Multi-Level Existence.

2006-04-14 09.28.01 I’ve been having such great ideas lately of how to help the house, but I should know better by now. I went downstairs, for the first time in days, yesterday and I ended staying down there for about an hour. Bad idea! I realised that my ideas have no chance of coming to fruition as long as the men here are in control. I want to take actions which empower the women but the men are so dysfunctional they would never allow it to happen. Mother too is always going to be in control and I really do not want to be fighting what does not work. It’s too exhausting. 

But while I was thinking about all of this, this morning, ‘upstairs’ explained to me why it was important that I stay upstairs! A few months ago they told me not to go downstairs, to stay in the flat. I didn’t understand then why they were saying that. I have been looking forward to the winter all summer long, for the ability to go outside, having been stuck indoors all year. But as soon as the weather cools down I get a cold which just won’t shift. The fact that this flat is so bloody cold too doesn’t help. It’s like living in Ireland when I was a child except that we don’t have any heating here. It’s like nobody manages the heat or the cold. Why don’t they have fires here? They will build one outside but then you have to sit downstairs with all the kids playing with it and I can’t stand to see it. It is so dangerous. Apart from that I do not like lots of company! I just cannot manage it. I can’t just sit there, I need to be doing something!


So there I was, feeling like there was absolutely no point to me staying here in this house and how it would be easier to actually get a life outside of here, when I understood what ‘they’ had meant when they told me to stay indoors. I am currently working on two levels, like at Memnon. (Although in this case I am acting as the male energy, as did Hatshepsut,and Omar is the female). Upstairs I have anchored energy which is different to the energies I have anchored downstairs. Yet they are connected to each other. The energies/thought-forms that come into this upper level slowly filter down to the lower level, like the human energy-field. But in order to keep in the space where I can receive these energies I have to avoid going downstairs because as soon as I do I am in the middle of all the negative energies generated by people. Emotions and beliefs that appear ‘normal’ to the people who live in them are energies which I cannot manage. They are too hopeless. There is little forward movement with them. No matter what I try to initiate they stall. The men make the craziest decisions, decisions which effect their families and ultimately the whole house, but everyone just has to put up with it. They have no other choice. It is the most frustrating experience to have. I can see where they are going wrong and yet no-one wants to know. It is as though downstairs people live with the ‘death’ impulse; that impulse that kills life and creates illness and despair. But through years of healing I overcame my own ‘death impulse’ and now my impulse is towards growth and life. But you cannot make a plant grow where there are 20 people ready to trample on it!

BUT, what I am made to understand is that if I, on my level, create the life I want to live, on a physical level, that these ideas will eventually filter down to the lower floor. If I create a place which is warm and beautiful, on the amount of money we get, then it will inspire those downstairs to do the same. I can bring in those ‘higher’ ideas and manifest them on this level and hopefully, in time those ideas will impact on those downstairs.

2001-01-01 00.00.00-26 (2) The mediating factor here is Omar, as he has the dual function of acting on my ideas downstairs and creating chaos up here because he has the same impulse as those downstairs. That creates a lot of obstacles for me, as I try to create something and he ruins it, not intentionally, but because it is the way he has always lived, without beauty and in chaos. I have to take that into account when I am recreating the flat and make rules. I have started to become quite firm with him now as this has gone on long enough and I cannot be an Egyptian wife any more. I have to be myself! I understand the Egyptian marriage dynamic well enough now to know how to counteract it! Although that does not stop it from effecting me! But I have to feel my female power now and act on it, knowing that it will create problems and a little conflict but if I am to achieve this then I just have to bite the bullet! Our friend Chris will be here soon too and he has been doing this work for quite a few years so that will make it easier to manifest too. 2001-01-01 00.00.00-45 (2) But Omar is creating abundance in the field, growing food and generating more income for the family, so he is taking the ideas we ‘receive’ and acting on them. The next step is learning how to use that income wisely and not give it all away for crazy and unnecessary projects downstairs which benefit nobody but the men! 

Understanding how the levels work explains why Hatshepsut built her mortuary temple on three levels. The ground level is very much about the Earth/Mother and what it produces. The next level is the balance between the light and the dark, male and female, both energies mediating the upper and lower levels. The upper level is the Solar/Male level. Hathor brings the nourishment of the Mother, while Anubis brings the dark of the human unconscious. She is love and hope while he is death and initiation. Although it is the relationship between the two, the conflict generated between the two opposing energies which creates growth. Like the 4th ray, of harmony through conflict.

2006-06-28 20.07.25 (2)This awareness also makes me think of why chapels are built on an upper level rather than on the ground floor, such as at Corfe castle and on mountainsides. They are built on levels of energy which allow them to be a medium between those layers and the layer of humanity. Nothing is accidental when it comes to spiritual architecture and its placement! The clues are in the building itself and in its position. In order to build these places the designers/architects have to understand the principles of energy which they are representing. In our case here, in our home, we are taking what is already built and modifying it to become a spiritual space. The energy-work has already been done and now the physical manifesting of it needs to happen.

Little by little.

So I will work with these principles in mind and see what happens. These energy-lines Chris and I have built here go out in all directions, and so whatever ideas I receive and act upon also influence the people who reside beside, or on, those lines.  It is not just the people who live in this house who receive the benefits. So I will stick with it for a while and see what changes. If we are not here then there is no possibility for change; but as long as I am, then there is.

I guess its that simple!


2 responses to “Multi-Level Existence.

  1. Staying in the divine light constantly seems not to be an option for enlightened beings such as ourselves. We have to step down one level and work in the mundane world at times. I used to stay in the divine light continuously, for years, but made no contribution to those less enlightened who were around me. I’ve learned to take baby steps to incorporate both levels, always surrounding myself by Light.
    This has also been a learning experience for me. My Egyptian husband has the gift to see into the light, but he is also anchored in the mundane world. At least he has an open mind, it just takes him longer to “get it”. What works for me, and peace of mind knowing I am on my path, is to do what is best for me, and to allow the Universe to take care of others. Some will move up a level, and some are too satisfied with no change, and no matter how hard we try, they won’t be changed. That’s their path and they have that right!
    I hope you continue to walk Your Path, and leave the rest to the Universe to handle, since we are not capable, being mundane life forms, to do what the Universe can do.
    I will ask that you have Inner Peace each and every day, and continue to see all the miracles that surround you .
    Love and Light,

    • Hi Maryam, when I speak about ‘levels’ I’m not talking about developmental levels as that is another topic entirely. This has to do with how thoughtforms are seeded from upper levels to the the lower levels. Each level has its function in the world and working with these energetic layers has been part of my life’s work for the past 20 years.
      The earth has energy layers just like our physical bodies and I am learning how to work within these layers. Just as you receive your guidance from the higher frequency levels of your own energy field, which then are accessed by your physical brain and emotions etc so too does guidance come in for humanity through the upper levels of the earth’s magnetic field.
      I don’t work with individuals and their individual path but with Humanity itself. My work is about bringing in the newer energies and seeding them at places which have been energetically built to accept them, much like the temples around the world.
      I totally understand what you are saying about other’s paths but I don’t work with that. I work with the collective and with the Elders who oversee the collective development of humanity in different regions.
      When I am on a ‘below’ level I seem to soak up the negative energies of that level. That is why my guides told me to stay upstairs. If I am thinking negatively then I cannot think positively. Staying on the level above doesn’t cut me off from reality so that I am living in lala land it just helps me to see clearly what changes need to happen. I am a very practical person and I do not live ‘off the planet’ but I do live in the awareness of our energy selves and the energies of the planet. I am a ‘medium’, that middle person between the upper and the lower frequency energy layers. Like many of us on the planet at the moment we all have our tasks. That is why I am in Egypt, to recreate, with all of those others on the same path, the energetic frequencies of Life. But I am very much imbedded in life here. I am not separated from it. If I had my own way I would be living like a hermit in a cave in the mountains LOL. Soooo much easier than having to deal with the expereinces of being an ‘Egyptian wife’ but with both foreign and spiritual differences.
      My husband too is a healer, on his own path of mastery and I know how long that takes! But he does OK. He is a very generous soul and very kind-hearted. And becasue he is in the middle of two worlds he can move between them. I am not Egyptian and my Arabic is still being learned so I am not in a position to communicate in the way I would like…yet! So I have to go thorugh him, in many ways. Shweya Shweya…
      There is a big difference between being cut off spiritually from real life and living in the light. I haven’t lived in the light for years. I always end up working with the darker levels, but within those levels are other levels which also need to be utilised and that is what I am doing. I work with elemental energies and that is all about the earth. But, as you know, it is not a simple path. And I am glad that there are so many other people out there doing their thing and working their path. It is so nice to connect with them and with you.
      Tell me a little about El Mansoura. How do you find living there? ❤

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