Push No More. Channelling. December 3rd 2013.

From the moment you are born, to the second of your departure, you are expected to unlearn everything you have ever learned about the face of humanity. In order to undo centuries of negative experience you have to completely and utterly empty yourself of all of their memories and experiences. You cannot refill a cup which is already full!

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Although this process takes many years, and much difficulty, you have to learn to focus on what you want to see as opposed to what you see. You have to learn to dream and to create those dreams whilst in the middle of a difficult current reality. Only then can you hope to bring change. If you focus always on the ‘bad stuff’ that you see around you everyday you will not have the necessary energy to put into making things better. We are not speaking here of making the life around fit everyone, as everyone has their own reality to create, but we mean that you can create the life you want to live even in the middle of other people’s lives. This is like a flower which is growing amongst the weeds. We mean no judgement here as all souls are inherently equal; but their creations will not always match yours, and when this happens you will then have to either work harder to create what you want or change tack and leave the vicinity. Rather a difficult task for a flower which is rooted in the earth!

So we say to you this: try to find the path forward, where you are creating the reality of the life you want to live, no matter what others are creating around you! If you stay on the branch which is broken you can only expect to fall.


Leave the path which is failing and create a new one to follow. It is all up to you ultimately. What other people want for their lives is their business but when you know what is not working, and you find a better way, then why stay with what is not working? Leave the past behind and forge a new future, for yourself and your loved ones. Those who like what you have created will join you and you will find that your life will take on a new hue and a life of its own. It is all up to you.

So leave your negative thinking and focus on the reality you really want. Leave all else behind. Remember, this is your life and no-one else’s. Think ahead…then be brave.

Keep following the path of least resistance and push no more.


Personal interpretation:

This channelling comes at a time when I am struggling to find a way forward. Although it seems to be obvious, and God only knows I have been doing this for years, I feel that I am back in old energy dynamics which I find difficult to manage. When I first moved to Egypt I had my dream of creating a farm and having a self-sufficient lifestyle. However, two years later, and a lot of struggling against the tide of Egyptian thinking, I am having to change my goals. I spend a lot of time alone, which is usually not a problem, as I like my own space, but here I feel more lost than usual and find it very difficult to achieve any kind of independence. My husband has his own path, being a farmer, which is not what he had in mind when we got married, but he loves it and he is good at it. But while it was one thing getting him to move in that direction, instead of focussing on the Tourist trail that most Egyptian/Foreign marriages forge, it was quite another trying to take that path with him. It’s just too hot for me in the field and so I spend most of my time at home. I have been filling my time with crochet, knitting and blogging but I need to be outside. However, being outside is another issue altogether. I often feel that I am living in ‘house arrest’ and only have the flat and garden to use. Leaving the house means moving into constant hassle from boys looking for ‘Baksheesh’ or women staring at me, or shopkeepers trying to rip me off. It is a battle every time I leave the house, so I just stopped leaving it. Going through the menopause is also making it more difficult due to the hot flushes I seem to have virtually all day and all night. 

293657_10150371750199284_242178626_n  But the weather is now becoming cooler and I want to go out. My husband isn’t much interested in antiquities or exploring; he has lived here all his life, to be fair, so there is not much for him to explore. So I have to go myself and just deal with the hassle. There are limits to that however as I would dearly love to explore the mountains, but there is not a hope in hell of doing that alone. This isn’t England or Ireland! Omar does get worried but he knows I can manage myself. But he still insists on making sure he organises the transport for me on the West bank, so I do not have to deal with the service taxis.

So I have been thinking of ways to make my life easier and to find a different path. For the past few days I have been ‘seeing’ the flat painted and beautiful. I have resisted this before because of all the jealousy and envy of the people here. But I have learned that they do nothing to make their own lives work and are content to live in chaos. It is, after all, all they know. But I cannot live like that with them. I like order and beauty and peace. This place is noisy, dusty and dirty. Not a sanctuary by any stretch of the imagination! But I have to create one somehow, if only for ourselves.

I am also ‘told’ that my future income will come from weaving, with the wool from our sheep. So painting and making the flat nice and organised will help to create a space for me to work in. Plus our friend Chris is moving out here next year so that will makes things more manageable. He likes exploring too!

So for now, my new path involves forging my own! Regardless of what others are doing around me. I am only responsible for my own life after all, as the channelling reminds me.  

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