Egyptian magic in Modern Upper Egypt.

One of the things I was excited about when I moved to Luxor in Upper Egypt was the possibility of studying local beliefs in magic. My husband Omar had told me about spells which people had placed on each other and how this impacted on people around him. I found it hard to understand how people could believe that this worked until I moved here and saw what their belief in magic was all about!

My first experience of this was while I was still living in Winchester, England and a couple living next door to Omar’s family were having marital problems. Their family had called a Sheikh in to help them through the use of magic. Sheikhs are men, generally, who have studied Islam and also have psychic abilities. This particular Sheikh told the couple that a woman who wanted to steal away the husband had placed a spell on the man to make him lose interest and cause rows with his wife. He instructed the family to buy very expensive incense from a particular seller and to have it ready when he arrived. This incense cost nearly a months wages!!! But, family harmony was important.

Very Expensive Incense

The Sheikh arrived at the appointed time and I was online with Omar at the time. He told me when the incense was being burned as he could smell it. Houses are very close to each other here!!! I tuned in to see what I could pick up as this Sheikh worked. Energy began to fill my room so the Sheikh had some healing power, however, it felt very controlling and masculine. It felt like the wrong energy. I tuned into the wife’s energy and it felt to me that she was feeling completely neglected and unloved by her husband. What she needed was more love!!! So I joined my energy to the Sheikh’s and anchored some female energy in their flat to bring some level of love into her home.

When I moved to Luxor shortly afterwards I monitored this couple’s progress. I realised quite quickly that the man was not interested in being married at all, and just didn’t give his wife anything. This led to her feeling unloved and unwanted and so they argued all the time. It was not the result of any magic, just a husband’s unhappiness with his wife! The problems had been there even before their marriage so it was inevitable that there would be problems afterwards.  However, magic was seen to be the cause, instigated by a jealous ex-fiancée who wanted her man back! They couldn’t see how the husband’s emotions were actually the reason.

Each time they had a problem it was ascribed to the ex-fiancee’s  jealous behaviour. As far as I could see it was just the husband not being happy in his relationship and wanting the freedom of  ’singleness’ again. But the Sheikh has the explanation for everything and his word is trusted and believed.

What makes it even more unbelievable is that it is the Sheikh himself who tells the couple that another person has paid a Sheikh to put a spell on them!  This then just adds to the fear of the wife and the misbehaviour of the Husband who then believes he has no control over the situation, or his emotions and behaviour! How useful for the men!

Apart from the obvious evidence of marital disloyalty the Sheikh’s instructions to buy expensive incense from a particular seller tells me that they were making a lot of money out of ‘helping’ people. But when I say this they say ‘Oh but he does it for free’. Of course he does, because he is getting half the money the poor people paid for the incense!!!

There is no denying that many of them do indeed work with energy, some in a quite powerful way, but it is a form of lower magic, where the Will is imposed on the people in need. There is no sense of doing whatever is needed for the person’s higher good. They are doing basic, lower chakra magic. Which is why it probably doesn’t work!!! But people believe it does and most of them are being conned into employing the services of these Sheikhs. The joining of Islam with this magic gives it a ‘holy’ tradition, even though there is nothing God-like or loving about how they work. However, they will often use the Qu’ran in writing their magical formulas.

I wonder what the Quran itself says about the use of magic? I will have to look it up!

As far as the couple are concerned there are so many other issues involved with their relationship that it will take quite a few blogs to understand them so I will take them a little at a time. They are a good study in how relationships and Upper Egyptian belief systems operate!

9 responses to “Egyptian magic in Modern Upper Egypt.

  1. It’s interesting how you noticed the game they do on those poor people . Question is are you familiar with any type of magic that actually work ??

    • Unfortunately as soon as people discover that someone has used magic against them it suddenly works! If an accident happens then they say it is the magic. They believe it so it works. If they have an accident and don’t know about any spell then it is just an accident. The power of belief is very strong.
      I know, that if you change a negative energy state to a positive one, then a more positive outcome usually follows. But I am not so sure that you can effect others in that way, because when you put a spell on someone it is ‘your’ desire for that person to achieve something, but it may not be theirs.
      If a Sheikh is a truly good healer then I think his positive energy will have a positive effect, on some level. But there are far too many bad ones, who lie and cheat, and they are the ones who many people go to! A good healer will do it for hte benefit of those he effects, a bad one will do it for himself.
      What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Cath, thanks for asking. Yes I’m fine. Just watching and waiting for the writing to want to come again. It comes in phases for me. I can write for months and then stop for months. Its also a little hard here to get the time and privacy to write but I have been gearing up for it over the past few days so your message is timely. Thank you. I have experienced a lot in the past few months and am now figuring out how to write it all. Lol,

      • Glad to hear you are ok,Anne. I,too am a bit of a procrastinator in putting my pen to paper.I look forward to your future blogs 🙂 Weather here seems to be going backwards at the moment…..heavy rain and strong winds.Growth of veggie plants seem to have stopped too.I really hope it warms up soon,it has been a long winter.

  2. Very interesting. Magic is still believed in and used in Siwa, and I have seen how strongly people believe in spells there, even non-Siwans who live there start to believe in it, as the stories circulate about what has happened to so and so, and it is suggested to the outsider that maybe it is magic that is similarly impacting on their life. I will send you some more details of what I have experienced as private message if you are interested.

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