The Beauty Way.

Mount Brandon, Graig. 

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was in a large country house which had terraced gardens which could only be reached by a long set of ornamental stone steps. On the topmost level of the gardens was a rectangular pond. I wanted to go to the pond but walked to the other side of the gardens where I discovered another set of steps. These also led up to the pond, as though there was a front way and a back way. These steps however were blocked by a large iron gate which had now fallen down, allowing me to climb over and climb the steps. The male owner of the house and gardens had built this gate to block the entrance. 

Steps to Terrace garden.

Climbing carefully through the railings and up the steps I saw that the original builder of the house had built a little alcove into the side of the stone bannisters and had placed a beautiful copper sculpture of an angel or woman. The sculpture had been very beautiful once but now had decayed so only the lower half of the body remained, corroded and green. I wondered about the man who had built this beautiful place and why the current owner had blocked this entrance. 

At that point I awoke and understood that these steps were the path to spiritual nourishment on a higher level, symbolised by the pond on the top level of the gardens.
The house and garden was my grandparents house in Ireland.The man who had originally built it moved back to London and wrote books about Egypt in the early 20th Century. He had created this house and gardens for his wife but my own family, business people, had somehow ‘blocked’ the creative steps to success and only left open the business side of things. My grandparents family were quite famous writers, artists, poets and antiquarians and rebuilt Graignamanagh abbey. But their gifts too were blocked in favour of money and business. The creative steps to success are the blocked steps. 
The corroded copper female figure is the Goddess Venus with her alchemical symbol of copper. The ‘foundations’ of her remain and so can still tell us her story but we must rebuild her. The path of Beauty is also a spiritual path. Creating inspired art, objects of beauty, just like Akhenaten did when he built his beautiful city in honour of the Aten. 
Now it is time for the Beauty Way to be opened again. 
I feel pulled toward creating a life, an art-form in itself, in Egypt, networking the preserving of the old crafts and traditions. It seems my dream is opening the Way for me.  

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