Night Vision August 2013.

witchdoctor hutJust before going to sleep, while I was reading a Naguib Mafouz book, I began to feel a strong connection from ‘upstairs’. I could feel my soul energy reaching up to someone but I don’t know who. After a few minutes, while still feeling this, nearly physical feeling of ‘bigness’, I began to see, in my mind’s eye, an African Witchdoctor. He was standing in a round-hut made of reeds and mud and he was wearing the classical clothes of leopard skin and feathers. In the center of his hut stood a very large cauldron and he was looking into a very old book, which had red bookmarks marking some of the pages. As he looked into the book he added ingredients to the pot, which was now filled with a bubbling, viscous, green, liquid. When he thought it might be ‘ready’ he took a rat from a cage and, holding it by its tail, dipped it into the liquid. When he took the rat out all that remained was its skeleton. It was done!

villageHe walked behind the cauldron and pushed it over so that its contents spilled out on the ground and rushed, like a river, out the door of the hut and into the compound beyond. It flowed into every hut and animal pen, and it dissolved the flesh of every living creature it touched.

The green liquid had devoured every living creature…but one. A young woman, asleep in her high bed in her hut had survived. Because she was on a higher level than the ground the green poisonous liquid had not touched her, and she had slept though everything. But the unusual quiet awoke her.

She thought that it was curious that there were not the usual sounds of barking dogs and braying donkeys, women working and children playing. So she sat up. But before she put her feet on the ground she noticed the green stuff which filled her family hut. She peered closely at it to see what it was made of, then carefully touched the nail of her forefinger to it’s surface. It was solid, like glass. She stood on it carefully and it didn’t harm her, only being dangerous when in its liquid form. She crept carefully, and slowly towards the door so she could peek out and see just why it was so quiet. She saw that the ground of the entire compound was covered in this green glass-like substance but could see no-one.


 The Witchdoctor watched from behind the door of his hut, and after a while, when everything was quiet, he walked out on specially made high shoes, like mini stilts, and surveyed the compound. As he walked he listened for any sound of life and each time he came upon a skeleton of either human or animal, he picked up the bones and threw them in a pile against the compound wall. She watched him as he walked around, looking into each hut as he went.

Then he disappeared inside the hut of her uncle and he carried out an armful of bones which he added to the pile of bones. Now she understood.  A noise from the gateway of the compound made her turn around and then she saw men in the distance, men she didn’t recognise, creating a huge wooden palisade, enclosing the village. She knew that she would have to get out of the palisade and the only way that she could do that was to dig a hole beneath her hut and tunnel out and into the desert beyond.


She quickly and quietly began to break away the crystallised green glass on the floor of her hut while the witchdoctor gave orders to ‘his’ men building the huge wooden wall, and dug her tunnel until at last she was free of the compound. Once outside she ran into the desert until her village was far behind her. She had not been seen but now she had to find a safe place to be, the desert being safer than her village.

And that was the end of it.


When I was recounting this to my husband, who was nearly asleep, I had an image of a Fez and then King Farouk! So this obviously goes back to that time. A thread of poison which has its origin in the past. I guess too that events in Egypt are far from over…

What does it make you think of????

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