Old Pinkeye!

For the last few days we have noticed that Dolores, now shortened to Doris, (easier to say) has had weepy eyes. We thought initially that it was as a result of the ashes which the women remove from the oven after it has cooled down after bread-baking, and which makes a very fine, grey ash. This blows around a lot and makes the animals eyes very watery as they try to keep their eyes clear of the ash. The oven is in the middle of the area in which the animals are housed so there is usually a mound of ash lying around.

Blue Haze

But, having looked it up it turns out to be ‘Pinkeye’, a common eye infection in sheep and goats, especially the young ones.  Apparently it is a bacterial infection caused by dry dusty conditions, flies,  and hot sun!!! Surprise surprise but we are living in Egypt! All the grass in the garden is long and with seed heads which is another contributing factor because we put her to feed in the long clover so she can actually eat something without the boys eating it all.

Pinkeye makes the eye become cloudy, which shows as a blue haze, but thankfully it doesn’t ulcerate and burst which would mean permanent blindness.  Looking up how to treat this infection people suggest that mild cases usually clear up on their own but that certain precautions can be taken to prevent another infection.

Giving your sheep adequate protection from the sun, keeping the area clear of dust and pollen and flies!!! Are you kidding me? Have you seen the flies here?? I am on the constant warpath with flies.. They are small but extremely irritating and they bite!!  I cannot open the windows in my flat during the day because as soon as I do I will have dozens of them in here. When I go down to the garden during the evening my ankles are eaten alive. Omar has put bandages around the donkey’s legs to stop them biting her. They drive her crazy!!!

We will have to come up with some solution  and in the meantime Doris is being well fed in our flat and having her eyes cleaned!!!

Now that’s a spoilt sheep!!! Or a much loved one!

Omar is beginning to think that this sheep is not really a sheep but is a human being. She follows him around and eats from his hand and his mouth!!! If all the sheep were treated this well they might all act like this, or maybe we are just lucky!


2 responses to “Old Pinkeye!

  1. Hy gaiamethod, Thanks for following my blog. I am now following you too. Your posts about life in Egypt are very interesting seen from a european woman’s point of view.
    I love your onion story about “Bad Eyes” and am glad little Doris aka Delores is doing well. Looking forward to reading more posts,
    Catherine from Ireland.

    • Hi Catherine, I grew up in Co.Kilkenny so gardening and self-sufficiency is a little different here in Luxor. It is a steep learning curve although I suppose that sheep are sheep and chickens are chickens, no matter where you live. Planting is a completely different experience though as you really have to make everything yourself! I can’t just go to the gardening centre and buy tomato food and chicken pellets!!! So I have to produce everything myself. Wood is very expensive here as there are not a lot of trees so even making a compost box from wood becomes an inventors paradise!!!
      Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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