New Addition to the Flock.

Last night Mother shouted up at the window for Omar, who had gone out 20 minutes earlier to visit a friend in hospital, who had had a motorcycle accident. Omar never usually goes out at night but we needed chicken feed too, so he decided to kill two birds with one stone (what a horrible saying!).


Photo taken in the dark on a mobile phone so not the best!

Anyway, she shouted up for him and I told her that he was ‘outside’, and she shouted something about the ewe! Then she scuttled off into the dark. Chris, who is here on holiday for two weeks, and I, ran downstairs thinking that the ewe was in labour.

When we got downstairs Mother appeared from the sheep’s pen with a small white lamb in her hands. And I mean small…and scrawny! She must only just have been born as she was still trying to make it to her feet, with her mother’s head-nudging help.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to see her, so Mother and Baby were surrounded by an audience of 11 children and associated parents! All making a lot of noise and deciding on the sex of the lamb! PLUS, we now had to celebrate the birth so that meant we had to buy something for everybody! Poor Chris got nabbed for that one, so off Omar went to the shop for a box of crisps!

img_20161006_202610Eventually, the poor ewe was put in the chicken house, to allow the lamb to find the milk, away from the other sheep, one of which is due any day too; my favourite sheep with the lovely wool! So now we have a flock of 7 females and  1 male and we have shown the value of having females, rather that raising two males and then selling them for very little profit! We’ will hang on to the male for a couple of years and hopefully, next year will double the flock.

It has taken 5 years to get to this point, but now it is on the way! Worth all the struggle and pain, I can tell you! Oh, and this little one is another female, and we have called her Sika. Mainly because she reminded me of a baby Sika deer! Hopefully, my favourite ewe’s lamb will be female too! Her last lamb is the only ram we have and he has the wool of his mother, so we might have a wool flock yet!