The Divine Flame.

This morning, as I was waking up, I had a vision. In this vision I was looking at a desert hilltop and on the top of this hill a huge fire was being tended by a woman. It was a Sacred Flame, the Flame of Life. She had kept this flame burning and over time it had become bigger and brighter and had lit up the surrounding landscape. The energy of the sacred fire kept the country stable, peaceful and prosperous. The Keeper of this Flame was the King’s daughter but he also had a son.


The King had watched this flame grow and had become very jealous, and scared, of how powerful this flame was becoming. So he sent his son to build a fortress around it, to contain it.  Then he instructed his son to build his own flame beside the fortress, so that his flame would be the brighter one. His sister’s flame was now no longer accessible and had become invisible to all those who lived in the surrounding land.Only the king could benefit from her work. Unfortunately, the King’s son had only built a fire, he didn’t know how to empower it so that it would be a Divine Flame. Therefore it burned with no spirit, but his sister’s flame could no longer be seen by anyone and so everyone believed that the flame built by the King’s son was the flame that brought all the prosperity. But it wasn’t.

One day an invasion from another country forced the King’s son to be called away to fight against the invading army. He left the flame and ran down the mountain to lead his father’s army into battle. The fire slowly died down and there was nothing left but the citadel, the fortress they had built to ‘guard’ the flame and to keep it ‘safe’. No fires burned. No flames lit up the night sky and the country sank further and further into darkness and war. The Feminine Flame was dead, replaced by a masculine fire, which had now burned out and was also dead. Now it was a world of men and the dark forces reigned.

They have reigned ever since.

This is the story of the Sister of Saladin and the demise of the Sacred Feminine during the time of the Crusades. It is the story of how the Divine Feminine Flame was extinguished, a flame which the true Crusaders sought to keep burning in the Middle East. This is not what the history books tell us however. That story is a different one.  What is does point to though is the presence of a sacred flame site within the Citadel in Cairo, a flame which can be re-ignited, bringing back the Divine Feminine to Lower Egypt…and that is definitely worth a trip!

On a personal note I am also aware of a personal message in this story. I feel quite ‘restrained, here in my fortress of a home and wonder how to do my work of keeping the Divine Feminine energies flowing here, but it often feels like my own personal fire is being extinguished by the men around me and their constant need for control and power. They use my power to pursue their own goals of ‘building their kingdom’ but block me from building mine. My ‘kingdom’ is not really mine but belongs to everyone, or at least it is created in order to feed everyone. But they don’t really understand that, seeing the world through their cultural eyes only and so it feels like my fire is slowly going out. They use all of my ideas to build a stronger life but I am not given the same freedom. So…how do I stop my fire from being extinguished?  I am the Keeper of the Flame, that is my job, but how can I do my job if I live in a fortress?

I guess I need to figure that out…


6 responses to “The Divine Flame.

  1. You have just voiced lot of what I have been feeling since returning to Luxor. I too have been having bad dreams about being supressed and about drowning, not being able to breath. I too miss the Sacred Feminine, that which I feel very strongly when I’m back in the hills of Wales. She is here but we need to take strength from Her in the forms She is here in Egypt – in Her temples and ancient ruins – but also within the Egyptian homes where the women here create their lives..
    Hope this all makes sense…..Thanks for the posts…Keep going as you are touching lives and giving hope…. Blessings

    • I feel that a lot of this is about re-birthing the Divine Feminine. But the dynamics of culture and religion make that such a struggle. I feel very much the same as you do. I miss the energy of West Ireland, Wales and England, where the energy is so clear and easy to access. I have done years of work there and I miss the landscape and the green!!! I especially miss the mountains and woods. I love trees!
      I was dreaming last night about a tidal wave that was coming and having to warn people but no-one took me seriously, a reality for lots of people who know what might be…
      I was ‘told’ last night to ‘form a circle’. It felt like they were talking about a healing circle focussing on the Divine Feminine and how to bring change here, on all levels. I’m thinking aobut that…
      I’m glad you are finding the posts helpful and glad too that you are also here in Luxor! Its great to know we are here doing this work.
      Lots of love

  2. Recently I have been having dreams of suppression and confinement too…

    Last night my “captors du jour” asked me to take a poison as they would “allow” me to die with dignity by my own hand instead of the long painful death that would inflicted by the coming enemy…

    I woke up yelling “I want to live!”

    I am convinced my sense confinement and lack of freedom is all my own…. Not imposed others but from my own choices or lack there of.

    • I agree. What I feel here is the confinement and disempowerment of all women here. I think that is why I find it so difficult. The message was very clear to me as I do work with Sacred Flames and I am struggling to do this work here, due to emotional dynamics and lack of transport! All of my support is for my household here but it needs to be more than that. I’m just not sure how to do that. That’s why I am trying to figure it out. There are also personal healing issues intertwined with this, like the warp ad weft in weaving, which I am trying to grapple with.
      Its interesting though reading about your dream as I have been watching some movies around that theme over the past few days. In a way it is also my choice as I found myself saying to myself (as you do) ‘I choose Life’. You know those random things you say to yourself when you are doing the washing up?! 🙂
      That’s what this feels like, I can allow my work and my life to die a death, like the other women do, suppressing their light to serve their husbands/masters, or I can find a way which keeps me alive and passionate, a choice the women around me have little chance of achieving. I just have to find the right way.

  3. Wow … this is almost like my channeling on ruby stalactites ages ago, which we exchanged messages about, and during which I emerged from a cave of jewels and stalagmites to a dazzling field – clad in armour – to battle an oncoming army charge! It felt like the crusades era, and sure enough when I researched for the symbolism I came across Ruby Falls in Chatanooga. I wonder if the site energies are in some way related? Or if by activating both the sites, the feminine divine will activate through the earth’s core?

    • They don’t activate through the core but through whatever level they exist in. I think your channelling was more about the need for you to prepare for a challenge, one which you might have had to face before, during a lifetime in the Crusades. They tried to bring the Mother energies back then too!!!
      I think the army charge is your MIL!
      Our current challenges may stem from our lifetimes during that period. Perhaps we are experiencing something that we we were not successful at then? (Disregarding simultaneous time and all that! lol)

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