My Winchester Garden.

My daughter Hana, who is expecting her first child, is living in our house in Winchester along with my friend Chris who recently came to visit us here in Luxor. Before I moved here we had reclaimed our garden which my other daughter had left to overgrow during her pregnancy. It was too big for her to manage. Chris did most of the digging and clearing and I did the planting and growing.  We put in lots of plants and young trees and it was doing really well. Coming here to Egypt inspired him again and now he sends me lots of pictures of how things are going in my absence. I can honestly say that he is doing a grand job!!!

Variegated Roses in the Magdalene Rose patch.

Because we had been doing energy-work in this house for years, (energetically it looks like a Maypole!) we wanted to create a garden which incorporated elements of this work. It felt like a little Garden of Eden and we wanted the feminine energy to be an ‘equal’ part of the energy so our little Magdalene patch was created. We put in a number of different roses and planted herbs all around them. We have one apple tree in this patch as well. We bought most of the roses from Mottisfont abbey where they have the most beautiful rose garden.

Blenheim Orange Apples.

We planted four apple trees in all. A little Cox’s Pippin, a Blenheim Orange and two others. The Blenheim has apples on it in the years when the others don’t!  I know they are different root stocks, and blossom at different times but no-one said anything about different years!

Red Currants.

These redcurrants are from plants we put in a couple of years ago. Didn’t know if they would produce anything but lo and behold…they did!!  Lovely colour! And sweet too by all accounts.

Rhubarb, wild strawberries and grapes.

All the rain has obviously had a good impact on the water-loving rhubarb. My favourite food in the garden and I’m not even there to enjoy it!!! My daughter, on the other hand, is and has been busy cooking rhubarb pie and custard! I am so jealous! My four-year-old granddaughter May usually eats all the strawberries so its a wonder there are any in this photo!  The grapevine has been going mad and so needed lots of trimming back. Stuffed vines leaves anyone?

Climbing rose.

Lots of blooms this year! Thank god for mushroom compost. Miraculous stuff!!! We usually buy it for £1.50 a bag, a BIG bag!! The entire garden gets loads and everything grows beautifully…including the weeds.  The only that doesn’t grow is mushrooms! Although with all of the wet weather I’m surprised there aren’t.

So a big slap on the back for Chris and his terrific gardening…and the lovely photos. I can’t enjoy my garden but I can live vicariously through the photos.

8 responses to “My Winchester Garden.

  1. Looks like a well kept healthy garden. We have Coxs Pippen apple trees but they don’t seem to produce much fruit as they don’t like the wet Irish weather ! At least everything else grows !

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