people really were in regards to Luxor’s needs. Was this committee set up purely with the intention of settling foreigner’s problems in Luxor? What about the Egyptians? What about their lives and struggles?

Questions were asked about why we didn’t have public swimming pools? Sports and recreation centres etc. Great stuff, unless you live in Upper Egypt where they can’t even afford medical care, and often food, let alone a swimming pool!

I stayed listening, still trying to figure out why we were there. One man asked the Visa question. First sensible question I thought! We were once able to get a tourist visa for one year but now only for 6 months. But we have to pay the same price. The men in the audience were angry for the right reasons.

But it felt to me that they were wasting their breath. The Ex Chief of Police said he would send a ‘memorandum’ to Cairo to see if they would change the ruling about Visas. A memorandum!

Sofitel meeting.

Sofitel meeting.

It seemed to me, sitting and listening to people speak, telling  this man their gripes, that they treated him as though he actually had the power to change anything! He is the ex-chief of police. How much clout does he have with the government of Egypt! Two revolutions, with millions of people, haven’t made a change in this country and the people sitting in the room expected one ex-chief, to be able to change it? It made no sense to me!

But, like I said, the truth usually comes out if you wait long enough for it. Just as I was about to leave, having heard enough, he spoke again and told all of us that he wanted us all to contact our governments and tell them to revoke the FCO’s advice about travelling to Egypt!

Aaahh…that was why we were there! It had nothing to do with the committee or anything else. It was because he obviously thinks that we, as foreigners, have as much clout with our governments as he does with his! He thinks that we can just email and phone our governments and tell them to change their safety advice. We were to tell them that Luxor was safe and well and that it was OK for tourists to come back! It was all about money!  I had to laugh! Its not about them doing anything for us, but us doing something for them…again! Eh sorry mate…but we didn’t start the revolution!

Faux Sandstone Pillers.

Faux Sandstone Pillars.

The irony of all of this is that on our way to the Sofitel Hotel we passed the preparations for today’s 6th October celebrations. The day that Egypt won the war against Israel! Normally, as I’ve said in previous blogs, army tanks guard some sensitive points around Luxor, such as banks, hotels and Christian churches. Last night, those army tanks were also accompanied by numerous, large police vehicles filled with police officers. Other places had three or four army tanks, with machine guns on top and a soldier manning each one! They were prepared for the violence which they expect to erupt today. The Muslim Brotherhood are angry about the celebrations!

So on our way to a meeting, where we are being told to tell our countries that Luxor is safe to come to, we pass numerous army tanks and police vehicles, in strategic positions, ready to do battle. I did try to take a picture but was afraid that if they saw me they might shoot me, thinking that I was a spy…so I resisted!

That, my friends, sums up the position today in Luxor…and in Egypt! I think the FCO are right to keep their travel advice. I would not change it until I was damn sure that it was safe enough. Anything could happen and I think it is incredibly irresponsible to tell people otherwise. I know that the lack of money here in Luxor impacts on Egyptians hugely, but I think that the best way for us foreigners to help is by doing all we can for our Egyptian friends and neighbours, helping them in their hour of need. Stuff the swimming pools…as much as I would love one!

Sofitel Swimming pool!

Sofitel Swimming pool!

Here is a picture of the pool at the hotel! An average Egyptian would never even get to see a pool like this! It would be like us going to Buckingham Palace for  tea!

But we can dream!

Tourism in Luxor.

I’ve just finished reading a blog based on an interview with a German tour operator based in Luxor (Link below). It both shocked and angered me. This tour company runs Nile cruises to Aswan, including visits to the Red Sea and Cairo. However, the political situation in Egypt has meant that are no cruises at the moment. A situation the manager of the company laments; naturally…it’s his business. He blames the lack of tourists on the media, with their biased reporting and fear-mongering.

DSCN2772 (2)

The blog quotes “In the German media, they were saying for weeks that “Power Struggle in Egypt” was still shaking the country while it was in fact over. (italics mine) In order to underline this they showed images of MB angry supporters and made people think that big fighting is very near again and again.”  Taking the first point , it is not over!!! It might have quietened down but there are still bomb attacks and random outbreaks of violence. The problem is that no-one can predict where these outbreaks are going to occur! As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, if it was totally safe we wouldn’t still have army tanks guarding the banks! We wouldn’t have larger amounts of police at checkpoints!  Anti-Brotherhood sentiment is high here in Luxor. It is no longer safe to wear a beard. They are now seen as the enemy!

The second point: ‘fighting is near again and again.’Although it is not as bad as it was before; that doesn’t mean that it has disappeared completely. I would not feel good about inviting anyone from my family here at the moment. Not that I think anything might happen to them but I wouldn’t want to promise it either. If I wouldn’t bring my family here I sure as hell would not bring an unknown person here, just to bring their money! Because that is what this is about! Money!

One of the biggest shocks I had reading the blog was the amount of fuel subsidy that each cruise receives from the Government. “It is a big burden as it costs the government so much money. Subsidies fuel cost for each Nile cruise trip costs approximately 50 to 60 thousand Egyptian Pounds.”  50-60,000LE! Per trip! What????

My husband used to work on one of these ships when he was in his early 20’s. He told me that, today, an average legal worker makes up to 200LE per month (less than £20)!  A non-legal worker, gets the same. A non-legal worker is one who is not protected by the Government and the Government owe them nothing. My brother-in-law, who has worked as a driver for the local Government here in Luxor, has only recently been made legal, after nearly 20 years of service! Its cheaper for the Government to have non-legal workers than legal. They still have to pay tax though!

A kitchen worker on the cruise ship, the one who does all the washing up, gets paid 60LE a month. That’s less than £6 to you and me! Or less than $8. or just under 6.5 Euros. Could you live on that for a month?A ship’s Egyptian manager will take home a 500LE wage.

The staff all get  12 1/2% of the tips. 12 1/2% of their wages that is. If your wages are 200 a month, then you get 12 1/2% of that. If you are the manager you get 12 1/2% of your wages!  Then there is the baksheesh issue! Guess who gets most of that?

Women drawing water for their household needs.

Women drawing water for their household needs. (Taken on a river trip to Dendera)

My husband’s nephew works in a restaurant and he gets paid 100LE a month. That’s less than £10! A MONTH! 7 days a week, no holidays! The restaurant owners expect them to make their money through tips so they pay them very little. For the whole of the cruise the workers will probably average around 3 hours sleep a night! They get up a 5am to prepare for breakfast and spend the entire day cleaning and preparing for the next meals. They don’t get regular work -breaks but have to try to eat on the hoof. They’re lucky if someone puts some food away for them, otherwise they don’t eat!  The managers, who are really just supervisors, are the most corrupt and regularly steal vast quantities of food and property from the ships whilst sleeping with the single female travellers. Many times the workers, trying to better their lives, will zero in on single women and have a romance with them, all in the hope of getting money from them. These ‘relationships’ can last for years. But that’s a different blog!

Its no wonder that these foreign tour companies, who have businesses here, try to bring tourists back. They make a fortune. With the cruise issue, the Government subsidises the cruise’s fuel so that the tourists don’t have to pay the real trip price! As the author of the blog states “I think it would make sense if the tourists pay for the actual cost of the trip.” Eh…yeah!

One of the problems with the companies expecting their workers to make more money with tips is that the workers can put a lot of pressure on the tourists. I remember my first day-trip to Dendera a few years ago. We went on a small cruise ship from Luxor to Dendera. It was an early morning in February and no-one had warned us how cold it could be on the river. We were freezing! You could ask one of the stewards and they would get a blanket for you, which, of course, we did. However, the steward we asked was the one we didn’t tip when we first had a coffee on the boat! My friend and I had bought a cup of coffee and sat at a table, which was about three feet away from the cafe counter.  The man didn’t give us any sugar so I turned around to get some and the waiter, who had been hovering nearby, asked me what I needed and insisted on getting it for me, even though I didn’t want him to. The counter was right behind me!

So he got the sugar and then hovered again. I realised that he was waiting for his tip. He wanted a tip for doing something I didn’t want him to do in the first place. I felt pressured and annoyed, but I continued drinking my coffee and didn’t tip him.

So, later, when we wanted a blanket from him, he didn’t say he wouldn’t get it, he just didn’t gt it for us! He was going to pay us back for not tipping him! I don’t think he quite understood the concept of tipping!

So not paying your hard-working staff, and expecting the tourists to pay them for you, leads to an unpleasant, uncomfortable experience, not just on the ships but everywhere. The whole tourist industry needs over-hauling. Inasmuch as people are beginning to struggle financially now as a result of the lack of tourists, I think it could be a wake-up call too. Far too many people depend on the tourism industry; and exploitation and abuse have become the norm. Being a tourist here was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I had ever had as a visitor to any country.  But maybe if things were fairer, and better regulated, people would be better off and there would be less pressure to part with your hard-earned money!

 But we’ll have to see what happens when the tourists come back…whenever that will be…

Back to Normal!?

Luxor Well, I’ve been over and back to Luxor a couple of times now and everything seems back to normal. If you count the dearth of tourists that is. But, as much as it back to normal on the surface there is still tension beneath. Army tanks are posted outside the banks and there are many more police officers around than usual, getting up to their old harassment tricks too!!

Last week, when we went over to do our monthly shop, there were tanks and police guarding the governor’s building; and then something happened and all of them raced off down the corniche, sirens screaming. We never found out what had happened. But they are still on high alert.

Now it is more the lack of money which is causing problems. No tourists mean no money. There are a tiny amount but nothing like before. But to be honest, as much as Luxor is ‘quiet’ right now I don’t think that means that it is completely safe. You might not get shot or blown up but you will be harassed more than usual and charged a lot more for everything. They will get their money where they can. As a foreigner I stick out like a sore thumb here and now that there are fewer foreigners I stick out even more. I cannot walk down the street without being stared at by men and women  alike. Its one of the things I hate the most about being here.

On a positive note my husband’s niece was finally married last week. She is only moving a couple of hundred yards away as she married her first cousin!!! Her wedding dowry cost the family over 60.000LE! Her father makes 500LE a month, working for the government as a driver. You do the math!!! I was shocked at how much stuff she bought for her kitchen.

Fatma on her wedding night.

Fatma on her wedding night.

Her husband built the flat in his family home, painted, decorated and furnished it. She supplied all of the kitchen stuff including cupboards, washing machine, cooker and fridge-freezer. She spent £1000 on stuff for the kitchen. And when I say stuff I mean stuff! Enough pots and pans to feed an army. An entire room full of gadgets which she will probably never use and enough tray sets for the entire souk! I couldn’t believe it. She just went crazy with the money. When the women get married here the men and their families go into incredible debt just so that the daughter can marry. Some of these women might be oppressed but they become incredibly selfish and greedy when it comes to material goods. They never stop to think how this money, which has just magically appeared, has come from. They never consider the rest of the family. Twice in this family I have seen this. Its an attitude of ‘I’m getting out of here and I don’t give a toss if it makes you suffer’. When they are married and living with their husbands they still expect everything. Its like the western culture of ‘all girls want to be a princess’. They watch all of this crap on Turkish TV and then demand that for themselves, without any thought for the people who have helped them. It takes years for a family to pay back the bank loans and then they pay back 300LE out of a 500LE wage! The banks fleece them!

She also made sure that she had a pre-nup agreement. If he divorces her she leaves with everything, including everything he bought, excluding the flat! As she says, its her right! She might be a princess but she’s not stupid either. She won’t leave herself with nothing. It makes me wonder though, which is more important? The money or the man?

Where is Nature Gone?

One of the things I feel the most disconnected from here in Luxor is nature!  I know that might seem a little strange to some, who see the beautiful pictures of sugar cane fields and palm trees hugging the Nile, but actually living here is a very different story.

Palm Grove.

Palm Grove.

Having moved from England, where I was in nature a lot, this life here feels so disconnected from it. All of my life I have spent in nature. Growing up in ireland and being surrounded by fields and woods, then Spain where I spent most days either in water or horse riding or roaming the fields, not always with positive outcomes, but that’s a different story! Even moving to England I was again surrounded by green fields and large woods. And water, my most favourite element.

When I began really connecting to nature, and the elemental energy within it, my awareness that my body and consciousness were part of the energetic matrix of Life within the natural world expanded. I knew myself to be in a relationship with nature and that is where I felt the most comfortable. Doing my earthwork over the past 13 years and being part of the natural world made me feel healthy and whole, even though I was still healing myself of all of my pasts. Over the years I have moved ever deeper into the consciousness of nature, and the elemental energies which keep it growing abundantly. I learned why certain areas were not growing abundantly and how to change it energetically. I also learned how our ancestors understood, and worked with, the cycles of nature to create abundance for themselves. They too had a good relationship with their surroundings. They understood the necessity of creating harmony within that relationship if they wanted to survive well. They understood the vagaries of nature and respected it. Although this has changed immensely over the past few thousand years people are realising that in order to survive they need to move back into that awareness again. Many of the problems with nature is the people in it!

Seti the First Temple in Gourna.

Seti the First Temple in Gourna.

So having grown up, surrounded by nature and the Elementals, and now living in the desert, I find it it is a very different experience. We live on reclaimed desert but which was once ancient graveyards, going back to the Naqada period (6.000 years). A few hundred yards away lies the Temple of Seti the First, which was once beautiful and surrounded by nature, but is now a barren tourist destination. We are surrounded by an ever-growing community of people whose only desire is to live the modern life depicted on TV, and promised by the money brought by tourists. Older, mud-brick houses are replaced by concrete and steel buildings and people are becoming more and more disconnected from the land. In order for these buildings to be built they tear down the trees, which grow around their houses. Palm and fruit trees only grow around the mud-brick houses but disappear as soon as another son needs to build a house because he wants to get married. Slowly the nature is disappearing and being replaced by tall, unfinished buildings with satelite dishes on top and the noisy hum of air-conditioning units. You can’t live in a concrete and steel building here without one!

The disconnection from nature is palpable. As a foreigner here, having grown up in greener Nature, this disconnection is very difficult to manage. I yearn for a small house, surrounded by garden and lots of trees. Although we are lucky here to have a garden I rarely go into it as it is always filled with kids or adults and I really want to be able to just sit under the olive tree and ‘commune’! There is no concept here of ‘personal space’!

The Nile at Night.

The Nile at Night.

It feels here like the prevailing energy is always ‘tense’.  There is no sense of ‘ease’ here, even if people spend most of their time sleeping, especially in the hot summer months. I have spent the past two years crossing the Nile, back and forth, from East bank to West bank, but only once actually ‘felt’ the water. The first time we were sitting on the ferry waiting for it to move away, and I suddenly heard the lapping of the water at the edge of the bank. It was such a quiet, soft sound and my entire body relaxed into it. It was the first time in nearly two years that I had felt this and i wondered why it just never seemed possible to connect with the river in this way any more. The people here are constantly thinking of survival and the pursuit of money. The enjoyment of nature is just never considered. They live on nature, not within it.

The farmers, who spend a lot time in the fields, have a closer connection but this too is about money. They think of the land as a product, rather than as something to be nurtured by and enjoyed. They spend more time fighting over it, selling the topsoil for cash, yelling about field boundaries, but not a lot of time actually relishing the miracle of the life they are nurturing as they grow the food for their families. But again it all comes down to survival.

One of the most satistfying feelings i have ever felt was the tiredness at the end of a day spent growing my food in my garden. Knowing that I was taking care of myself and my kids, foodwise. It was a feeling of utter completion and joy, and I never get that feeling with anything else that I do.  I miss that connection. I miss life. And as I write this I am hearing three men’s voices, arguing and shouting, about God-only knows what this time. It is a constantly stressful place to be and maybe that is why there are so many stroke-victims here. Virtually one a week. Cancer and stroke, the two big killers.

2013-07-05 16.57.35 (2)

If you cannot connect with Nature then you are also not connected to your own body. I feel like the energy in my body is depleted. It is starved of life. Living this way is a trap with very little hope for a way out. That is how most people exist here. Cut off from their feelings, their experience and from life. It takes such a long time to move out of this that people often just don’t bother any more. They live in a tiny fishbowl of envy and petty jealousies. They are always on edge. Life is hard but it could be a lot easier, if they only changed their minds and listened to newer ideas and ways of doing things.

But I guess that is why we are in the middle of revolutions. Because people need to be pushed to their limit before they know that change is necessary. And I hope, that when the change really comes that people will reconnect to their land in a positive way and not continue skimming across it as if it were ice.

I can only hope…

Egypt Energywork Update. August 2013

Well I have been here for two years now and it has been quite an education!  I have been building the new energy lines, reactivating old ones that are still positive and getting to know, intimately, the religious and cultural belief systems of this region, so that I  know which energies to shift and which to heal. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d be doing the whole biblical flood thing and wiping it all away to start with a clean slate. Just as well I am not God! Plus, I know from personal experience, that that never actually works and people just end up in the same state as they were before, having learned nothing!

Noah's Ark.

Noah’s Ark.

But, speaking of Noah’s Ark, that is one of the energies we have been working with here, as it is a thoughform of survival, for when things get tough. And with all the political shifting here in Egypt it is going to get tougher! Although this ‘flood’ is not water but fire, of the emotional, volatile kind. What ‘upstairs’ have been telling us is that we will need to move to calmer waters, out in the Western Desert, in one of the Oasis’, as tensions here will escalate over the coming years and it will not be a good place for foreigners. But as I still need to work here I will need to be out of the ‘path of tensions’. I’m still not sure what form this ‘tension’ will take, be it economic or political or both but we have been told that only farmers will survive here in Luxor because there will be no tourist work here. There are fewer and fewer tourists here now and crime is on a sharp increase as a result. It still feels relatively calm though but that all depends on what happens next.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata, home of Amenhotep lll.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata, home of Amenhotep lll.

But I will share with you the landscape work which I have been doing here, some of which is done when my friend and colleague comes to visit us a couple of times a year. Although all of the preliminary work was done while we visited Luxor from 2006 onwards, before I moved here and Chris stayed in the UK.

During his times here too we catch up with Gateway attunements and work which I cannot do alone. My husband, who has been training for two years, is just beginning his energy work in the landscape so its only a matter of time. Every year, when my friend Chris comes over, we do more attunements and temple-work and it seems to be  an annual, Winter Solstice event here, to do these Gateways. Its cooler in the Winter and virtually impossible to do this work in the heat of the Summer. But I do continue with the downloads and the energy connections within and around our house, between Winters.

Last December, Chris came for a visit, and we did the Winter Solstice at Seti First temple, which is only a few hundred yards from where we live. There, Chris did his energywork, anchoring a large pot filled with water. He is often given these pots as energy containers which he then has to place in certain areas. I anchored a ruby heart energy which is part of a larger matrix of energies which I have just only began anchoring.  Omar did his Second Gateway Initiation (Ruby), which was all about moving back into the wisdom and knowledge of his ancestors. Chris gave Omar some healing to strengthen his spine and nervous system, which is important when you do any earth energy work.

Chris doing an energy attunement with Omar.

Chris doing an energy attunement with Omar.

Together we had opened and activated the Ruby heart energy of the Divine Mother and made the necesary gold cord connection, from this point in the Temple to someplace else. We found out later where this ‘Someplace’ was. was.

Two days later we found ourselves at a Coptic Christian Church on Luxor’s east Bank. A friend of Omar’s, a christian, was having a memorial service for his Mother, who had died the previous year. While we were in the middle of the service, which was very ‘Egyptian’, ( The fat priest looked just like an ancient Priest of Amun! ), I found my attention rising into the space above the Holy of Holies, where only the priests sat. There I anchored another Ruby heart, which was connected, via the gold cord, to the Seti Heart! Heart to Heart. What I found interesting was that it was connecting through Time and Space, joining, through the heart, to the love of the Mother.

This heart to heart connection is part of an over-all matrix of intersecting lines, only three of which I have done so far. It is an anchoring of an 8-pointed star, with each point holding a crystal energy. The main line holds a ruby at each point and the others hold a diamond.

A few days later, we found ourselves at Omar’s Niece’s home. She is married to his cousin and I had anchored layers of energy within their house the previous year. We were only visiting so I wasn’t expecting to do anything but I ended up anchoring a diamond there, which is connected to some other location, but we don’t know where yet!

DSC00332 (2)

Chris walking through the gateway!

The following day we went to the Valley of The Nobles and Chris did his third Gateway there. This Gateway is often associated with the individual’s belief’s around Women and female energy. Chris ‘walked through’ the Gateway and into the Garden of the Mother, which is the earth and all of its abundance. The unlimited abundance of nature through the Divine Feminine! A beautiful energy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Ramasseum. Lovely temple. One of my favourites,..but we had no work to do here…so we had a nice potter…except for the really annoying ‘guardian’ who followed us around hoping to get some baksheesh and who tried to convince us that some bones we found were donkey bones when they were human! I studied archaeology in Winchester and I know a human bone when I see one!!! Obviously they were from diggings done by treasure hunters, of which there are many here on the West Bank!

I will post google map images of all the energywork I have done here in Luxor so far when I take them off of my old computer. I record everything but want to put it all in books rather than on the computer. Its far too easy to lose things and no matter how well I organise  I can never find anything!!!!

I have years worth of stuff…


One of the things I have recognised here in Luxor is the way that children are raised, in both poorer families and better off families.

Having been raised in a culture where Catholic, Irish, values are imposed on children and where God is seen as the ultimate authority, being here in Islamic Egypt feels surprisingly familiar! Father was the law-maker and the punisher, the one who you had to take seriously. Mother, on the other hand, was more manageable. It was easy to bamboozle her, to manipulate her or to lie without feeling too much fear. The fear came with her statement “Wait until your father comes home”. Then you knew you were in trouble and had overstepped the mark, the boundary line drawn by your parents.

Dad’s Home…

 My own father had been brought up in a very controlling family and he had attended a Christian Brothers Boarding school in Limerick where abuse was rife.  During  the 70’s, when I was a teenager living in Dublin with my father, he replayed his own history with me. Boundaries were very strict and abusive and it always felt to me like I was in a boarding school too. My mother, who lived separately to us, gave me very few boundaries; so while raising my own children in the UK in the 90’s I was very confused and vacillated between being too strict or too lenient. I found it very difficult to find the right balance with discipline.

When I was training to be an abuse counsellor I did many parenting courses in an attempt to find this balance. But I had started too late, as my girls were now teenagers and their patterns were already set. However, living now in Egypt, I recognise how important setting boundaries early in the child’s life is.

Told off by Mother….

Children have few, if any, healthy boundaries. There are invisible boundaries, which seem to exist in the parents mind but which are unknown to the child… until they are overstepped. When they are overstepped the child is physically beaten and is subsequently left in a permanent state of fear, still unsure of where the boundaries lie. Nothing is explained to them about what boundaries were overstepped or why they are being punished.

Young Girl from Upper Egypt carrying Rice.

For boys this is even more so. Girls are usually being trained from a very early age to be wives and mothers, so they do much of the Mother’s work, fetching and carrying, going on errands or making tea all day. They help to look after the younger children and all day long they are called by one person or another  to do this or that! The adults rely on the girls to do the things they don’t want to do. The boys also do errands but not as much as the girls, because boys are going to be husbands, telling their wives what to do!

Young Girl from Upper Egypt taking care of younger brother.

Boys flounder more as their roles as young males is not as clearly defined as that of young girls.  With the introduction of the internet, mobile phones and satellite television young boys spend most of their free-time using these technologies in the pursuit of excitement and girls! Their adrenalin levels are always raised, but they have no healthy outlets for all of this wild energy. Boys as young as ten years old are left to amuse themselves, sometimes going to bed at four in the morning because no-one tells them to go to bed! They float around in their young lives and try to find strategies for survival, usually though avoidance and lying. They have no direction and no purpose. Many are illiterate because even the teachers don’t care and their undirected energy spills over into violence and uncontrolled anger.

The effects of this way of life last into adulthood and many men end up living lives where they do not recognise boundaries, especially with women. Men continue their childhood survival strategies, lying when they think they are going to get into trouble and avoiding, by manipulation, denial and not taking responsibility for their actions.  They also act out their childhood anger with their wives, who act it out with their children.

Passing it down.

The result is also addiction, to alcohol, marijuana or sex. The men float around looking for direction, and work, from their government and local officials.  They feel powerless and direction-less because they get nothing from these father figures. Men are not taught to be independent and self reliant. They are taught to be completely dependent, and scared of authority.

This cycle continues down through the generations. In many ways it is no different to the cycles of abuse experienced in the West except that there is no education or help for these dysfunctional family relationships here in Upper Egypt. These dynamics are the norm. Without free therapeutic help and parenting education these cycles will continue. In Cairo there are more and more centres being set up offering help and advice to people but very little here in Upper Egypt.

It will take years to change these dynamics but it has to start somewhere. Making sure that education is improved would be a good beginning…

What Have They Done with Mother?

On doing my usual morning routine of checking out the latest news on-line I found this article:

Mary grotto from the 1950’s. Fourmilewater, Co. Waterford.By Ms. Jen.

Having been brought up as a Catholic and educated by Nuns I was immersed in the religion and one of the most important facets of our worship was Mary, Mother of Jesus. She is everywhere in Ireland. Every town and village has a grotto for her. She is Mother of Ireland. In later years, when I began to develop as an Earth Healer, healing the fracture in the collective unconscious around the Divine Feminine, I began to understand more about how the Mother was both revered and diminished in the Catholic religion.

Loughrea, Co. Galway. (Oninstagram)

In 2002 I attended a workshop which was the final part of a process which had taken me to Egypt the previous year and which changed my life completely. During this workshop, in Glastonbury, I met a woman from Australia (land of my birth) and we attended a Catholic healing mass. Everyone else did the Goddess-thing, it was the Summer Solstice, but we wanted to experience a Catholic healing mass.

While I watched the Eucharist being blessed during the mass I was struck by how Ancient Egyptian it all looked and felt. The priest looked like an Egyptian priest, dressed in his robes and the offering of bread and wine, traditional offerings to the Gods in Roman times but beer was used before they arrived.  In rituals to the God Amun in Karnak,  bread, cake and beer were offered in a ritual to the God every morning. The god lived in a shrine before which the ritual was carried out.

This is like the tabernacle in the alter where the wine and communion wafer were traditionally kept during the Catholic mass of my youth! I remember the priest standing in front of the altar, facing it with his back to us. At a certain point in the ritual he would open up the golden tabernacle doors, pull back the little red curtains/veil and take out the gold chalice containing the wine and the little gold platter on which lay the priests communion wafer. The communion chalice lay directly beneath it. (The definition of ‘Tabernacle’ is an enclosed space where God’s presence lives!!! An idea first brought out of Egypt by Moses!) 

The Tabernacle in the Altar. God’s dwelling place!

He would carry out this part of the ritual with his back still to us. He blessed the wine and communion, raising the chalice to the altar/God and ate his larger wafer in silence and drank his own portion of the wine. Then he would turn to us, the faithful and we had to file up to the altar where we were then given the Body of Christ in the form of a communion wafer.

‘Old mass’ now trying to be ‘resurrected’.

There is very little difference in this ritual to the Ancient rituals in Karnak, Luxor!!!  Only in modern times has it changed where it has become more simple and last supper-ish where the public are now more included in the ritual and there is no more altar!

Modern mass.

But what struck me the most from watching this healing mass ritual was the energy! As a healer I can ‘see’ energy and feel it. As the ritual progressed I could ‘see’ the energy charging the wine, like a vortex descending into the fluid. I hadn’t been to a mass in years so this all came a surprise to me. BUT there was NO energy going into the communion wafer! I couldn’t figure out why not! AND the only person to drink this charged wine was the priest himself!!!

Years later. attending a memorial mass in Ireland for my ex-partner who had died in the US, again I witnessed the same thing happening. A vortex of energy entering the wine but not the bread. We got the the bread/communion and the priest drank the wine.  What was also interesting was the size of the vortex itself. Like all channels for energy each person is able to channel the amount of energy directly related to his development. The bigger the channel developed through devotion and service the larger amount of energy that can be channelled into the physical world. This priest obviously had an ability to channel larger amounts of energy as the vortex of energy, which looks like a small white tornado, that he channelled was quite large.

My third experience in Ireland, during a funeral mass for my aunt Terry, who was a very religious and loving woman, confirmed this again. The wine was charged with energy but ‘zip’ went into the bread! We, the public, were not given the wine, although this time both the priest and his helpers received it. His helpers were the ones who now served the communion wafers to the public, where before it was the priest who carried out this part of the ritual. As in the energy healing world, in order to pass on an energy transmission you have to be ‘charged’ yourself, so they were drinking the charged wine!

Passing out the communion wafers, US-style.

The public received none of the benefits of this spiritual energy…at all! It was only during a later trip to Wales and while doing energy-work at the ruined St. Dogmaels’ abbey in Wales that I finally understood what was happening…and what had been lost! St. Dogmaels lies beside the River Teifi and was built in 1120. It was built on the site of an even older church called the Church of Llandudoch.

St. Dogmael’s Abbey, Wales.

In the ruins of this church is a crypt which is no longer roofed and is still accessible. It lies beneath where the altar would have once stood. When I was down in this crypt I felt a very strange slow-moving vortex of energy. When I tuned into it I ‘saw’ that it was a vortex of earth energy associated with the Mother, the female energy of the earth. (There are both male and female energies of the earth). As I experienced this energy I could see the priest on the upper floor standing in front of the altar which once stood there, a basic stone table, and he was doing the mass ritual. However, what was fascinating was that as he charged the bread he did so over this active vortex of female energy and this energy charged the bread, from below!!! When he was charging the wine the vortex of energy came from above, as I have always seen it do.  Then I was given the understanding of the Catholic ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’! The father is the upper/Solar energy and the Holy Ghost should be the Earth/Female energy. The ‘Son/Daughter’ is the medium between the two. The son/daughter is the one capable of channelling both masculine and feminine energies into the physical world so that all could partake of it! He stood in the Middle, the unifier of the two worlds. This was the mystery of the Trinity, the three energies in one person! God the Father, Earth the Mother and the soul of man/Woman. “Honour thy Father and thy Mother”. God wasn’t just talking about your parents!!!

This charging of the bread is an ancient fertility ritual done way back in the time of the Goddess Artemis and by our ancestors in Britain and in Ireland. Read about it in another adventure in time on my older blog!!!

So when did they get rid of the Poor Mother? And why are the Catholic bishops trying to oust her again??? Nothing but complete control will suffice obviously! We are still living with the priests of Amun! When will it ever change?