Visions of Egypt, from a ‘higher’ perspective.

Before I moved to Egypt, and right at the beginning of the First Revolution in January 2011 I received a lot of information about what was happening in Egypt, from a Higher perspective, i.e. that of the Soul level of consciousness. This is a small portion of what I received:

Golden Pharoah

Golden Pharoah

“I kept waking up having visions of a completely golden Pharoah/God. He was standing in Giza, at the Great Pyramid, and in his arms he was carrying an Egyptian young man in jeans. This young man was dead. The golden Pharaoh carried him very lovingly and laid him on the white marble steps of a temple which was beside the pyramid. Everything was white and gold and lovely, yet sad. But what I felt from it was that Khaled Said’s death was a sacrifice made for the Egyptian people. This revolution was ‘supposed’ to happen. I felt that these young men, including the man in Tunisia, had a higher purpose in doing what they did. The torch has been lit.

Then the vision changed and I was looking at a computer screen. It was someone’s page! It had a black background with a young man in a suit sitting, as though deep in thought. He was looking out to the left of the screen. His suit was made up of images of the uprising, like a beautiful collage. Beside him there was a document but I couldn’t see what it said. Over this image the song by 12 Stones was playing: ‘World so cold’.    #mce_temp_url#

The song stayed in my head and was still there when I awoke. ‘They’ also said that there would be a bigger uprising later, which would be bigger and last longer than the first, but they didn’t say when. Then there would be third revolution and that would be the successful one leading to a New Beginning. But this process would take years.”

19 August 2012. Channelling.

“An open wound lies at the heart of Egypt. A wound festering with rot and putrefaction. This wound was caused by the dark thoughts and deeds of those in the past who desired power at all costs. They wished for nothing more than the ultimate control of an entire region. This desire for control has cost the lives of many people and continues to do so for this wound rots more and more each day, cutting off the life-force of those who live here. Without this life-force nothing can survive for long, which is why you see a dying nation before your eyes. It will not be long before the country will fall into the wrong hands. The hands of those who would be only too happy to take the reins of power and control the people once again. Mercy is on their lips but the fire of hate is in their hearts.”

Love is the only solution!



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