Fukushima…my own Experience.

This was one meditation that I knew I wanted to do. I never usually do these World healing meditations unless I KNOW that it is one that I feel a strong connection to. But…a few years ago, before comg to Egypt, I was shown, by my guides, a vision of something which would harm the waterways.  They showed me post-apocalyptic zombies, dressed in rags, just like you see in all the horrow movies, emerging from beneath the ground, as though they were the dead coming to life. En masse, these zombies slowly walked until they came to a river. I thought that they would stop there but they didn’t, they just dropped silently into the water, their contaminated bodies merging with the riverwater. This water then flowed into the world bringing its death with it.


At the time I thought this was about a disease which would re-emerge and contaminate the waterways but my guides kept pointing me towards nuclear waste and radioactivity. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Even when the Japanese earthquake happened I still didn’t twig. It was only when I started to read about how the radiation was damaging the pacific ocean did I realise what it meant. But I still didn’t know why they were telling me. What could I do about it?

Then, last night, I received the Newsletter from Tom and Judi about the meditation. Aha!! As I work with the elementals I knew this was for me too! I understood too the vision I had been shown a few years previously. So…I downloaded the meditation and I played it three times until I was finished. This is what I did in my healing:

Sound healing meditation for Fukishima.japa-MMAP-md

Initially I saw a green spirally design, above the coast beside the nuclear station, and I felt my connection to the elementals above Japan and the Pacific. I connected my energies to them and then felt myself move up in a spiral of energy until I was with the air elementals looking down on Japan, but I was looking at it from the north pole so that southern Japan on a map was North Japan to my vision. I had a pencil in my hand and I drew a line from one end of the island to the other, south to north. Then I opened it up as though I was doing surgery. As I held the ‘cut’ open hundreds of elementals flew in, like bees, to do work underground. When they had all entered I zipped it up again. This meant that there would be more work here in the future and could be opened easily.

I was still aware of being in my elemental body and now I felt a huge surge of joy and connection which brought me to tears. I felt that familiar pulsing of healing energies on my eyelids and black and deep purple seemed to be prominent colours, usually they are green and purple so this was the first time they appeared differently.  I saw a large object above the island which looked as though I was looking into the crater of an active volcano except that it was upsidedown in the sky and the lava was a purple-black colour. Then, from breaks in this deep purple cooling lava, streams of light broke through and they shone down in focussed beams onto different places in Japan. There were to stabilise the country energetically, as though the energy beams could ‘hold’ the space. I was aware too of the whales facing the plant and ‘holding’ the energy in the ocean. That made me feel really joyful.

kannon2Next, I was still experiencing the eyelid pulsing, when from out of the earth in Japan rose an ancient woman. She had long silver hair and a deep purple and black gown. She was the Mother of Japan, the ancient female energy of the island. She stood above, and yet on, the island as she was part of the fabric of it; her gown was the landscape. She reached up into space and plucked a brightly lit star from the dark sky then she placed it in her forehead. She merged back into Japan again, bringing this stellar energy with her. That filled me with joy.  I stayed with this feeling for a while until it felt ‘done’. Then I was told that it was complete.

It was a lovely experience doing this meditation and I felt no negative emotions at all. After reading Tom’s experience of it I half expected to but I felt nothing but joy.

I would be really interested in hearing other people’s experiences of this meditation. So many people work on so many different levels it would be wonderful to hear about their work. It will be interesting too to see how this work, which we are all doing, impacts on Japan and the Pacific. I will keep a watchful eye on it for now…


4 responses to “Fukushima…my own Experience.

  1. I’m going to tune in and do this as well… I’ll let you know what I experience. Thank you for your brilliant light and transformational play here. (not wanting to use the words “healing work” lately!) Much love and joy to you in the Light of Solstice and beyond.

    • Hi Leilah, I’ve been thinking about you! Yes do let me know. I wish Tom would put some of these experiences on his website. It would be so good to see what others received too. Its also nice to know how connected we all are.
      I am just about to go to Hatshepsut’s temple for the sunrise. I will connect to you from there and wave!!! 🙂
      Have a lovely holiday and speak to you soon. ❤

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