Weeping Camel.

I’ve spent the entire day on the internet and watching Ray Mear’s Survival on T.V. I am fascinated by the ways in which old techniques can be used today. We spend way too much time living in an unfulfilling way, making money to buy gadgets we probably could live without. Some modern technologies are really useful, like solar panels and computers (I’d be lost without my laptop!). But so many things we could easily live without. I would love to be able to combine ancient ways of living with modern technologies. How about living in an Iron Age roundhouse with solar panels so that we could use natural, wastefree resources?
I recently watched a sub-titled movie about a white camel. It was based on a tribe of nomads in the Gobi Desert and they lived in these great yurts complete with a wood-burning stove! Their lives were so simple yet they knew who they were and what their place was in the world. I loved their living style because it was physically comfortable and clean. I am still a product of the modern world and I like some comforts! The fact that we can still have those comforts and live in a way that does not harm our surroundings is wonderful.
I think we are quite lazy now. Most people do not grow their own food anymore so we’re dependent on the supermarkets. We are completely dependent on the government and the struggle to gain independence from them is very challenging, especially on an emotional level.
For years, as a single parent, I was dependent on the benefits system. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t break away from it. I tried working and letting go of the benefits system but my life took a nose-dive and I couldn’t manage it. I was so hard-up I couldn’t survive. So Iended up back on benefits. I didn’t waste my time however. I spent nearly ten years gaining qualifications in counselling, healing and archaeology so at least I had laid the foundations for my future!
Then I tried the credit card route and in four years had run up debts of £20,000. Last year I became self-employed and tried to pay back my debts but it became virtually impossible so I had to declare myself bankrupt. I was terrified, all my bills were paid through the bank so I had no idea how I was to pay them (they froze my accounts). I had to find a way that didn’t involve using a bank account. And what a revelation it was! I realised how free I had become. Instead of feeling completely lost without a credit card, chequebook or debit card I now had more power! I paid things when I had the money. If I didn’t have the money there and then I would pay it when I did have it.
I would recommend to anyone to get rid of their credit cards and bank accounts just to find some sense in life. I know that’s not always practical for many people but I think that if you want more true power in your life be self-sufficient and keep your money in your own pocket.


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