Egypt Jan 2011.

I’m beginning to lose count of which day we are on now. Day 11? For 16 hours a day I have stayed on the computer, watching Al Jazeera/English, tweeting, re-tweeting tweets, posting on my facebook page, communicating with other supporters of the Egyptian revolution, etc. etc. I have been so connected to the energies of Egypt and its people that I have had Egypt in my living room. All my thoughts are there, my consciousness is there. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what is going to happen the next day, what is Mubarak going to pull today, how are the protesters going to move from this point.

I have cried, been shocked to the core at the behaviour of this president and his mobs, I have rejoiced while watching some of the incredible things which have emerged from this, such as the wonderful way that men and women have worked together, Muslim, atheist and Christian have held hands and prayed together. It has been both incredibly amazing, and equally painful. A roller coaster of emotions.

I couldn’t bear to be away from the computer…just in case I missed something vital. All my other work has taken second place, although I did manage to make some very nice jewellery sitting in front of the computer…and done some work on my tour website!

I have also worried about the livelihoods of those people in Upper Egypt, dependent on the tourist industry, when tourists have both gone home to ‘safety’ and been told by flight companies that it is just too dangerous to travel there. But I have also been shocked at the behaviour of some tour operators and their lack of responsibility towards people travelling there.

I have agonised over Egypt for nearly two weeks, and will probably continue to do so until Mubarak has finally left and Egypt gains her freedom. I know also that I am not alone. For us outside of Egypt, who want so much for this country and its people, it is frustrating  as hell that we cannot be there, to support their struggle in person. To watch powerlessly as Egypt renews her battle against an abusive dictator and comes out, day after day, in support of freedom. To listen to the BS that our own governments shovel out to the masses in their own fear of change.

But, for those of us who are healers of consciousness, we recognise that as our energies are joined with those of Egypt that our healing thoughts are constantly directed to the positive loving energies which are trying to make changes in Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world. Our work is universal and yet we are each joined by an invisible thread to the consciousness of the country which we most resonate with. And this is what keeps us focussed and watchful, adding our soul energy to the soul energy of Egypt. Because we know that this change has been foretold for many years and that now we are seeing the great rebirth, a rebirth of self-love and self-worth, with the heart of the Mother pounding through the very soul of Egypt.

I will remain connected in this way to the heart and soul of Egypt until Egypt is free…as will so many others.

Yalla Misr.


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