The White House, El Tod, Bayrat, West Bank built between 2008 and 2009

Hidden business of famous Luxor West Bank companies

ImageYou may find the 4 storyes building right across the banana field on the right hand side of the road starting after Kareem Hotel in Gezira. It has a domed upper floor and was initially purely white.

This building was stolen, his initial owner and designer robbed of all means, by the West Bank mafia: (the family of Mahmoud Jahlan Abd El Al Omr, Hassan Shabban Abd El Al Omr, Mohammed Abol Naga, Hamada Ahmed Khalifa) .

The property is currently put on sale and is being rented by Hamada Ahmed Khalifa and his Dutch wife Karen Khalifa.

One might be renting or buying from thieves…


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4 responses to “The White House, El Tod, Bayrat, West Bank built between 2008 and 2009

  1. So sad to read this story…. Egypt needs to rid itself of these hurtful bullying scam artists or it will never recover and attract the high quality tourism and international investment it needs to feed its honest hard working people like Ann and Omar’s family and friends


    • It feels so hopeless sometimes. Corruption is everywhere!!! Its a given! There are some good people here but so hard to find. Honesty, here in Luxor, is an interesting topic. Most people are not even honest with themselves so how on earth are they going to be honest with anyone else? But when that dishonesty reaches the point where ripping people off is OK, then it is not OK! So hard to deal with.

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