What you are to me…

Once upon a time, in a distant meadow, there lived a tree. For years the tree has lived a life where countless people have taken from it. Its branches are bare of leaves and fruit. So many people have taken from it that little now remains. Its branches are withered because no-one has thought to water it and give it light. So it goes into hibernation, into hiding. Hoping that it will survive the constant stealing of its life-force.
But then one day a man appears in the distance and he finds the tree. He begins to water it, pouring water into its roots, letting the sunlight shine on it.  The tree is surprised, she feels the water and begins to feel full. She likes this feeling of being watered and watches the man who has done this. She sees into his heart and sees his essence, recognises it. Her heartwood begins to fill with his essence and for a while she feels good. But then the man goes away and the tree begins to feel that maybe he will not return to water her again, so she goes back to sleep. She goes back to what she knows. But she cannot forget him. She cannot fully sleep. Even though she is afraid that he will not water her again, and that maybe he was just being kind, she begins to notice that her leaves are beginning to bud. Her life force is beginning to make her grow again. So she calls out for the man. She wants him to come again. And he does. He sits on her roots and they talk…and they talk. And she begins to feel a great love for him he who gives so freely. She is still scared but she likes what is happening to her. Her branches are now full with leaves and flowers are beginning to appear. She is becoming the tree she was meant to be. 
Now she wants this man to be with her all the time. She wants to build him a house in her branches, to protect him and love him. To make him feel safe. She wants to share her life essence with him as he shares his with her. She knows that this man is a source of life for her. His essence runs through her now and she can no longer live without it. 
But now, because she needs him so much, she fears that one day he will not come back, that his essence will stop filling her up. She knows that nothing will grow without his love and care. He is the sun that makes her flowers grow and blossom. The flowers which she wants to share with him. One day these flowers will become fruit and these too she wants to share with him…one day…
 She knows that they each have different means of communicating, so she tries to learn what he is saying to her, to understand his needs, to show him her love. She wants to provide the love he needs, to give herself to him. She wants him to feel, and to know, that her life is now his life. That she is happy to share all that she is, and has, with him. For that is her purpose and without him it cannot be.  Without him she cannot exist, for he is her life now.
Her reason for being…

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