The Demise of Cleopatra

Just before going to sleep last night, in the ‘in-between’ place I found myself being ‘shown’ Cleopatra’s death! Initially I didn’t register what I was seeing, which is usually what happens when information comes in this way. It just seems to ‘float’ into your waking consciousness and then you realise what you are seeing and hearing. What I saw and heard was Cleopatra in her palace. I heard someone saying her name really loudly and then a man handing her a woven basket. She thought it was a gift of fruit but when she put her hand in to take one out she was bitten by the snake they had placed in there with them! She seemed to die within minutes.

I could see her sitting in a dark temple room and she was standing beside a stone altar. She was dressed very simply and her hair was dark and long, not quite how we see her in the movies! The snake venom seemed to be quite fast acting and she fell over onto the floor. I was being shown that Cleopatra, the last great Queen of Egypt, as my guides called her, did not commit suicide but was assassinated.

Falling asleep again I wondered why I was being shown this and when I awoke this morning I remembered it. Then I remembered a dream I had had 10 years ago, after my first visit to Cairo to do an ascension workshop with Anrita Melchizadek. I had the dream a year after I returned. This was the dream:

I was standing on top of a desert cliff which looked out over the most beautiful temple I had ever seen. It seemed to be on the sea but joined to the land somehow and also seemed to be in the past. The temple was made of crystalline white stone, and it shone and glistened in the sun. I thought it was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. The beauty of it filled my heart as I stood on this cliff gazing at it.

But then, suddenly, it all began to crumble. I was heart broken. The huge lintels above the doorways crashed into the sea and the walls crumbled and broke into the water. Its light seemed to be diminishing quickly. The temple was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that a place of such incredible beauty should be allowed to crumble and disappear. I felt such huge anguish and despair that this place should be lost.

When it had all gone, and only the sea remained, I walked across the desert and met some women. I walked with them awhile. As we walked it seemed to be modern times. I left their company after a time and kept walking. I felt I needed a shower so I found a wooden building with showers in it. I left some of my clothes on as it was not accepted that women be seen naked. But as I showered a group of Egyptian police charged into the shower room and dragged me out. They said that someone had accused me of dressing inappropriately and of showering with no clothes on. I had no idea who could have made such an accusation and was protesting my innocence. It was obvious I wasn’t showering naked as I was dressed! In the shower!! But they didn’t want to know. The truth wasn’t something they were not interested in!

I woke up after this dream, feeling absolutely furious but, at that point, couldn’t figure out what the dream was saying.

The dream clearly showed how the death of Cleopatra meant the demise of the feminine energy in Egypt and once this was gone, which happened over time, women were no longer honoured but were controlled by male desire and thinking. The dream showed a clear progression from the time when feminine power and beauty was still very present in Egypt. Its Divine light still fed the people of Egypt. But, as this belief system crumbled and this last Great Queen of Egypt, who held the balance, was dead, there was no-one left to hold the balance of energy between the masculine and feminine energies. If Cleopatra had trained as a priestess of Isis or Hathor, then she would have played that role within her role as Queen.  Without that energy Egypt had no hope!!

But I had never thought to question the manner of her death. It is common knowledge that she committed suicide, that she did her best, afterAnthony’s death, to try and end her life. But this ‘vision’ tells me a different story!! She didn’t commit suicide, but was killed. Her death happened in the way we are all familiar with, in terms of the snake bite in the basket of figs,  but obviously it wasn’t for the same reason!

So why create an elaborate story of her suicide? How different would it have been if her true death had been known? Does the story just reduce her to being an ordinary woman after all? Pining away for her soul-mate, preferring death to a life lived without him?    Preferring death to a life where she is stripped of her power? For such a great queen I’m sure she would have thought of a way of making the situation better. Maybe they knew that and could not risk her remaining alive. Better she die than rise again!

But in killing her they killed the heart and soul of Egypt. There was nobody left now to carry the flame and so Egypt slowly fell into darkness.

So why does this vision come now? Maybe it is time for the Feminine Flame to rise again? To bring the balance of power back to Egypt, where women are honoured once more through the Divine Feminine energies of Love.

I’m sure more information will come when I have visited Alexandria next Spring with my husband.

It promises to be a very interesting trip!  I can’t wait!!!!


2 responses to “The Demise of Cleopatra

  1. I really needed to read this – Ive literally had another spiritual awakening …. Im actually sitting at home after moving house, getting married in a week and had to take a day sick off work because of the mass pressure and imbalance of feminine and masculine energies. My bosses are muslim turkish and whilst outside of work very kind and caring they recreate a very disempowering environment – that I just realised I put myself into, subconsciously but I did.

    All my issues of wanting to be approved and loved in an imbalanced environment, such as the one I grew up in, came flooding back … And I wondered why? Why did I do this to myself and why now? Im almost 6 months pregnant and I dont want this for my baby – and carrying het in utero, I am her home environment. I am her strength and by fighting the way I have, building the anget and fear instead of connecting and trusting to the higher self, Im feeding into a false imbalanced reality where I am not allowing myself to be the equal of others of the same gender as my species. Reading about your dream, and rereading your first dream where no one wanted to listen to the truth was important to me because its helped me to be still and begin to reconnect with the path I am supposed to be on. Thanks for writing this.

    • There might be a very good reason why your bosses are Muslim Turkish!!! I am finding the same issues here and it is incredibly hard work trying to be seen, let alone heard!!! Stone minds all! But thinking about your role as a Mother, wife, woman perhaps these are the experiences your baby needs, as a soul, in order for her to understand the issues around female dis-empowerment, especially when it comes to Muslim conditioning!!! Remember Nikki that nothing is an accident and your baby knows exactly what it needs for its growth and its future!
      Keep building your heart and your self trust. You are doing so amazingly well. Remember your fourth gate? Underneath the blossoming tree? Becoming the embodiment and expression of the Mother? You are right on track Nikki. Make the changes you feel and bring balance to those areas which need it. Remember too that your thoughts are connected to the collective mind and so what you discover and rebalance helps us all! Teach your daughter all that you have learned and experienced. It really pays off! And its obviously no accident that we are both working through the same Spanish/Islamic issues. Think of the History of Spain and Gibraltar!
      Have a great wedding day. I will be thinking of you.

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